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Hunger Games Day 5 ~ FINALE

6 Tadd, Mar 22, 2015

District 1 Male: 17 years old.
Kills: 3
Items: spear, dagger, machete, rope, tarp
District 9 Female: 14 years old
Kills: 0
Items: baton, trident, dagger
District 11 Female: 18 years old
Kills: 2
Items: two swords, tarp.
District 12 Female: 18 years old
Kills: 4
Items: 2 daggers, axe, mace, Bow (10 arrows), trident, rope
The sound of birds singing in the wind woke the tributes, the past couple days have been rough on them. Every tribute aware that today will be the last day for three unfortunate souls. #Westyman557 sits in the trees, his fire still steadily going. He suddenly hears a scratching sound, but doesn't see anything. Westyman holds his spear above his head, ready to throw and a dagger in his left ready to cut. Crawling out from the dark tree line, a baby Grizzly Bear tries it's little heart out to let out a scary roar. Westy cant help but giggle when the momma pops out and growls, looking him dead in the eye. Momma bear's first instinct is to protect her children. Westyman grabs a log out of the fire, and throws in in the bushes between the bear and him, starting a fire. He turns and runs, safe from the bears.
#Likevines20 wakes up in the tree that she had made a hammock in. The sun shining in her eyes. She nods off the dizziness and sees a package sitting in her lap. It's a sponsor for her good work in the games. Killing four tributes, she's doing district 12 proud. When the wooden box was taken apart, a small metal brass knuckle shines in the sun. A red button sticks out just where her thumb can hit, but a note is attached reading, "get down safely."
While untangling the rope, Ashley smells smoke and starts to climb the tree. The smoke above the tree tops is dense, meaning fresh, green trees are being burnt. A forest fire. Ashley climbs down the tree and runs away from the fire, leaving her rope. She hits the red button on her brass knuckles and a circular bronze shield forms around her hand, big enough to cover her body when she kneels down. The red button is hit a second time and the shield turns back into a plain pair of brass knuckles. Weird sounds can be heard from the forest. Howls, too short to be wolves and too loud to be anything but human. Ashley continues to run from the fire, her axe wielded.
#LoveWakiza has been awake before the sun rose. Sleep is for the weak in her eyes. There will be plenty of time to sleep when the games are over, whether she's sleeping 6 feet in the ground, or in a bed of stain clouds. The blades of her sword have been sharpened again and again, the high pitched ring of the metal filling the valley. After sparing Guigi's life, Wakiza headed for the hills behind the forest. A finale was bound to happen here she thinks. The smoke rises above the trees, the fire growing closer to Wakiza... drawing the tributes closer. Today's the day. She stands up with her..

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