Olivia's Big Brother UK Styyyyyyyle!

14 Players. 13 Days. 1 Winner.


- Players will vote for 2 people to nominate

- The 2 players with the most nominations will be up for eviction and it will be down to the Tengaged public to vote who to evict

-There will be a diary room forum where you can say your reasons why you have voted the people you have (You don't have to say who you nominated, just reasons why!)

-The percentages from both nomination polls get added because then it gives total nomination per player

- PLEASE DON'T spam the polls to make it fair

- There will be twists along the way!

-I would like to be able to gift the winner, not the current shop I'm going for because no room lol but hopefully one i go for in the Summer! :)


1. Pegasus1234
2. Streaamm
4. Jack546
5. Andy154 (left the site)
6. Smoothstalker12
7. LewisC
8. BBLover96
9. Joshie1
10. RohanChaubey
12. Coffeybean94
13. Owlb0ned
14. Vanili


14th ~ Pegasus1234
13th ~ Joshie1
12th ~ BBLover96
11th ~ AndrewVaugh17
10th ~ LEANNA
9th ~ Owlb0ned

Featured Players 8 playing

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Last post by SmoothStalker12
1006 days 1 hour ago
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Last post by Tyler93
1192 days ago
Diary room!
37 postsCreated by Oliviaxoxo on 1204 days 9 hours ago
Last post by rohanchaubey
1195 days 14 hours ago
Welcome to the house!:)
23 postsCreated by Oliviaxoxo on 1204 days 9 hours ago
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1198 days 18 hours ago
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Last post by FairyBoss
1204 days 10 hours ago

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  1. Vote fo SAVE1194 days 13 hours ago
  2. My second nomination is...1195 days 14 hours ago
  3. My first nomination is....1195 days 14 hours ago
  4. Vote to SAVE1196 days 14 hours ago
  5. I nominate SAFETY to...1197 days 15 hours ago

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Olivia's Big Brother UK Styyyyyyyle!

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