Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Sandy and I'm OCD.

#Arslindros, the trifecta of best t-friends ever.

I won Stars 112 /
I won Stars 493 /

5th place Stars 126 /
2nd place Stars 169 /
5th place Stars 177 /
3rd place Stars 305 /

Dizzle is just a hysterical, controversial guy that people just tend to take seriously and forget it's all for fun. He just seems to be like a great dude, who just has a chill attitude--except when people try to come for him. Although when some little bitch goes for him, he slays them and destroys them to pieces, until there's nothing left.

Sandy is someone you have to handle with care, but he is very easy to love.


~ free ride to single digits if you show me those perky lil titties haha ~

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  1. MarieTori53.8% Hash46.2%
  2. you know who really just needs to
  3. Justin
  4. Too bad ur names not
  5. Won Stars Seat Game!
  6. I won the star seat game for my frat
  7. Can we unban Sandizzle
  8. iSurv1vor2nd
  9. Deep blue eyes
  10. Ida
  11. u couldnt win with 2 last week
  12. Yall are fucing stupid
  13. does anyone have an old skype
  14. T in coont
  15. Successful charity
  16. why havent yall jammed out
  17. I evicted ida’s dumbass
  18. Me when this is a big brother website
  19. face the facts
  20. Someone positive and holistic

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