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Hello, my name is british bitch

[2:04:43 AM] Halloween : GIVE ME A CAMERA LAPDANCE

The target on my back is as big as owlb0ned's tits

[6:50:58 PM] Arj: jess smokes bongs like I suck dick tbh.

[4:13:46 AM] DJ: I might be younger than you, but I can still be your daddy ;)

[10:08:44 PM] brookieee =]: i call jess mommie when she’s licking my clit
[10:09:24 PM] brookieee =]: ok
[10:09:31 PM] brookieee =]: im going to kill myself

once upon a time there was a boy pandychuck and a girl foulboner. foulboner fell in love with pandychuck and they played frookies together all day and grew days older together and that is how private message sex was invented the end
Sent by andychuck08,Mar 20, 2014

[6:07:40 PM] Black Ben: Honey ur gassed

[3:18:52 PM] Jess Mckenzie: i wanna be a special ed teacher dru
[3:19:00 PM] dru: is that why youre on tengaged jess

[3:02:26 AM] DJ: Luke is the type of nigga that when he gets whipped by a towel in the locker room he gets a boner
[3:02:31 AM] Luke .: Wit his bum dusty ass
[3:03:00 AM] Dev : awh so you're a cheap n8gga
[3:03:35 AM] Luke .: Tf how am I a cheap nigga? I ain't the school

[11:27:19 PM] Joe: owlb0ned isnt british she is HOT

[9:56:19 PM] badgalcandy: Ortiz how about you get a green card and find a girlfriend your age off the internet FAG

[11:03:18 PM] RasFuckin City: BANG BANG
[11:03:21 PM] RasFuckin City: CHIEF KEEF N****A
[11:03:37 PM] James: there's an extra star in there
[11:03:38 PM] Kenneth : how is that the n word with 6 letters and an a

[12:40:58 AM] black: why is jess pretending shes not drunk LOL

Sold to be married to Nattie by my father ♥
6/1/15 - Forever

In a relationship with Patrick319♥
9/4/16 - Forever

Patrick319 0 min ago
I'm only a whore for owlb0ned and teddybear

Downeaster 5 min ago
i wish i wasnt such a whore, sry i love owlb0ned so much.........

zachboy967 6 min ago
Jess is nice I promise and very pretty
Reminds of jesus if he was a girl

[6:46:21 PM] Jeff: Jess: Flawless, Fearless, Fabulous. One in a kind cutie. Big enough tits to turn any gay boy straight. My closest BFF. 'Nuff Said.

[2/22/2016 1:00:14 AM] Ali: Jess the only milk i will be drinking is the one pouring out of your tits

[1:14:47 PM] Austyn: I’d drink your bath water

[3:56:23 PM] Allie: note to self, dont suck dick unless the guy took a shower

[2:36:15 PM] ~amtht: i wish i could lick ur fuckin bobba

[12/5/15, 10:18:42 PM] lind: can u fucking wait lad
[12/5/15, 10:18:54 PM] RJ: Woah @ the cursing.........
[12/5/15, 10:19:01 PM] lind: lad is not cursing

my dream threesome

[9/3/2016 7:30:15 PM] Arj: my6 loa/p-t/p-
[9/3/2016 7:30:17 PM] Arj: kis fuckid
[9/3/2016 7:30:28 PM] Arj: slo ki guess ttyn sky6/p-e?P_
[9/3/2016 7:34:09 PM] dru: r u ok
[9/3/2016 9:57:03 PM] A-: r u mad #GNO w/ viv and allie!

Dylan, you're amazing.

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