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  1. Texas is 100% open & no masks
  2. Confession
  3. This is why I want an age minimum
  4. SmoothStalker12 - 47 years old
  5. Good morning
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  8. Improvements to the “Orange Nose”
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  12. I feel so safe on TG
  13. Does the same apply to LeXXXy?
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  15. My life has been threatened by a TGer
  16. Christmas Abbott Threatened Me
  18. I lied.
  19. I remember in 2016
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  24. who is the imposter? (pic)
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  27. Let's talk about Mental Health
  28. I have a fun concept maybe
  29. Who are some straight men on TG
  30. Dani and Nicole deserve it
  31. Who will be the BB NEIGHBOR?
  32. Did Dani & Nicole make a mistake?
  33. My theory on the BB Neighbor
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  35. Bad Week for Franzel's Finances
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  37. Janelle Dragging Christmas?
  38. Why was Lawon allowed
  39. PoV Spoiler Results
  40. Christmas says her dream job

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Texas is 100% open & no masksvote Mar 2, 2021
How do ppl feel about that?
Points: 26 2 comments
Confessionvote Mar 2, 2021
I am an eighty year old man; I wear a toupee, have false teeth and have wonderful hearing aids if I get tired o listening to you.

I am past the age of physical things I like to fish and play checkers. Can you put a worm on a hook?

Back in my younger days women used to faint when I walked by jest completely stunned by my charisma and my manliness.

Course I aint at the top of my game now but when I get doodied up I still cut quite a figure.

I am married but I don't think my wife will mind if I start trifling she says I have bored her to death. gagaluv, interested?

I remain yours truly
Points: 75 1 comments
This is why I want an age minimumvote Mar 2, 2021
Of at least 16 to be on the site

I swear to god I'm pretty sure ur 40 something
Sent by Yawnha,Mar 2, 2021
Points: 85 5 comments
SmoothStalker12 - 47 years oldvote Mar 2, 2021
Points: 66 5 comments
Good morning vote Mar 2, 2021
Hail SmoothStalker12
Points: 34 2 comments
Male Hair Suggestion Mar 1, 2021
Will we be seeing a mullet enter the scene in 2021? It’s never been done for, talk about exclusive _Aria
Points: 15 2 comments