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3 maturo, Sep 17, 2018

To when #Petro blocked me on all social media because I bought from sjsoccer88’s shop over his
She can go!


Can't We

7 Lemjam6, Sep 17, 2018

just bring #petro back and agree to send roshy away in his place?
Would make this website a lot better.


I've never seen

6 Halloween, Sep 17, 2018

a truly worse team of moderation in my life.
1. Claims Tengaged is the only form of "Evidence" but then bans other users for Skype/Snapchat quotes.
Credit to bigdizzleyomama for this.
Re: Proof from lights
It was sarcasm dumb bitch
>Thank you!
>>Yes let me get them to admit to hacking on tengaged i will definitely get on that
>>>Evidence from the Tengaged site?
>>>>That city hacked his account and then gave it to bryce (ametrine) https://imgur.com/a/RQsdbOv
Hun, please tell me who is going to say that on TENGAGED?!?!?!?!!!
2. Banned #Petro permanently and already put it "Under Investigation" after being jumped from the blogs page, same thing happened to that one guy who made an Ad. Basically doing whatever the public wants.
3. Literally is like 14 years old..
I have never wanted mods back ever since they were gone, but ever since they came back I cant lie I have kinda been up their ass but, now I am realizing how horrible they literally are.
OH and they literally also ignored my AskMe question when I asked them why won't they check their Email after gagaluv (who has is literally on the team and has admitted to it) told them to.
anyways im leaving until Kandee_ has a meltdown (which they will) and bans everybody.



57 Tyler93, Apr 21, 2018

For a brutal opinion or a nice opinion.
Ps. Don't cry if you asked for it
Please choose an option
maxi1234 I mean i know you but I don't really feel I know you as a person. But I have a lot of respect for who you are and the strength you have. Cause I know you've gone through things which I couldn't imagine
goodkaren such a nice person. Dead serious I don't think I've ever had a conversation with you or maybe never even played a game together. But I've only ever seen positive comments on some of my blogs every once in a while which is nice
vlad21 surprisingly nothing bad to say about you. You're a chill guy but was pretty disappointed in your stars pre final 3 exit. Do better next time
minie I'd wanna be #1 friends but samhuss probably still has that on lockdown from 20 years ago. But we've only spoken a few times and so nice. I actually really really like you. This kinda turned nice, how chincey
_finesse I actually don't know you personally. My bad. I thought I had just bet on you for a charity rookies but I realized that was just FelipeS.  Whoops
born2pizza I don't know you at all. Only know the username. Can't be that bad of a guy though if pizza is your number 1 best quality.
burgerman2929292 your only cool friend is j2999 tbh
dj2722 dj is such a cool name. I wish my parents named me that. Is this Kelly 2722? He was chill. Never really speak to him but I guess this opinion is about him
Petro HAA. your shops suck. Too expensive but I guess that's your competitive nature. I could never actually bash someone that I think I'd be such great friends with in real life
philip13 you win a stars recently? And if not, preyend like you did. Otherwise I don't really know who you are aha.
hash ummm hey? No idea who ya are haha. And I wouldn't save in a stars polls against someone I know/like. But maybe I'll save ya when I know neither of the noms :). Good luck though
birks4444 I feel we've played together at least a few times. I remember you're pretty trash at frookies. But actually a chill guy. Take off that heart tattoo skin as well. Its pretty feminine.
c_shizz96 aha hunger games ;) we did great. Nothing bad to say about ppl I haven't ever come across in a bad way. No memories but only fond memories since hunger 2 years ago
legacy7 such a weird and confusing username. Did you want nice or brutal? I extremely dislike your username and don't know you enough to make a nice opinion. So I'll leave that in your court to change that :)
roshy I feel like you take games too seriously. And you know you would agree to that. Control that anger guy. But that's just an opinion, which you asked for. If it was a nice comment I'd say youre a great friend which I 10/10 respect. Wouldn't trade..


Place Your Name [PYN]

94 GentlemanG, Dec 13, 2017

For an honest opinion. I’ll try to update this completely since I never do! Everyone comment!
— — — — — — — — —
[#Petro ] —> I think you’re one of the most loyal people I’ve been friends with on this site. You’re loyal to a fault and really fun to talk to, but for some reason you’re really misunderstood. People seem to create this persona of you that isn’t true and in reality you’re a really genuine and nice person to talk to. One of my favorite people on here, glad we’re friends.
[#Question ] —> You’re a hot mess. I think you just like having fun and doing crazy stuff on here, but you need to get your life together. Don’t get me wrong, I do like you Seth and you’re funny to talk to and play games with, but you’re a bit too messy at times. I do care for you though.
[#mathboy9 ] —> Honestly, at first I didn’t really like you at all and you annoyed me immensely. You just did whatever your friends did and I just saw you as someone who blended in with a bad crowd. I’ve grown to like you more lately though as I think you have good intentions and are a good person at heart.
[#iTy990 ] —> I’m not even going to lie, you’re probably the funniest person I’ve ever spoken to on this site. You say the stupid things I’ve ever heard and you never fail to kill me with laughter any time we talk or play games. I do think you’re misunderstood as well because you’re different from most people on here. I like and understand your uniqueness.
[#tennisplayer963 ] —> I think you’re one of the nicest people on here. Not the fake nice kind, but the real nice. You actually care about people and their feelings and I respect that a lot because I have trouble with that myself. You’ve been there for me a lot and anytime I have a bad day you try to talk to me. Thank you for being so caring, Tengaged would be a perfect site if everyone was like you.
[#Danny12 ] —> At first I didn’t really have anything much to say about you, I saw you around and you would just troll. I personally don’t like how you troll and you’ve just become this annoying constant reminder of fake news on the blogs page. You probably do have a nice and genuine personality, but we don’t get to see it because all you do is play this persona on the blogs page. I don’t hate you, I wouldn’t even say dislike, but I would like to see the REAL you.
[#BengalBoy ] —> I don’t have anything negative to say about you Dru. You’re a really funny guy and I don’t see you getting into drama really or taking things too seriously which is always a good thing in my opinion. You truly have a fun time on this site and most people do like you. Your blogs always make me laugh.
[#Emmett4 ] —> I dislike you. I just find you to be too sensitive and your social justice warrior persona irks me. You try too hard to be this stereotypical stoner and I’m not a fan of it at all. I just played a..


Why :(

0 ricardogv, Sep 27, 2017

#petro 😢


Petro :(

0 Decisions, Sep 27, 2017

#petro UNBAN HE IS GOOD GUY :/ randomize


Bye Petro.

2 Danny12, Sep 27, 2017

Me and my friends sent randomize proof that you have been using multis and bullying users, don't let the door hit you. I will forever be happy that i was the one who gave #petro his karma.


Happy birthday Tom! :))

16 acyuta, Nov 7, 2016

Shonaynay I asked you to send me a birthday wish for Vanili on 6th and you told me you both have the same birthday.. XD how could i not do one of this for you too?? But I wish i knew this some 6 to 10 days back.. I messaged all your friends, some of them were inactive but i'm still doing this for you :) You deserve it man! Thankyou to #Petro, #rippyroo, #ohheydudeski and #Hints for responding immediately :)
When i joined this site and started playing castings and fastings, I remember playing those with you and Ryan ( magicduck) and you both always controlled the game but at the same time were always nice to me! The best thing about you is that you're not afraid to speak out and almost always, i agree with what you have to say. You've always helped me and I actually tried to compete with you and ryan at challenges and games haha.. You are one of the nicest, straightforward people i've ever met and hope you have a great day! Happy birthday Tom! :) Enjoy! - Acyuta
Awhhhh cute! Ok......
My little Thomas!
Happy Birthday my little cherub! Hope you're day is as fabulous as you are!
Ryan :) - rippyroo
Happy birthday ya goat fucker!!! I love you bud, hope you have a great 31st birthday :) - ohheydudeski
- hints
happy bday dear future husband love you so much hope it's the best day ever and so glad ur finally 15 x snap me ur ugly face more often u sexy fuck what did i ever do to deserve a boy like u =/ - Petro
Tom my birthday twin!!!! You are such a great guy and always helping other people. I truly wish you the best birthday ever because you really deserve the best thing in life, Ily < 3 - vanili
Tom - Even though we only get around to the occasional hey what's up nowadays,I don't know where I would be today if I didn't have your friendship over the last couple of years.  You're an amazing guy who I know is gunna do great things, and hopefully when I come to London in 2 months we'll get to meet up and hang out.  Can't wait until then, hope you have the best day ever bud you deserve it! - sludge


Random.org TGBB9 (13)

5 disneygeek, Jul 23, 2016

Team #1:
Team #2:
Eviction Order:
9th- #Petro
10th- #DillyDally
11th- #Rennac
12th- #ItsKimmiKappenberg
13th- #JacksonWalsh
14th- #MrBird
15th- #CrimsonEnnui
16th- #Jaxon
17th- #Rodrigues75
18th- #Marble
19th- #Christian_
20th- #benp428
By a vote of 3-2 #Petro you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH: ImGonnaWin
HoH nominees: Jameslu & aj1111
Losing team nomination: topazisqueen
POV: ImGonnaWin
Used on: Jameslu
Final Noms: aj1111 & topazisqueen
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees can vote).



36 NotAfraid, Mar 22, 2016

for an honest sober opinion xoxo
#Petro: I love you < 3  We played in the same stars and we like only communicated once which I really regret doing but after I got evicted we started talking more.  You are a really great person and I'm glad we met you're an absolute sweetheart < 3 Also Queen Ariana Slays obviously anyone who disagrees with that statement is wrong xoxo
tharealmike: Aww my Cuban lover < 3 I miss talking to you :( We used to talk frequently back in the day but some how we stopped I don't really know why :( I think it was because you left tengaged and then I left the website before you came back and yeah.  Anyways despite our lack of communication these days I will always appreciate our friendship.  You are amazing hun :*
DumbGinger: I don't know you overly well but from what I have seen you do seem like a really nice person  and someone who doesn't take shit from anyone.  I actually love your username.  I don't really know why but I do.  It's unique because no one would ever thnk of it unlike my username haha. Hit me up =]
neathery: Well we just started chatting to each other the other day because of a blog I posted about that customer who called me a trans LMFAO. Anyways I'm really happy we started talking because you're really cool and you seem like a really down earth to person.  Which are the best people imo and I think we could become really great friends < 3
C_Shizz96: Hey babe :* I just absolutely love you, so many people hate on you and I honestly don't know why.  Maybe I'm blind?  Oh well!!  I'm so happy we have become friends because everyone moment we have shared has been flawless.  Our calls with other people are always fun and I wish we went on call more :( Anyways Chris keep being yourself and never let someone try to change you < 333
Imthtawesom: I love you < 3 you're such a little cutie < 3 we've always been great friends with each other and even though there's time when we stop talking completely for days on end whenever we do start talking again it's like we never had stopped talking.  I just know that we will always be friends and it will never be one of those "I remember when I used to be friends with Isiah."  Also one day I promise to meet up with you and Keith for Pina Coladas xoxo
Forest_Knight: I don't really remember seeing you on the site, I'm probably wrong though and just being really stupid and ignorant right now.  You should hit me up though because I don't know you that well and I would like you, and we have similar friends.  So we could probably become friends too :)
peace123: I remember back when you were a newb and a lower level than me and now you're a TV star.  We don't usually talk that often despite being on tengaged for pretty much the same time and always seeing each other on the blog page.  We still respect each other which is great..



75 CutieAmy, Nov 7, 2015

I will tell you my favorite thing(s) about you. I won't be so nice if I dislike you. :)
#Petro Your cute sense of humor. Sometimes you try to be funny and you just fail but it comes out cute, LOL. You also gay as hell which is something I admire in a homosexual.
#Danny12 Your way of not showing others any weakness if they attack you. You stand up for yourself pretty much and don't let people walk all over you.
#xxThornWYZ I don't know you. I have seen you around though, you seem nice?
#Maxi1234 that you always there for me, you make me feel special < 3
#semajdude That you took the time to mail me today, we are slowly getting there ;)
#mikec51 Your big heart! You are always there to listen to me when I need to talk to you. We also kinda share same personality?? I guess that is why we get along.
#ohheydudeski Your intriguing personality. It is hard to read you sometimes but that is why I love you. Talking to you is never a bore and makes me wanting to talk to you even more. You are also very vocal about the people you don't like which makes me admire your strong personality.
#Galaxies The few days we talked in cunt squad made me appreciate you as a friend. You are cool and down to earth, love you.
#FighterMan You used to be a troll but lately you became one of the most mature people on the site. You speak your mind and don't stand up for bull shit. Plus, a great friend to talk to. :)
#SomebodyAwesome Obviously my favorite thing about you is the fact you are so calm and never about drama, which is why we remained friends for this long. I also like your taste in music, #Selenafever .
#Vanili Your ways of spreading positivity whenever you are on tengaged. You just give that genuine sweet vibe about you.
#Butcher You just don't seem to take anything so serious on this site which is why you are cool in my book. I think I wanted to get to know you at some point. But, we never really got the chance to talk.
#Delete2544 You are so underrated from being one of the sweetest people on tengaged and I am not even exaggerating. I always see you gifting people and you seem to never get gifted back =[ You just care about making people happy even though it may cost you a lot.
#yoshicoolman You just do you, that is what I like about you. Some people may call you 11, but you will not take it to the heart and you will fire back.
#shyannemystik Apart from being a pretty vagina. We shared few laughs on call over the past year and it made me love every moment of it. I miss those times :/ You also have been helpful in the past so thank you for that x
#sosyomomma The fact that you are so loyal in games and I don't tolerate fake people. If you don't like someone, you will damn make sure they know about it. You are also funny as fuck on call.
#seemlyrough That you are the best thing that ever happened to me in my last stars. That game was a fucking mess, but you being there made it enjoyable. You are a good ally to have..


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