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PYN for what I know about you/Opinion

36 Ethan000, Oct 24, 2019

If I don't know you/haven't heard of you, I'll just say so
(I have an awful memory btw)
MarieEve Don't know you super well, but our interactions have always been nice :) I spam you sometimes for group games and you don't message me back with threats! So that's a good start haha
rory17 OMG I haven't spoken to you in so long. You are MES-SY in games lmao, but you're entertaining asf. We played stars together once and you didn't lock me in even though I ended up going up, so that's true loyalty. Also I think you played an ORG with my bff Kevin Brown, I think Double Cross? So I heard about you a lot from Kevin when he talked about it haha. Unless that was a different Rory? Not exactly sure, but yeah!
Hisoka Wow. Just wow. What an enigma. I have been through so much with you, maybe not directly, but indirectly. I remember when you got added to my friend group chat forever ago, how we played Tengaged Endurance together even though it was a FLOP, and I also remember our fun calls with #hwest14 way back in the day. But through it all you've for sure found your place in this world with your career, and I can't be any more proud of you :)
Kindred7 I actually don't know too much about you, but you are probably one of the sweetest ppl I've come across on this site. You plussed my group game spam which is amazing, but from what I've seen of you on the blogs page, etc., you have a kind soul and I appreciate people like that on this site. A real breath of fresh air.
Olympia I feel like I know you on ROBLOX or something, I swear I know you from somewhere but I can't put my finger on it! Please let me know if you know. You are just so familiar to me tbh. Hmmm. But regardless, I see you around a lot and I think your blogs are funny/entertaining, so I appreciate you <3
Kaylabby Wow another person I've had a lot of history with. I know we're completely on good terms now, but I know there was also a time we weren't because of so many factors, and I regret some things I said/did, but we've moved on! I did see that you messaged me on skype recently, and the only reason why I didn't reply was bc I didn't know if it was part of a joke or not since your friends were messaging me on snapchat kind of putting your real life situations on blast and telling me to start talking to you again and stuff. First and foremost, if any of what they said is true, I am so so sorry you're going through that, because my sister is going through the same thing, and it's a lot on everybody involved. I still wish you the best, and I hope everything going on in your life right now is well :)
Blitszims Fiona, right? Weirdly enough, I feel like we almost should have interacted by now LOL. I honestly don't know how we haven't, but maybe we're just not a part of the same circles? (mostly probably bc of me since I don't really branch out and meet new people on this..


Tengaged Geographic Map

240 JayElVeeIsBack, Sep 3, 2015

Post where you are from in the comments below
Just State or Country I will keep track
Alabama - 1 #Hwest14
Arizona - 1 #Dsradine
California - 10 #Jassos4 , #Bowling4fun , #Danielleloves2000 , #Brawley , #Zeptis , #Nevermind , #Arcaninemaster , #Kelly0412 , #Fighton , #Turney1805
Colorado - 2 #Austino15fffan , #Borisxborisette
Connecticut - 2 #IRandomal123 , #MJFJUNE
Florida - 8 #Rawr25 , #Jaxon , #Willie_ , #Rawr121 , #Yoshicoolman , #Survivorofthetocans , #Koolcoop , #Nikw98
Georgia - 5 #Mrcool , #Ryanhawk71 , #Konohavillage1 , #GAPeach95 , #TreyWilkerson1
Idaho - 1 #Haneul
Illinois - 4 #Temponeptune , #Danielkennedy111 , #Superman11 , #rollingderp
Indiana - 3 #Legend_of_Link , #Padfoot , #NickThePaperBoy
Iowa - 7 #TheSexiestDude990 , #LikeVines20 , #Quackattack817 , #Brosky17 , #Survivor_Season1 , #Dibby1010 , #Layne_Oliver
Kansas - 1 #Joobix
Kentucky - 2 #Travdango , #TotalDramaLover1234
Louisiana - 2 #Rellizuraddixion , #BlahBlahBlahBlah
Maine - 2 #TylerK , #TBark5
Maryland - 5 #Volibear , #Stering_Butter , #Tyboy618 , #Garygbs2nd , #LuckyLefty
Massachusetts - 5 #Lemjam6 , #Mradamman12 , #Bradyspaulding16 , #Stuartlittle16#Rocker917
Michigan - 4 #jkjkjk15 , #NJKoda1998 , #CarsonWorld , #Webly , #Maggie
Minnesota - 4 #Thecallmesillysuzy , #Benner_2304 , #Brodster2321 , #Doubledarefan01
Mississippi - 1 #ghrocky100
Missouri - 1 #AustinRules6969
Nebraska - 1 #Arthan
New Hampshire - 2 #TDATrentsgroup , #MuffinMan
New Jersey - 1 #AndrewIsBored
New York - 9 #Survivorfan37 , #Kaseyhope101  , #Johnny5599 , #Blueu22 , #TheSilentBang , #Chibideidara , #Kingdomheartslover , #Rory17 , #Mathboy9
North Carolina - 2 #Kobster48 , #BBLover96
Ohio - 12 #C00ldude1000 , #Billions , #Anoreoz897 , #Delete2544 , #Monkeyboy94 , #Answerable , #Mitsuki , #Djrnc33 , #Tenacious_Tim , #Rperduex11 , #Valdamien , travisd13
Oklahoma - 3 #BenjaminS , #MaryMayNotBe , #Ybbob
Oregon - 1 #CrimsonEnnui
Pennsylvania - 9 Me, PSULucky , Cfff , RiDsTeR , @ARIANA , KingGeek , GoodKaren , LordJZA , #FloatingToaster
Texas - 4 #ManniBoi , #RobertGuajardo , #Carlyjordan14 , #AlyssaB
Utah - 1 #Firetruck421 , #NickNack
Virginia - 3 RasCityDryerfish , #Coolnarwhal88
Washington - 2 #RaverKid , #KingOfClubs
Washington DC - 1 #DCSooner (Also Oklahoma)
West Virginia - 1 #Hailey116
Outside of United States
Australia - 2 #Skootereyz , #MattHolder
Azerbaijan - 1 #TheStan
Brazil - 1 #SydneyWalsh
British, Columbia, Canada - 2 #Vergi1 , #Diarzibari101
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 1 #Brandt69
Canada - 8 #DontTakeMyPeach , #DanielleDonato , #Rileycotter , #Pilatesgrl , #CanadianKid , LucyMcG1 , #Danyyboy67 , #Warthhogs
Croatia - 1 Bix123
Hungary - 1 Atti12
Indonesia - 1 #TheBlackDog
Ireland - 3..


Who was your favorite/most successful

10 austino15fffan, Jul 21, 2015

Stars ally ever?
Mine was Tyleror in my most recent stars:]
Everyone paired me up with black0ut247 and/or #Hwest14 so whenever I was countered, it was with one of those 2. I even told Houston a few times I was super close to Tyler, and he never realized I was closer to Tyler than I was to him:] then me and Tyler both made finals and got 1st and 2nd and slayed the whole game
There were so many obvious duos in the game, so nobody expected us to be the STRONGEST duo, we never trashed each other, or targeted each other when talking to other people, and nobody caught on at all. Nobody realized we were a f2 until Chilltownbb7 and #Hwest14 went up for 4th
Best stars ever< 3
Fun fact: I played with Tyleror two other times, and we were trying to get each other out both times and both did shitty:]


hey I'm unbanned

4 hwest14, Apr 26, 2015

hahah rip me
thanks for getting #hwest14 trending
:) love u all!!


Wait Am I In Stars?

4 Lemjam6, Apr 25, 2015

because i was talked about so much it's like i got my own segment!
eyoomarcus #hwest14 jayelveeisback princessteepee
thanks for all the attention, love ya!
but y'all called me a shepherd so i will take it as a compliment


He Thought

0 Lemjam6, Apr 25, 2015

he was so clever attacking Cristina Yang and her aborted fetus
bye #hwest14! we get the last laugh


❤ Acyuta [Acyuta] ❤

71 Shonaynay, Sep 14, 2014

#hwest14 - Well we don't talk really but from what i've seen of you, you seem like a pretty cool person to speak with =]
#Thumper91 - Biggest bitch on the site tbh idk why you comment < 3 jk youre an amazing girl and calls ive been on with you in it too are cute and funny LMAO
#Boots22 - We don't really speak but youre like the boy version of Lauren on this site so i'm obviously going to love you too since you don't really have a problem with anyone on here :)
#EliotWhi - Not spoken too much but i know you speak to Ryan and i've seem you in games and you make me laugh ;)
#Mahalpin11 - I've only seen you around in a frookies game once and you were nice to align with but i don't know much about you, i think you're very much a gameplayer :p
#shyannemystik - We don't speak but i've been on like group calls with you twice amd you're like so so sweet and adorable and someone i'd just wanna hug
#lonelypuppie - Gina i really love playing games with you and speaking with you in general even though we haven't had a proper convo yet! Youre really sweet and easy to get along with, humorous and a cute asian < 3 i'm a sucker for them!
#christossss - Uhmmm, we only spoke slightly because of crookies so i can't say much but goodluck in the game!
#PotatoSalad - I've just see you around really we've never proper spoken. I've heard good and bad things about you but unsure what side to go with as of now ;)
#Tetsuya - Sorry i only recognise your name i can't say anything about you!
#ImGonnaWin - Terrence you're like the queen bee of skanks xxxxx i love playing games with you and speaking with you, considering your gameplay is usually amazing and i'm glad you got so far in Stars!
#Maxi1234 - Cougar, we haven't spoken in a while so heyyyyy :p Idk if you still get mad at people nowadays i mean you seem to have calmed down and you seem like a nicer person so lets speak in the future LMAO
#TheSexiestDude990 - We've been in quite a few games recently but we've pretty much been doing SO shit but i think you're a very honest and kind-hearted person and i don't understand why you get as much hate as you do sometimes.
#FunnehLiner - Well, we've had a very up and down bumpy road adventure thing haven't we? I honestly don't even have anything against you, its just where games have gotten heated i guess? Idk they drag out a bit to long but i don't stay bitter (well, for most people) and i hope the feeling is neutral :x
JasonXtreme - I really recognise your name but i can't remember where from O: like i remember being on the OT in survivor, but i know i recall you being very sweet to me xD
FighterMan - I don't like you simply because of how i've seen you play games. I don't feel it's nice in all honesty and you annoy me and i literally don't know why.
Cornelia - Hiiiiii Jake ya slag x hope ya been doing well! Dont speak much but i hope you're doing excellent cuz you're a hag wiv no..



1 hwest14, Mar 26, 2014
This is the round 1 RIGHT side polls of the bracket :)
Includes the following:
1. pens87 vs Queenisha
2. Monomial vs ninjohn
3. LiteCitrus vs kasey2011
4. bowling4fun vs SomebodyAwesome
5. NoSuchName2 vs Orlando652
6. #hwest14 vs JudiCamille
7. realityfreek vs andychuck08
8. alanb1 vs donaam

86 Stars Day 1

1 RasGrand, Jul 9, 2013

now Unlike other stars  This will involve flippers, new chats.
Chat 1:
Chat 2:
In Both Chats:
Chat 1's set: NotJeffProbst/ajg31397
Chat 2's set: TheBlackDog/bailey1994
Obviously those who are only in 1 chat are locking in there chats set. but what are these guys locking in:
#hwest14 NotJeffProbst/ajg31397
#Zed55 TheBlackDog/bailey1994
#SurvivorFan37 NotJeffProbst/ajg31397
#HighNoon TheBlackDog/bailey1994
There is AN 8-8 Tie and the algo chooses:
Vote to evict


Black Level!!! Post yur name!

28 jakehou97, Dec 28, 2012

Wow. What a ride that was. Just 19 days after buying Brown, I am now Tengaged's newest Black Level. My charity frookies was crazy last also. How do you win a charity when 5 people are out to ruin it?
Friendship. Pure Friendship.
I would like to thank gematria pokemaster thesexiestdude990 saxonmath xxlightningxx jhelsdon2478 streeter for joining and not trying to ruin it.
3 times nominated, I couldn't have done it without them. You guys are amazing friends and I'm glad I have yall on tengaged.
Now, a few shoutouts to my friends who weren't able to join
So PYN and I'll give you my opinion!! Go!
Jason/ jhelsdon2478
Your a good friend. I'm glad I ran into you on tengaged. Thank you so much for joining my charity and not beliving jam's BS story about her "accidently" nomming me! We need to play more games. Skype me!
Julian/ TheSexiestDude990
IDK where to start. From my YouTube days to me finding you on Tengaged, you've always been there for me. Your truly an amazing friend. I don't know what my life on here would be like without me finding you. :D
Your a cool dude. You were a good frat prez when I was in the Peanuts. We need to play more games
I don't really know you, but you seem cool. You also have alot of Karma! Message me man!
Were in link's survivor together. Your a good competitor. We need to play in actual games now!
I see you around alot but we haven't really talked. :/ We need to change that. Thanks for trying to join my charity :)
Your in my casting. You seem cool. Message me!
Also in my casting. Your a cool guy. We both hated that unnecessary drama fighting in there.
You don't really talk much in the castings, but you still seem cool. Message me so we can talk!
Your a truly good friend. Your only 13 and black level, which is awesome because you have alot of time to get popular on here before you get busy with stuff like college.
You were one of my first friends on here way back in june 2011, but we never talked again. We need to change that! Skype meee
Your a cool guy. I've seen you around alot, especially in stars
Jake!! We've played in a few group games now. Idk, but I think we have a rivalary between us trying to be the better jake! Lol ;) your cool a dude
Your so cool! Your a good survivor host. Your also unique cause..

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