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Mail me saying you plussed this blogvote Jan 18, 2018
Then I will give you the name of a tengager.  You will then come back to this blog and write what you think about that person in the comments (WITHOUT mentioning their name)!

Do NOT tag the person you are given, that takes away the fun.


I did this for the past TWO January so I wanted to do it again :)
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Tengaged Black Mirror: Full Exposure Jan 14, 2018
In a future society, there is a brand new reality tv show, called Full Exposure, broadcasted across the world. It features 24 men, all competing for the ultimate prize: freedom.

The contestants are forced to compete in physically exhausting tasks in order to remain in the competition. What makes this show different than others? The contestants are forced to be naked 24/7, for all the viewers to see. Technology advances will allow for the genitalia to be blurred out to younger viewers, but not to those who are 18 and up.

These men all have one thing in common: They are hiding a secret. Each one hiding their secret from the others, but if their secret is released to the public, they will face public humiliation and immediate incarceration. At the end of each episode, the loser of the draining competition will be picked up from the arena and transported directly toward prison. Their secret will remain unknown to the public until the finale night.

On finale night, we watch 4 competitors endure 4 of the most torturous rounds ever. Finally, we are down to the final 2. They are told they will be fighting to the death, but as soon as they start swinging, an alarm sounds. It turns out the public has been voting for the winner based on who they liked best.  The winner is announced, and the runner up is picked up and sent away.

What are their secrets? What they don't know is that they all were hiding the same exact secret. Within the past 3 years, they have engaged in pedophilia with the same underage girl. This girl was exposed to their genitalia while she was a minor, and now the entire world has seen what she had to see.  The 23 losers are forced to serve the sentence of being a pedophile, while the one winner is allowed to return to society. He thinks his secret was kept safe since he won, but will be faced with complete humiliation and public shaming because of his past actions. The public also feels ashamed for rooting for and voting for a pedophile, but it just shows how easy it is to hide your darkest secrets.

The final scene shows the winner about to return to society,  unaware to the fact that the public knows what he has done. He steps onto a stage, all the audience members aren't visible to him due to spotlights shining on him. A woman walks on stage and simply says

"You know what you did to me, and now, so do they". As she walks off stage, the room is quickly lit up, revealing the audience full of the male's loved ones and angry protesters. The camera pans across the screaming audience, the ashamed family and then finally the woman walking away, revealing her identity...... eliserose
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Black Mirror: Tengaged Jan 12, 2018

Imagine a Utopian society where people from across the world could meet other people based on their similar tastes in reality shows. This society is ran by a hispanic man, Carlos. He created the society and everyone who lives in it. To entertain his simulated players, he offers a variety of games for them to play. The games seemed like a fun idea to Carlos, but he never expected the amount of hatred his players would create. Carlos is confused why people don't appreciate his work and decides to abandon his simulated society, forcing the players to run the society without him.

At first, the players relied on the elder members such as Gagaluv and JustMe to lead them in the right direction. However, they were no match for the revolution that was headed for the society of Tengaged. The constant riots and protests in the streets forced them to crack under the pressure. When Carlos returned, he discovered that his creations had turned on him, so he stripped away all the power the players had, and turned off his computer in hopes the society would be erased.

The simulated society, however, continued to thrive, or so they thought. A strange phenomenon would occur in many of the games that infuriated the players. The simplest game, a "Fasting" ( game meant to test a player's cognitive ability and manipulation skills) was the first to be attacked. The game arenas would fill with clones who do not talk, but work together. They would appear rapidly into games and cause all other normal players to lose immediately. The players were targeted for being different from the clones and not following their command. Somehow, players had found a glitch in the society's programming and were able to create more members out of thin air. Without a leader to discipline them, they created hundreds of clones in attempt to take over. Without Carlos around, his society was under great turmoil while these faceless and voiceless clones were taking over. 

These clones, however, were not created to ruin games for the already existing players. They were created with the intention of rigging the election of the society, known as S.T.A.R.S, or Supreme Tycoons And Representatives Selection. 16 players would enter into a public debate where the public would vote one out each day, until they selected their ruler for the week. With all these clones anonymously rigging the elections, the public's voice was not being accurately represented. Almost all hope was lost, players were being tortured by not being able to leave the simulated society, feeling powerless.

However, one shy woman with a foreign accent joined in on the S.T.A.R.S. debate one week with the hopes of uniting the society. Her competitors knew the potential she had and immediately began to target her. Every day she was brutally attacked by her competitors and the clones that were created, but she turned her torturous experience into a public campaign. Every day when she was at risk of elimination, she did everything she could to unite the public against the clones.  Footage of the clones appearing to vote surfaced and united the public as if they all knew she was their only hope to solving the chaos in their society. After a week of struggling and fighting, she was able to come off as victorious over the evil clones.

But like all Black Mirror episodes, that isn't the happy ending. After this foreign woman won her week in S.T.A.R.S., the secrets of the society were revealed to her. The amount of clones had increased even more during her week in the game, and once she was out of the public eye, people forgot about her. Fast forward 2 months and she is seated in a dark room, hiding as we see hundreds of clones turning on those who created them and ultimately making the society their own. The only light in the room is from the fire right outside the window, reflecting off her S.T.A.R.S. trophy, revealing a single tear running down her cheek.
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My 21st Bday/ 2017 Reflection Jan 4, 2018
Hi TG, as you may know from Oliviaxoxo's lovely blog, yesterday was my 21st birthday! First off I wanna say thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who has sent individual messages, i appreciate all the love :) Also thank you so much for putting the blog together despite your crazy busy life Liv :)

I wanted to make a blog about 2017 not to brag about my life but because I think it was a journey that others can learn from. You'll see why.

2017 started out being a horrible year for me. I had a sinus infection on New Years Day and my birthday, and then got the stomach flu from work. On January 17th, I got into a car accident that honestly could have ended my life. (I was T boned by another driver right behind my driver's seat, my car was totaled and I was so shook). 4 days after the accident, I was shipped off to Europe where I wouldn't see my family for over 4 months, making me extremely nervous. All in all, it is fair to say my life wasn't the best.

My months abroad was absolutely the best time of my life, but you can read the specifics in the several blogs I made about it. I entered the trip a shy boy who knew like 4 of the 33 other students from my uni. By the end of the trip I had went to 12 countries, planned out weeks of travels, organized and hosted a 2 hour award show and made over 30 life long friends.

The summer I worked as a camp counselor and had an amazing time helping kids enjoy their summers! My coworkers became a new family for me as well and we all talk just about daily to this day, despite me being the only guy (what a ladies man, yes i am single!!!) Although it was stressful training and setting an example for the new employees, I don't regret a single day working at my camp.

This past semester was full of great memories with my many new friends. However, I was faced with an issue of romance conflict, which is rare for me. My best friend honestly saved me from a very toxic, potential, relationship. This girl and I got along so well in London and during the semester but she was very controlling of others and me, and would often just be rude knowing I wouldn't say anything back. I am very thankful my best friend recognized what was happening and helped me get back to reality, although I am still close friends with the controlling girl. IDK why I felt like including this, it's irrelevant but also was an obstacle I had to fix in order to succeed academically and socially! yolo kids

Lastly, I went on a religious retreat which really opened up my eyes and kinda does a full circle to the beginning of my year. Life is a gift and it can end at any moment. You shouldn't waste time with people who don't appreciate you for you. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and surround themselves with the people who show you the love you deserve. This past year I have learned a lot about myself and I honestly can say I've never been in a better place mentally and socially. I'm not saying you need to study abroad to enjoy life, but you need to get out of your comfort zone and make the effort to meet people. Everyone has a lot to offer you in life but you won't learn about their gift unless you make the initial leap of confidence!!!

That being said, I want to tag many of the friends I met on Tengaged in 2017 and appreciate what they've done for me :) I know i'll forget a ton of people from the summer but recency bias is getting the best of me tonight
gagaluv hey baby

Much love to all of my friends who stuck with me from the start to the very end of 2017, you know who you are!!!!!!!! Now that my birthday is over I look forward to continuing many friendships on this site :)
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