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Hello, my name is "You should yolo calcong yolo!!!" - Oliviaxoxo 2014

Yes, SmoothStalker is a bit of a dumb cunt ~ElectraViv

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[5:39:52 PM] Oliviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: calvin i need a calvin in my house! like sitting in the corner then when id need a laugh id just sit there and listen to you

LewisC 2 hours 14 min ago
can I just say that calvin does not get enough appreciation for his sense of humour :3

[7:36:04 PM] Calvin SS12: i'm an angel
[7:36:11 PM] Calvin SS12: i almost typed angle
[7:36:24 PM] Carlaaaa: Ur an angle
[7:36:39 PM] Carlaaaa: Acute angle


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