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Bored So PYN for opinion

37 Cheeseman2468, Jan 4, 2019

If i dont know you there wont be much said most likely
ItsAlexia - We just recently became friends but i am very glad that we did because you are a super nice friend when we get the chance to talk and you are also fun to play games with whenever we end up playing together
Mbarnish1 - You are a nice friend to have however in games i do feel bad cause i evict you over longtime friends sometimes and i always wish i didnt do it but you are definitely a great player and always fun to work with
Goodkaren - We have not chatted recently but you are definitely hands down one of the nicest people that i have ever met on this site to me because you always stay positive and i appreciate that so much so thank you and i hope to chat more in the future
MarieEve - We just met a short while back but you are also a very kind person and someone that i enjoy talking to but unfortunately i got shot out in hunger so we couldnt work together and get the chance to chat but hopefully we can play another game soon
jacksonjoseph99 - I dont know if we have chatted before but you do seem like a nice person that would be awesome to become friends with so we should totally talk more
Pinkiepie512 - We just met a couple weeks ago but you seem to be super nice and always positive and trying to keep me positive in rough times and i appreciate you so much for that even if i dont say anything afterwards. i hope to continue talking to you in the future and maybe playing some games together too if you would like that.
WhateverTheF - You are always one of my favorite people to play games with and also one of the greatest friends ever because you always look out for others just like i try to do because you taught me kindness very well and i appreciate you for that so thank you so much!!
Melindamrskk - We dont talk much probably cause i targetted you in stars and now i do it almost every game which i probably shoudlnt because you seem like a nice person if i were to put the time in to make up for all the mistakes i have made with going after you so if you are willing to forgive me for all of that i would love to try and work together one time if you would like to.
Boicam77 - You are a great guy and a good person to have around because you ar super nice and always are there for encouragement which i like. You dont play many games with me but hopefully we can chagnge that in the future so just let me know when you have time to play games!!
Bengalboy - I dont think we have chatted before but you seem like an amazing person to be friends with because you seem like a nice guy and always are active on the site blogging about different things which is nice to see someone doing
Sam_Hamwich - You are an amazing player and also a great friend to have because you are always there for others no matter what..


BBCAN6 Spoons Round 3

14 Birks4444, Mar 10, 2018

This is how it works: Each round, there will be a specific number of BBCAN6 house guests (number will decrease by 1 each time). You must save your favorite houseguest by typing and pasting they're name in the comments section below. The last houseguest to be saved will be eliminated.
16th Place: Johnny
15th Place: William
Round 3:
1st Saved: Maddy by #Maddog16
2nd Saved: Veronica by #Neda_Kalantar
3rd Saved: Merron by #Silver09
4th Saved: Jesse by #Mickiejames22
5th Saved: Rozina by #J2999
6th Saved: Derek by #Dmpwb45
7th Saved: Ryan by #KateN7766
8th Saved: Erica by #wwemrpeeps
9th Saved: Paras by #iiGalaxyii
10th Saved: Hamza by #Latisha0987
11th Saved: Alejandra by #adeleadele
12th Saved: Olivia by #HaydenNicole
13th Saved: Andrew by #me2013
CalebDaBoss me2013 MJFJUNE s73100 wwemrpeeps TaraG Silver09 adeleadele Maddog16 NicoleF Emotion J2999 melindaMrskk BritishRomeo17 allyxox loopspeare Burgerman2929292 Mickiejames22 mrcool thepug FelipeS Neda_Kalantar Latisha0987 iiGalaxyii KateN7766 Dmpwb45 HaydenNicole
PYN to be tagged also.

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