Huntington University

-An exploration into the lives of some of the students from the "Huntington Academy" Series-

*****Although it was stated, during the H.A series, that the seasons took place AFTER one another; that will no longer be true for Huntington University. In order to allow for ANY of the pre-existing characters to return and be on a level playing field we will assume that all the seasons were "filmed" at the same time*****


Prologue Part 1 - Public Relations Weekend
Prologue Part 2 - Cast Panel
Episode 1 - Accepted
Episode 2 - 8am
Episode 3 - Snowballs and Ice-Skates
Episode 4 - Warm a Heart
Episode 5 - Cherry Blossom
Episode 6 - Cram Session
Episode 7 - Tan Lines
Episode 8 - Finals
Epilogue - Cast Reunion

The Huntington team is at it again. Due to the huge success of the "Huntington Academy" series and the massive boost in students interested in the school, the board of the newly constructed "Huntington University" have voted to allow filming to happen at one of their campuses yet again

Known for its secrecy and high standards, the Huntington Academy campuses (both foreign and domestic) allowed for a social experiment of massive scale to be played out years ago. First, the addition of scholarship students to the academy's rosters, second... the creation of the "Huntington Academy" tv-series. Both projects were a massive success and brought the Huntington board a lot of positive press and recognition. It also brought widespread fame to the students featured on the programs.

Now we'll have to see if opening the doors of the first ever Huntington University, and letting film crews in will be as much of a success as it was at the academies. With a few of the original academy students enrolled at the university, it will definitely be something to remember


A3 - Vivian VanTrapp #Survivorgame1
       Chloe Grange #Rhysarnie14

A6 - Gabriella Torrez #Amylou8251
       Zoe Amos #Espontaneo

B1 - Aurelia Howe #Mitsuki
       Juliet Goldd #iGoddess

B5 - Jessica Ware #Tommy123
       Rayne Andrews #Rain848

B9 - Alexis Fischer #Pilatesgirl
       Luna Shades #Maya10

C3 - Daniele Lannister #DanieleD
       Christina Collins #Shorondabubbles

C7 - Raleigh Morrison #KingGeek
       Jera Azure #XxHeroxX


Z1 - Martin Hudspith #Hudspith
       Jay Mott #imprincearthur

Z3 - Tobias Scott #Posiedonrox
       Kasey Jones #Westyman557

Z8 - Niles Scott #Bulldoggy559
       Teddy Delinco #Geovanycaldeorn

Y1 -Tyler Stevens #barkmrck3tg
      Drake Ebbut #Spinfur

Y5 - Bo Dallas #Leonine_Divine
       Mason Falahee #CoalB

Y7 - Addrian Stone #Addrian
       Jae Benson #Poohsnap

Y9 - Nick Bales #MoooHades
       Maxim "Zim" Juniper #Awesome2210

X2 - Jake Rocket #ghrocky100
       Nathan Scott #Neme81

X5 - Liam Jameson #Carraid73
       Leo White #kkoster001

X8 - Brendan Brigham #WANJ
       Gabriel Ackles #Bulldoggy559

X9 - Holden Telle #Kilikfanof2mrow
       Brandon Williams #Brandonh1

W3 - Cameron Mason #Giraffez

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