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I just realized...

2 Tester, Aug 4, 2021

...why Kindred7 hasn't blogged about #lemonface in a few days.
2 days 16 hours agokoolness234
User requested ban
7 days


Tag lemonface in the comments - PLN

39 Kindred7, Jul 27, 2021

And I’ll tag you and give you a random object I think of or see. It won’t mean anything though so don’t read into it. I just want lemonface to log on and see a million tags
EDIT: ok maybe it may mean something but maybe it won’t idk
Galaxies - Milky Way - both the thing in space and the chocolate ugh that’s so good
staymellow - beaches bc I associate you with idk relaxing and happiness
vansreborn - cracked mirror bc ur an ugly human being for not tagging her
salmaan - watermelon bc it’s refreshing
broncman789 - Coke Zero bc I need to remind you to deliver some
skyler1822 - planes because I’d want to travel with you
biminibonboulash - chopping board bc your username reminds me of a YT channel “Cooking with Babish”
arris - camera bc ur a cam whore and tag Becca plz
Don_Draper - hat bc I think of that pimp ok now tag her!
JasonXtreme - rollercoasters bc Canada’s Wonderland was where we were supposed to have our meet up
Symmetry888 - drawing tablet because you seem creative and fun and maybe you’re not artistic (maybe you are) - but you’d create really fun cartoons or comics or games
MarieTori - dolphins bc you remind me of one like I don’t see you everyday but you’re friendly, fun and intelligent
cheritaisdelicious - a book - we have a complicated relationship; sometimes I find you funny or interesting, sometimes you’re not my cup of tea, but you’re not 2D and have some depth just like almost every book
computer3000 I almost tagged push-ups LOL ummm hmm robot bc of your username - also you seem meticulous when you’re not misclicking things on your phone. And you are so dedicated to what you set your mind to. I have let us down :(
Times_Places - leaves bc you seem like you’d like the colour green and enjoy serenity. I know it’s not directly related but I also think you’re changing (not in a bad way at all) in the sense that you’re learning and growing (guess that’s more tree but whatever)
3pi14159 - tennis racket bc you play lol - also I guess it suits your personality since you are able to adapt to many diff situations and have so many diff aspects to who you are (like your identity isn’t just one thing if that makes sense - you’re smart and athletic and make jokes but also sometimes have weird af blogs like poopoo/peepee)
#lemonface no I just was trying to think of the perfect word for you LOL my instinct was to write “heart because I love you - in a non-homo way” but that didn’t wanna sound too cheesy :( so I have to think about it. Also I was gonna give everyone random objects and it turned into me giving them semi-representative objects smh…
NanoNerd - mushroom bc you love Super Mario! Mushrooms are..


Post a compliment

26 Kindred7, Jun 24, 2021

About lemonface and I’ll rate your compliments on a scale from 1-10.
slice - 1
@yawnha - -500 you suck
booyahhayoob - 0
heavyrain - 0.5
_Teemo_ - 9 compared to these pathetic attempts so far you look so good
Voila - a perfect 200 just like you
#lemonface - +500 for existing
Jessie_ - I don’t appreciate the non-PG nature of your comment but I do appreciate your honesty and the accuracy - 11/10
mikec51 - oh I know you’re right 20/10 as well. Ok just saw your second comment so I guess you wanna be demoted to 10/10 for plagiarism
sam_hamwich yes a gif is worth a million words - honestly Becca is very cute yes 50/10
mrkk - IKR I KEEP THINKING THAT TOO! I love pink lemonade! She’s like 10 steps ahead of us all such an icon 50/10
#slice - ???? 0.25/10 what is this?!?
Hunty you may not appreciate a good meal when you see one but I’m glad you can at least appreciate a great woman - agreed you get 50/10 she does everything perfectly
tommeh208 you gave a legit compliment - and yes she is and always will be the moment! 50/10 as well :’) also I was thinking about bandana boyz yesterday ugh you’re so funny
abstractjay you know you can only get a 7/10 for being the 50th person to plagiarize :(
NanoNerd that was good!! 15/10!



12 Kindred7, Apr 29, 2021

everyone welcome lemonface back by saying a few nice words below
I'll start
#lemonface seeing you come online and go offline randomly this past week has been quite distressing for me but I want you to live a good life, and TG is not a good life, and you deserve great things in life so you deserve better than this =( i was telling someone this morning how awesome you are btw... so i'll keep simping in the shadows..


It is that auspicious day of the year

12 Kindred7, Mar 21, 2021

As President of the #Lemonface Fan Club, I can confirm that it is probably the one and only, great lemonface's birthday today!
PRESENTS: Becca does not care about gifts from shops, but what we all care about are TAGS and TRENDING and whatnot, so please use all your tags on her today and henceforth. I mean you can gift her too but she may not wear it so don't take it personally.
MESSAGE: I did not collect messages from people, nor did anyone approach me so SCREW YOU to them if anyone DID collect anything. ANYWAY Becca you are amongst the best people TG has had to offer - I don't think your fame stems from "existing" (even though it should) but from your humor, intelligence and wit. I honestly don't know how you come up with the one-liners and overall content that you do, but I'm here for it and I am glad I get to see even a fraction of it! To top it off you're SUPER pretty, but are soft-hearted and more genuine and caring than many people realize. Anyone who has any problem with you should probably do some self-reflection because I don't think you have an ounce of hatred in you. Thank you so much for putting up with my rants, my weird tech-unsavviness, and always having my back even especially when I don't have it myself. I care about you so much and view our friendship as close to sisterhood. I swear it's not in a creepy way though, and don't feel compelled to feel that way about me though! I just wanted to express how I feel!
Thank you for being part of our lives even for a moment in time - and for sharing your kindness, humour, and wisdom with us.
Love you lots, and happy birthday Becca! <3
Definition of Auspicious:
- Conducive to success; favorable.
- Idiom (auspicious occasion / day): A celebratory or momentous event, situation, or circumstance.


I am sick of

36 Kindred7, Mar 8, 2021

All the women here being so great!! But it is what it is so here is PART 3 of my series of blogs (honestly thought it would just be 1 blog but apparently there’s like 50-100 girls who are active on this site!)
This is great timing with it being International Women’s Day - as you know I do NOT repeat women (unless it’s Becca) so if you haven’t received one it’s either because:
A) you already got an opinion before (see links below)
B) I’m waiting for the person who was assigned you to mail me
C) I don’t know you’re a girl or I haven’t gotten to you yet! Clearly there will be a part 4 and possibly part 5!
Anywho, you are all wonderful in your own way. If you dislike me, don’t worry I am not trying to become your friend - these blogs are just for you to feel good about yourself and you may continue to think I’m an annoying loser! <3
#lemonface - Lemonface is the most stubborn bitch I can think of! As intelligent as they come, and with an undeniable natural beauty, Becca is a 10/10 top tier e-girl. We've been so close for nearly 10 years now, she's a sincere shoulder to cry on and will always entertain whatever gay shit I have to say on the good days! I wouldn't trade my hard-working, breadwinning husband for the world; she'll always be my best Judy. Hate your hair hope you lose! - #donaam
#_Gabss - Gabbie Gabbie is the best sister that someone could ask for, that girl is so sweet that she will put yourself first over her if she really likes you. I know this bitch for almost 9 years and its a friendship that i would never trade, i love how she can make you laugh just by being her, a true clown, give her a red nose lmao. She is easy going, honest, shy but knows how to bring the tea. love you, mean it, hate you, kidding! my sister <3 - #Drewds
anthousai - Miss. Anthousai. Let’s ignore the fact she is part human, part 🐀, and is the shadiest person ever in group games, yes. Sorry forgot this was suppose to be good. ANYWAY, jokes aside Krista is one of the few people on who is always bringing optimism and humour in every chat I’m in and can somehow slay roblox obbys like game bots. She’s a smart, caring and honest friend, and will always give the best advice out there. Okay that’s the nicest and only nicest thing I’ll ever say about her. BYE! - #FighterMan
#heyitsmaggee - Ally was always super sweet and generous to me back in the ETNAL days. We fell out of contact throughout the years when both of us became less active on the site, but when she logged in she made sure to contact me and check in, which I've always appreciated. Clearly a strong person who has been nothing but kind to me. - #Fritzyyyyy
Kaylabby - Hey Haylee we may not be close, but you seem to be a level headed kind individual who speaks her mind. You Seem to get hate for no real reason (from what i know) but you never let it get to you, Keep your head up and Stay strong, Good luck..



102 druu, Feb 19, 2021

IT'S A GENERIC OPINION BLOG! GUARDS, AFTER ME! Anyway slap ya name down and I'll give ya a cheeky opinion
EmmaM - What a gem, it's EmmaM! One of the SWEETEST lasses who's always great to talk to, even though we always drift in and outta contact I've got ya back just LMK when you're ready for our musical collab
Christian_ - In a land full of drama over games and weaves you're just a sensible Christian fella who handles everything with 💪MATURITY💪 and 💪RESPECT💪. A top bloke who deserves more recognition always had top respect for ya
spikedcurley - One of the NICEST and REALEST blokes around and one of the only Tengagers with solid music taste. Will never forget the time I lost my pet seamonkies and almost overdosed on Capri-Sun till you told me to stay safe and look after myself- a real class act 😎
Kelly2722 - A funny fella with his own personality even though people always have to double check the numbers in ya name. Had a good chuckle when you sent the blogs page into chaos for an hour by making jokes about average sized knobs
GentlemanG - A Gentleman in the streets and a G in the sheets. Always been nothin' but polite and respectful in my experiences with ya and hope you get a SPECIAL STARS slot cuz repeatedly making finals with an obvious duo is a chortle and a half no matter how many people it enrages
Aquamarine - A fella who's been around since the prehistoric days and went from hating drink and drugs to becoming a DRUNK PILL POPPING WALL STREET LUNATIC! Behind all the WILD Tengaged antics you're an easygoing lad who who owns his sh!t and is easy to have a laugh with just remember the dr*ma aint worth it most of the time and keep up the banter
cheritaisdelicious - Cherita, Cherita, Pumpkin Eater! Even though you've had ya feuds on this site in my experience you take CONSTRUCCCTIVE CRITICISM well and never mean any harm. Also much like Big Greg you're only of the few people on this site with good solid music taste, proud of u
bunnycat - Probably my fave bc since birth control as well as being my fave Filipwaiian lass and one of my TOP Tengaged BSB fans. You've been the same good lass for years and you're always good fun to talk to, keep it up 💪
PureEssence - A sweetheart and a lil stunner, from def*nding you against bullies to bonding over writing and our cheeky Fastings drafts back in the ol' days we have a plethora of memories and inside jokes and you've always stayed true to yaself 🤘 We always dip in and outta TG at diff times but glad we've got to reconnect a lil during lockdown
PaulaDeen - Watch ya spleen, it's PaulaDeen! You've always been a funny bloke who just sits back on the blogs page and posts entertaining content, always thought you were a good jovial fella even though we've never spoke much
Singsongers - Nice fella, always a good laugh in group chats and seems to be all about cheeky harmless trolling, good on ya lad
KingGeek - KING GEEK 💪 a Liar's..



67 Eoin, Feb 9, 2021

For the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you.
#Lemonface I think of your like really old school tg friend group like #danny because i was friends with some of them
#Zoon you being a constantly good friend to me, you've never wronged me and i respect and cherish that
#Ashleybabyx3 you used to host BB games that seemed iconic, i never played but i remember thinking they always looked drama.
#lexeyjane the fact i always get you mixed up with an awful tger
#Jessie_ The fact you had everyone so pressed in stars a few weeks ago but slayed all the faves only to be robbed
#Simpizzle did you used to be a controversial blogger? that if you were.
#brandonpinzu you slaying me in turney's game, double eviction. it hurt, i really trusted you.
#Nitu I am not very familiar with you, but i think of you being kind since you just complimented me!
Amnesia_ honestly the 5SOS bop of a song, Amnesia.
Lemjam6 I don't know you really :( maybe Cristina Yang, I think you like her?
RoboZoe I remember hating you for like a skype game or something, no hate now but you've definitely wronged me in the past.
ISandeh That you're banned on roblox for being a bad boy.
BarbraStreisand All my friends hate you lmao, i have never interacted with you but it's funny that you have no many people so pressed.
Olympia your iconic blogs! You seem funny and are a tg fave.
smi9127 That you're an old schooler, you're one of the people i remember when i was a noob in 2010.
sjsoccer88 that you randomly hate me now, even though i am nice to you like 99% of the time.
deshonBANNEDISBACK that you unexpectantly performed really well in your first ETC season and were a nice personality to have.
Kindred7 that you are super popular but i don't think we've talked.
turkeylover just your iconic tsc taste, i stan you so hard.
mbarnish1 that you are so kind and nice, we always work together (recently) and you always are just such a nice person to talk to
Midiaw you are always so kind and have such a big heart, I do not think you have a bad bone in your body!
J2999 Icon, a rare english person that i like.
Hwest14 Old school CYA calls <3
Ilovetosing You blogged a lot about music taste and it was cool
PureEssence your iconic ETC one and done season, I'd love to have you back but you hated every second, mom.
Marwane our random feud that had us both get added to addme but we gucci now <3
ricardogv didn't you kill me like a few hungers ago
Salmaan kinda your iconic / horrible thing you just did in hunger, kinda funny
IYBF The fact you used to be one of my least favourite TGers but now we're friends..



8 AmandaBynes, Feb 1, 2021

And I’ll tell you if I prefer you or #lemonface
bomberv - you
jessie_ - you
lemonface - no comment
joey96 - you
rowjone - you
cheritaisdelicious - you
salmaan - lemonface


Realistic / Good Tengaged Counsel

57 hwest14, Jan 26, 2021

13 people. Relatively low-drama / controversy
Mature enough to be able to separate personal from business
All have been here for 8+ years
Any objections / additions?
Other potential additions:
#lemonface - declined
Washed_Ravioli - could potentially represent new school
#DanielKennedy111 - if he stuck around
konohavillage1 - If he's not a troll then yes great choice
Timster - sometimes a lil controversial but definitely woke
Rebelman2227 if he is active enough
skyler1822 - If she pays attention!
randomize You know what to do!


Post Rock, Paper or Scissors

22 Slice, Jun 7, 2020

and I’ll play rock paper scissors with you! This will be fun!
lemonface - Ooh, paper! I win!
Kindred7 - Omg I did rock paper too we draw!! 🙈
AustinRules6969 - Rock! Damn! I lose
#lemonface - I did paper again... Draw!!
CruelSummer - omg scissors u crushed me...!
tofutime - Rock! Yes I won!
top20fan33 - Scissors! A tie!
#lemonface - Ooh, rock, you got me!!! Its tied!!
smallchild99 - Aw darn, paper!!! 1-0 smallchild!
#lemonface - Aw shit I did rock again congrats
Zeptis - Paper! Got you!
titoburitto - Scissors, you got me...
HeavyRain - Scissors! OH NO!! I WON!!! :(
donaam - Rock, it's a tie!
GothicZebra - Scissors! Gotcha!
KingGeek - Aw damn.. rock.. you beat me.
NicoleF - Paper! I win!! Yee-haw!
Quackerz - Scissors. Great minds think alike!
Birks4444 - Paper! You got me...


it wasnt a cat

28 lemonface, Jun 3, 2020

#lemonface - didn’t you run over a cat on purpose 1 time .......
it was a gay
cuz when i see a f*ggot i FLOOR IT


post the one person

20 lemonface, Jun 3, 2020

that you all think is more insufferable than i
#lemonface I am willing to bet $100 there is at least one person in the world more insufferable than u


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