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for every one point

11 BluJay112, Apr 27, 2017

I'll name someone who annoys me. I'll start with the first eleven
1 alanb1
2 #alanb1
3 #alanb1
4 eliortiz1234
5 #alanb1
6 #alanb1
7 arris
8 #alanb1
9 myself
10 @puregasoline
11 #alanb1
12 #alanb1
13 alanb1
14 alanb1
15 survivorfreak13
16 alanb1
17 rory17
18 alanb1
19 alanb1
20 alanb1
21 alanb1
22 stunzer
23 imgonnawin
24 alanb1
25 alanb1
27 alanb1
28 yasgaga
29 katarinaducouteau
30 alanb1
31 alanb1
32 #alanb1
33 #alanb1
34 #alanb1
35 #alanb1
36 taybear17
37 #alanb1
38 #alanb1
39 arris again because he hates Lana
40 #alanb1
41 pureessence ohhhh that's her username my bad lol
42 #alanb1
43 #alanb1
44 crimsonennui
45 #alanb1
46 #alanb1
47 itsalexia
48 #alanb1
49 perfectprizetag for being my coach then singlehandedly evicting me
50 #alanb1
51 #alanb1
52 #alanb1
53 thisismygame
54 #alanb1
55 #alanb1



45 virgie88, Nov 5, 2016

I will tag someone who I think is adorable.
(I love all these people the same)
10- #AlanB1
20- #EliOrtiz1234
30- #Arris
40- #eric_136
50- #cswaggerr
60- #iTy990
70- #crayadian
80- #Jayglezst
90- #2388
100- #SexyTex
110- #Galaxies
120- #Badboyy2699
130- #tryandbeatme16
140- #brandonrichie
150- #EyooMarcus
160- #maturo
170- #Yaddddiggz
180- #Icarus_Mark
190- #tboss
200- #king_lance
210- #Almonds
220- #skyler1822
230- #eliserose
240- #KatarinaDuCouteau
250- #Jenzie
260- #PureEssence
270- #Steven999
280- #mathboy9
290- #BluJay112
300- #PMMGuy
310- #xoxokaci1
320- dinosaurdan
330- ghrocky100
340- SuperFreak
350- YasGaga
360- Sportsjunky3
370- fishingguy22
380- @EmilyThorne
390- Brandt69
400- Pegasus1234
410- mudndawilderness
420- Flickgamecolin
430- nandoxxx
440- Shellbelle
450- Krisstea
460- WpwSers196
470- Philip13
480- Roshy
490- kittykatz553
500- koolness234
510- Vanili
520- iamremedy
530- mrbird
540- cococolin122
550- TaraG
560- Katherinee_
570- QueenBec
580- _Aria
590- Thirteen
600- SmoothStalker12
610- Icebeast


Random.org TGBB1 (17)

6 disneygeek, May 26, 2016

Eviction Order:
7th- #alanb1
8th- #ghrocky100
9th- #Dolphinz811
10th- #JourdanBabyXoxo
11th- #Brashful
12th- #rory17
13th- #Paigex
14th- #MargaretWilkins
15th- #NotNicky333
16th- #aj1111
17th- #Iceicebaby
18th- #Rodrigues75
19th- #Snake
20th- #FantasyPNTM
21st- #HaydenNicole
22nd- #LaceyDeGarrio
By a vote of 5-4 #alanb1 you are evicted from the TGBB house
HoH- dak236
Pre Noms- 5651Omar & MickyBoomy9
POV- MickyBoomy9
Used?- On Himself
Final Noms- 5651Omar & Jameslu
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but Noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


I love food

0 alanb1, Apr 18, 2016

This was definitely one of the hardest things I had to experience on Tengaged. Me and you nominated against each other was our biggest fear that sadly turned into a reality. We worked so well together, it was like Peanut butter and Jelly, it just worked. We needed each other and it was so hard on me when you got evicted because I was left with no allies I could trust. If it was me who got evicted instead of you, it would have been you here in the Final 3. I'm also thankful because we've gotten extremely close these past few days. Thank you for encouraging me to do good and win it for the both of us. You are one of my best friends and i'm pretty blessed to call you one of them. We will meet up so soon and party together alright? ;) I love you bud and thank you for everything.


Exposing Galaxies.

14 SkooterEYZ, Feb 15, 2016

Now that I'm leaving this site, I might as well expose Galaxies for the cunt he is.
1. He posted that first racist ad and linked it to my profile to frame me ; and yes he accidentally told me.
2. Galaxies and I were both on #Alanb1's first page of friends ; obvi Galaxies didn't like the idea that Alan and I are friends, so he forced Alan into unfriending me. He also forced him into sending me death threats, but after alan refused, Alan gave galaxies access to his account and then sent me death threats pretending he was alan.
Note : Alan and I have been friends for years
3. Galaxies = ElectricCheddar right? ElecticCheddar would be 14 right now. Galaxies Admit to being 15 just a month ago, and now somehow he's 17. hmm.
4. Galaxies Cheats in games
5. Galaxies admit to going to the police station with his dad, apparently they gave them my username for posting the ad. Hun this isn't Pretty Little Liars, You can't Frame someone and get away with it LOL - Especially when I live like 5 continents away.
6. Galaxies likes to pretend he's drunk
7. Galaxies likes to be friends with people with 100+ gifts. In Fact, the only reason he made a new account is to sheep rich tengagers for gifts.
8.  Galaxies 1 min ago
if i knew skootereyz in real life i would not hesitate to brutally murder him
9. Galaxies is Imnotamultibitch
10. Galaxies Threatened to ddos and kill my family if I ever Exposed him. It's the only reason I haven't told people what really happened regarding the ad till now.
11** : This blog is filled with truth, that's why Galaxies right now is spamming to neg this blog.



1 Jay21, Feb 8, 2016

How am I a multi again??? You guys cant be serious #alanb1 #eric_136


The TG Hunger Games

8 BigBrotherDonny, Dec 16, 2015

this is literally just a blog game for fun.
Instagram 70
Halloween 70
Mastropola 70
Bigdizzleyomama 70
Galaxies 70
Minie 70
Goodallan 70
Survivorofthetocans 70
BenTheMan007 70
Lemjam6 70
saraj10 70
GentlemanG 70
baza76 70
Bamold1999 70
Bryce12 70
Bigbrotherlover7 70
Outrage 70
bowkane 70
Petro 70
Ashleybabyx3 70
raonic 70
Hash 70
EyooMarcus 70
alanb1 70
brosky17 70
mradamman12 70
sosyomomma 70
smuguy2012 70
moviedude 70
SkooterEYZ 70
Who do you want to win this first fight? #Alanb1 or #Survivorofthetocans


This Is My Notice

3 MariahAnn, Jul 10, 2015

I'll be gone for two weeks! Super excited! Want to make some quick final announcements!
RAGE- jkjkjk15 alanb1 coolkat joobix WHOEVER, if you are interested in hosting during my 2 week disappearance, then MAIL ME! We'll figure something out.
Total Drama- When I get back the game is on
#Alanb1 Love you so much, don't know y I'm saying this now... Oh well
Hugs & Kisses,


Friend Quiz

6 SkooterEYZ, Jun 24, 2015

Since everyone did it. These aren't my top 15 friends, just the top 15 I have known for a while and talk to.
1. MelihV
2. Billions
3. JennaJeffery
4. Kittykatz553
5. Goodkaren
6. AmandaP
7. alanb1
8. Pegasus1234
9. Guigi
10. djrnc33
11. Rory17
12. Staymellow
13. Justme
14. HaliFord
15. Carrot
Q: What’s the best memory you have of 7?:
Ermmmmmmmmmmm so many omg k that stars game we played together was very funny lmao. I kinda messed up his game accidentally (being the accidental troll I am) but it was cool playing with him lmao
Q: When’s the next time you’re gonna see 4?:
Tomorrow? We talk everyday :)
Q: Is number 8 pretty?:
Aw yes < 3 She's wonderful!
Q: What was your first impression of number 10?:
oh I hated him so much lmao he was so low tempered at first but he turned out to be just like me =] and we're obviously friends now haha
Q: How did you meet 3?:
oh we met in 2013 in a fasting haha. She joined my frat and we became really close friends but doesn't play that much anymore :(
Q: Is 11 your best friend?:
No :( we don't talk that much anymore haha
Q: Have you seen 5 in the last month?:
Yes :) we talked the other day haha
Q: Do you think 2 has a crush on you?:
err I think he's straight haha but I wouldn't mind anyone having a crush on me since I'm a whore
Q: When was the last time you called 12?:
We never called =[ Otherwise he would have known that I've catfished him this whole time
Q: Have you ever been to 1’s house?:
no he's in turkey and I'm in australia RIP
Q: When’s the next time you’ll see 13?:
Not sure haha Hopefully soon though!
Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 15?:
"Trouble" can mean a lot haha. But I don't think we've done anything bad in any way lmfao
Q: What do you and number 3 talk about the most?:
We just say hi and then she leaves for another week :(
Q: Do you even know 14?:
who. jks ily hali and we've known each other for a few weeks and she's nice even though we rarely talk
Q: Would you give number 3 a hug?:
no for not coming online a lot :(
Q: Are you in love with number 8?:
No :( I'm not straight sorry Rose
Q: Do you know a secret about number 13?:
oh ya Sue and Johneh have fun on cam everyday oop I wasn't meant to say that sorry Sue :'(
Q: Describe the relationship between number 9 and number 5:
I don't think Guigiboo and Karenboo know each other. Sorry booies :(
Q: What is the best thing about your friendship with number 7?:
lmao he's never serious and very weird but cool and caring at the same time and talking to him is like talking to a brick - it never disagrees with you ^~^
Q: Have you ever danced with number 6?:..



2 SkooterEYZ, May 22, 2015

#Alanb1 cyu in 3 days boo :* #Pookie


Just saw

1 labobble, May 18, 2015

#Alanb1 is ban RIP


Stars save chain

17 Lol4ever, Oct 13, 2014

Il say who Id save over another and they will keep going until they are beat. Gogogo
alanb1 > hwest14
#Alanb1 > Rivoux
#Alanb1 > craycrayaye (Close)
#Alanb1 > pikachu142
#Alanb1 > Matthew09
#Alanb1 > Jkjkjk15 (Dont know u)
ninjohn > #Alanb1 (This was hard)
#Ninjohn > Tadd
#Ninjohn > hujain
#Ninjohn > SomebodyAwesome
#Ninjohn > Gaiaphage (Close thoe)
#Ninjohn > DiamondsArentForever (SORRY ANNIKA)
baza76 > #NinJohn



41 alanb1, Apr 11, 2014

here are your options:
and guess what... this is a double elimination! the two people out of the list i just provided tht have the most amount of tags will be eliminated from my gift game. anyone can comment unless i have ur sorry ass filtered then oops. u can only comment one persons name
IT HAS TO BE IN @ form and it has to be spelled correctly @alanb or #alanb1 would not work. ok yall have 24 hours! GOGOGOGOGO


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