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BBCAN Players Ranking Criteria

14 Birks4444, Dec 5, 2018

As i'm ranking all 86 Big Brother Canada Contestants, I wanted to give you all insight to my ranking "criteria". It's not really a criteria, but more of what i'll be looking at to distinguish how good of a player that person is. That leads to ANOTHER thing.
I am ranking Big Brother Canada PLAYERS. Not HOUSEGUESTS. A ranking based off of likability and entertainment would be fun, but I am judging players; hence, I will be judging their gameplay. So, EXPECT your favourites to be low. EXPECT people you hate to go far. It's just the ay it pans OUT :(
Here are the 4 main aspects that I will be factoring in when ranking. Some value more than others so keep that in mind. Without further ado; here are the factors;
1. Social Game
Without doubt the most important factor. If no one likes you and you can't form good relationships, you don't have a chance at making it far in these rankings. Social Game also includes JURY MANAGEMENT, for finalists and whether or not the jury would've voted for them if they made Final 2 for a juror.
2. Strategic Game
It isn't always about making good moves. Did this person make the RIGHT moves? Doing nothing is also a huge no-go. Laying low and doing nothing by yourself strategically and having a great social game just doesn't cut it for me. The ability to have your own agenda and following through with it is huge factor in this list.
3. Physical Game
Now, you may be thinking winning comps isn't necessary. You're right. This factor isn't about winning, this is about choosing when to win, if i was smart to go for the win, was throwing a good idea and/or was this an unnecessary comp win? Did it put an unnecessary target on your back?
4. Longevity
Does this person have the charm, the likability to go far into the game each time they play? Do they have potential? Could they have won if not for a twist? Would they have won without a twist? If they were to play 10 times, how far would they go? Out of those 10 times, how many times would they win?
Those are my main 4 factors and it should give you some indications on where certain people will be going. Please don't be bitter that your favourite is placed low. AND PLEASE voice your own opinion in the comments. BBCAN is a gem and I really want some good discussions/debates. Stay tuned for Player #86 and comment and ask t be tagged if you would like to :)
pinkiepie512 <3
HaydenNicole <3


Omg Olivia just backdoored Hamza 😭

3 ManniBoi, Jul 24, 2018

Like is the season even worth watching after that? Like i dont think i can. #BBCAN6


I doubt people care 😇

2 LoveLife, Jul 18, 2018

But I’ve been having a back and forth conversation on instagram with paras #bbcan6 since July 3rd. It’s cute she replies and is interested :)


Remember when they brought Paul back

0 Neda_Kalantar, Jun 8, 2018

into #BBCan6 and then Johnny broke his foot, and won a racing HoH


Who was the BBCan Alum who's sibling

2 evildoer666, May 24, 2018

Or like cousin or something like that went Missing?
Did they ever find her?



0 wuau, May 22, 2018

BBCAN 6 draft with Novamax243
Guess this time I sucks man :(
18TH: Rozina (1 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
17TH/16TH: Mikey (NOT CHOSEN) ♧Team Max "Gate Crashers"
17TH/16TH: Kirsten (NOT CHOSEN) ♧Team Max "Gate Crashers"
15TH: Andrew (1 NOM) ☆Team Max
14TH: Jesse (1 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
13TH: Veronica (1 NOM) ♰Team Jeremy "Gate Crashers"
12TH: Hamza (1 HOH)(1 POV)(2 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
11TH: Merron (3 NOM) ♰Team Jeremy "Gate Crashers"
10TH: Erica (2 HOH)(2 POV)(1 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
9TH: Ryan (1 HOH)(2 POV)(2 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
8TH: Alejandra (2 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
7TH/6TH: Olivia (1 HOH)(2 NOM) ♬Team Jeremy
7TH/6TH: Johnny (2 HOH)(3 POV)(2 NOM) ☆Team Max
5TH: Maddy (2 NOM) ☆Team Max
4TH: William (2 NOM) ☆Team Max
3RD: Derek (2 HOH)(2 POV)(2 NOM) ☆Team Max
-----FINAL 2-----
2ND: Kaela (2 HOH)(3 POV)(2 NOM) < 1 Vote to WIN > ☆Team Max
1ST: Paras (2 HOH)(1 NOM) < 6 Votes to WIN > ☆Team Max


Fun BBCAN Fact

2 __A__, May 21, 2018

None of the winners ever received a vote to evict throughout the game.


Also, if there is a BBCan7

6 evildoer666, May 17, 2018

The first twist NEEEEDS to be that they bring back all Houseguests who were rejected in an Canada's wildcard vote.
Big Brother Canada 2:
Scott the Drag Queen
Big Brother Canada 4:
Jace (BBUS)
Veronica (BBItaly)
Big Brother Canada 6:
This would honestly be an iconic beginning of a cast. Plus it would be great to see rejects get another chance.


Can you Imagine how different BBCan6

2 evildoer666, May 17, 2018

Would have been if Mikey was in there instead of Meron.
Veronica was GREAT, but Meron was such a let down. I feel like Mikey would have been drama city.


Someone link me

1 DevinB, May 16, 2018

To Where I can Watch Big brother canada 6?


I just went back and Re-Watched BBCan6

5 evildoer666, May 16, 2018

And basically focused on Kaela and Paras' gameplay throughout the overall season.
And it is very clear that Paras played an AMAZING game. She basically played the Derrick (BB16) game. And she played it well.
People can say Kaela deserved the win. But truthfully, she had no social game. She was 100% reliant on comps and Derek to win comps for her. Her social game was blown up like 3 different times throughout the season.
And even after Kaela tried to blow up Paras' game, Paras managed to twist things to make her look great.
So, in conclusion Paras definitely deserved her win.


Remember during Kaela's first HoH

1 evildoer666, May 15, 2018

Was completely manipulated and controlled by Paras. Paras convinced Kaela to not nominate maddy. She convinced Kaela that Ryan was the target and Erika was a backdoor threat.
Paras trumped Kaela that week strategically. She controlled her. Kaela has NO social game.
Paras deserved her win.


Remember when Kaela promised will

2 evildoer666, May 15, 2018

Safety for the week during the button's up competition if he dropped and took the phone call from his son? And then she mocked him about it, laughing at him, and then proceeded to nominate him.
2nd place bitch ;)
Bad Jury Management


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