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  1. Unfortunate News
  2. Hob’s shop
  3. How do you get into the
  4. How long do you have to be offline
  5. Had a dream I was in
  6. Should I be offended
  7. The show You is based on
  8. TrishyTrash doing us a favor
  9. Slice can design the Mona Lisa of avatars
  10. I am a true designer
  11. Randomize and TrishyTrash
  12. Am I dumb
  13. Any shop requests for 550
  14. Thank you to the 6 people
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  17. First ever bald Final 2
  18. Kind of ironic
  19. After I blogged about my experience
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  39. Profitability of New Color Levels
  40. Identifying Grooming on TG

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Unfortunate Newsvote Oct 22, 2021
I have received a job offer from TrishyTrash to join her board of directors on Zwoop. This is my formal resignation from, anyone who leaves with me will get a free Black Background ™ on the Zwoop
Points: 88 4 comments
Hob’s shopvote Oct 22, 2021
Week 1 | 22nd Oct - 29th Oct | Theme = Halloween
Week 2 | CLOSED
Points: 48 2 comments
How do you get into the vote Oct 22, 2021
Halloween Spirit?
Points: 59 6 comments
How long do you have to be offlinevote Oct 22, 2021
To switch from one account to another without being banned?

Isn’t it a thing that you can go offline for 7(?)-14(?) days on your main account and then start on a new/different account without being banned?
Points: 46 4 comments
Had a dream I was invote Oct 22, 2021
Like the Hunger Games with Sarah Beth. She cornered me but let me live. However my friend came and killed her minutes later. She deserves better
Points: 18 1 comments
Should I be offendedvote Oct 21, 2021
image slice is making custom designs for so many shop owners but he just spits in my face. Maybe he is intimidated by my black backgrounds taking over?
Points: 16 2 comments