Survivor: Bitch Mountain 2

After the success of Dildo Island and failure of BM1, we're back with a new season! Located in chilly New York, Bitch Mountain promises to be a season filled with clashes, struggles, sorrow, and ultimately victory, AND will be one I won't abandon. Ain't that a bitch?

Hosted by Konohavillage1, with possible help maybe.

Gift prize to the winner, possible real money prizes as well.

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Uzuzu (Orange Buffs)

Alexa (Teddybear)
Andrew (levonini)
Brittany (LaFierceBrittany2)
Bunny (bunnycat)
Cameron (Giraffez)
Jack W. (JacksonWalsh)
Jess (owlb0ned)

Bayrai (Black Buffs)

Cam (SuperFreak)
Dino (Dinosauro27)
Darrel (Darrel42)
Mama B (Brashful)
Tanner (Tanner_)
Spicsizzle (Spicoli)

19th: Matt (mrcool) (No Tribe; WALKED) Day 1
18th: Alexis (pilatesgrl) (No Tribe; WALKED) Day 2
17th: Noah (noah_kondon) (No Tribe; 14-1-1-1) Day 3
16th: Jordan (CashMoney) (Bayrai; 5-2-1-1) Day 6
15th: Kaya (Streams) (Uzuzu; MED EVAC) Day 8
14th: Jackson (Rizzo) (Uzuzu; 6-1-1) Day 8

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Survivor: Bitch Mountain 2

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