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Hello, my name is Michelle

I <3 J.A.M

Started tengaged on July 28, 2015


I plus ya spam! But I dont always comment that I plussed
And if available can join charity's just ask

****Sick of being evicted in frooks for your multis placement I was in there first!!!!!!!!!

Things people have said about about me

James -ShellBelle - SHELL! You really showed your loyalty and honesty with me. You're a great person inside and out and so fun when we went on call. I hope you had a great birthday week!

Brandon Richie (yea I'm shocked to haha)
3rd (#Shellbelle) — THE COMP QUEEN! Even though our friend groups don't necessarily get along, I absolutely ADORE you. You're such a sweet girl, and we've really come a long way together. Thank you for staying by my side through everything. I always love playing with you, and we work pretty damn well together, don't you think? Stay perfect, beautipayouts

DUN DUN DUN HOW DARE SHE!~! i tried really hard for this not to happen, but it was inevitable ! You are Bae af and i will forever love you <3 You were one of my first ever friends on tengaged and together we have slayed so many fastings lol we have had our ups and downs but now a days its all loooooove babe

Shell you are amazing as always! I love playing with you even if we aren't working together

Shell- My queen of tengaged. Another robbed goddess. U definitely deserved payouts

Shellbelle - MEECH!! Literally my favourite lady on this site. You are amazingly fun to play games with and I know I can always put trust in you. You avi slays, your personality slays, your gameplay slays... you just slay in general. I love you, don't ever change, marry me?

James aka Fishingguy
#ShellBelle, My goddess, So glad to play frookies with you. You are an absolute amazing social player and I trust you so much in life and on tengaged. You were robbed right before payouts, thanks for supporting my bday charity as well! Love you.

JayBoyy 0 min ago
I personally would do a list like every other game does but since this was MY charity, I'm not doing that because ShellBelle had helped me get it together for a level up charity and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be winning this game. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much Shell, Law, Kriss, and Blue for doing this for me. It means so much to me. I love each and every one of you and always remember one thing. Remain nice and respectful. Again, thank you all so much and I love you all!!!!!as

from Alanb1
shellbelle WHAT A WOMAN! I love you michelle :) we started off sooo rocky omg like I was such a cunt to you but then I got to know you and you got to know me and we are good friends now! Wish we talked more tho!

From Thirteen
shellbelle -A nice Southern girl. I miss playing games with you and Jayglezst. They were always so fun. We should all join another someday.

You can’t exist without living. To live, give your life purpose and meaning. To love, love yourself as the relationship with yourself is key. For the fear of living will be broken with love. Love from yourself and others.

8-7-16 Winner of stars. Nommed 4 times <3

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  2. Is there a dick herevote
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  5. Frooks before the premade joins
  6. Tag your friend.. Tag your enemy
  7. Good morning ladies and gents
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  16. My 3rd stars
  17. Well damn I missed thanksgiving and Christmas on..17th
  18. So why is every one so bent up about tara?14th
  19. Its my birthday 🎂3rd
  20. Pyn for avi I like the most. Who will get top..5th

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