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Maybe I'm insensitive

2 Akeria, Feb 28, 2021

but I had #RobertGuajardo groom me at aged 15 and what @Marlakk did definitely isn't moral but falls far from what a pedophile actually is. I don't think he was attracted to Eilish in the way some adults on here will go out of their way to obtain nudes from minors.


Y'all need to stop

6 Akeria, Jan 2, 2021


✬ Doctor Doctor ✬

4 Eilish, Dec 31, 2020

Stunzer has not been friends with #RobertGuajardo ever since he kicked him from his server for the reason being he was making people uncomfortable with his presence.
I speak to Rob from time to time and do not consider him a friend but like he literally just said to me he has not had a full conversation or have been friends with stunzer for MONTHS.


✬ Ocean Eyes ✬

30 Eilish, Oct 28, 2020

Not to discredit or tear down your experiences with #RobertGuajardo, but Akeria I just want to poke holes into things you are saying about Stunzer. I would first like to clear his name and make sure that people know he DOES NOT enable pedophilia, and he has been very concerned with how people have felt in his discord server.
Two major things I would like to point out are the following:
1. Rob never asked for Dallas to be kicked, and stunzer never kicked him due to Rob's request. Dallas was ACTUALLY kicked because I was able to get votes against him in order to kick him from the server (old policy enactments which are no longer in motion) Furthermore, Dallas was supposed to only be banned until July of 2020, but received a permanent ban after continuously attacking people within the server and spreading lies about sex rings and many other false narratives.
2. Stunzer made the executive SOLE decision to kick Rob from the server, after discussion was held between The Advisorz (which is not in motion anymore). He based this decision on how people in the server felt with the presence of Rob around, and while not everyone agreed with the decision for him to be kicked Stunzer felt as if Rob's presence was generally a negative influence on the server.
3. Stunzer was an advocate against this entire NSFW chat. He is very vocal about making everyone in the server feel comfortable.
This is all I am going to say on the matter. You can personally attack me or do whatever you please, but if I need to I will go back into my pms from last year or the year before to get screenshots.


✬ Good Mourning ✬

11 Eilish, Jul 3, 2020

This is for the specific people like The_Kid YasGaga PrincessaPeach and others who said I was exploiting my grandmother for money.
I would like to finally take this moment to be grateful to The Libz and some other people who helped give my mother money to send to her family in their time of need <3
and most importantly Colter you helped all of this and you really helped my mother and her family back home <3
You can all stalk my family or do what you please. I know I can be a disgusting person, but I have never stooped to the levels that some of you have stooped to tonight. Without some of the AMAZING people I have met through this site my mother and her family would not have been able to get through this and get the proper burial they deserved for their mother.
This will be the last post I make about this, and as I said attacking me because of what I do and assuming I faked the death of my grandmother are two different things. Have a nice night.


CYA Speaks Episode 3: "Pedos & Poor..

7 Kelly0412, May 18, 2020

Hello Tengaged! After another… brief hiatus we are back with episode 3, titled “Pedos & Poor Judgement”
Introduction: [0:00]
The Termination of Panelist Nicky [0:30]
The Pedophile Situation on Tengaged [2:10]
Survivor Finale & Survivor Sequester Mini [9:10]
Kinggeek being rigged out of M&Ns Survivor [21:50]
States reopening amid Coronavirus [24:50]
Loyal & Unloyal member of the week [29:37]
People Mentioned:
Jojo7784  - Moderator
Kelly0412 - Executive Producer/Panelist
Lemjam6 - Panelist
Cfff - Panelist
ElectraViv - Creative Director



8 Stunzer, May 11, 2020

Happy Birthday Bryan, from your friends in The Libz, and Porsche Briggs! 💜
Dracarys / David - Bryan - thank u for being so unapologetically you.
s73100 / Sam - Bryan Jones. The chicken to my fry. Happy birthday you fool. So glad we've gotten really close these last couple of months and I can call you such a close friend. You're very misunderstood on this site. You're one of the kindest, big heart, and open minded individuals. I can't wait to continue to get to know you more and play games with you = ) I will be getting chicken frys in your honor. xoxo your fav sheep sammy
#RobertGuajardo / Rob - You're cute jeans.
EmzThorne / Max - Happy birthday glad i can be ur design slave
Itzy / Thomas - happy birthday bryan!!!!!! even though i may come off as a brat, i still love u and enjoy that you know what social ques are. :D!!! stay skinny queen!!! you're literally the dancing queen & the only hoe that I can talk kpop with. stan LOONA
Tizian / Morgan - hey bryan! happy big birthday, you're turning...  not an adult!  tank u for being one of the main people who got me to join the libz! I wouldn't have met all of these amazing people without it and i cant thank u enuf. have a great day! stan mari. P.S.: Billie Eyelash is not surviving DND.
LittleMix / Jake - Bryan you are way too much. I'm glad that being in The Libz has gotten us closer! I love you and I hope you have a great birthday <3
peace123 / Connor - Hi bryan jones i cant believe ur turning 13 today. It seems like just yesterday u were pretending to be a 21 year old college student checking tengaged castings between lectures at ur favorite diner chick fil a. We’ve had a lot of ups n downs over the past few yrs that we’ve known each other but ur always fun and entertaining no matter what ur up to. It was an honor to be apart of ur 9 person kpop group as the visual rapper lead vocalist sub main lead dancer. Ur soo iconic n i hope u have the best day blushes. Love u xx
jflora18 / AJ - Happy Birthday Bryan! I know we don't know each other super well besides when you took my account :x. But I hope you have a lovely day getting chicken fries, stanning LOONA, and playing dead by daylight. We may not be super close but you're one of the funniest, shadiest, and entertaining people I've met. Keep being iconic and have an amazing day. Love u bitch xo.
KingB24 / Chase - Happy birthday Bryan legend!! We’ve had our ups and downs over time but I’m glad we’ve started to become closer friends. You’re a TG icon and I do have to stan. Also keep slaying in League and I’ll be able to..


For every 20 points

30 top20fan33, Jan 9, 2020

I'll post someone I've sent nudes to from this site.
20 - DaddyDev
40 - #RobertGuajardo
60 - NexusCain
80 - LovelyKiss
100 - Semajdude
120 - RedFabFoxy
140 - Harry1210
160 - TonyAlbright
180 - ItsAlexia
200 - Akeria
220 - Bamold1999
240 - kidA  ( i only knew you as Ryan Cahill though and was later told that was you )
260 - Stunzer / Jojo7784  ( sent in a group chat with both & #RobertGuajardo + #Akeria )
280 - Carnelian
300 - streamxx
320 - TheBlackDog
340 - m7md26
360 - Thirteen
380 - EricCabello ( literally had to ask you as I could barely remember but pretty sure we did like a Year ago then got close to more recently LMAO )
400 - iiVoloxity ( unless I have you confused for another matthew from a bit ago )
SNAPCHAT is cameron.woolard btw <3


thank you!

6 Delete2544, Oct 25, 2019

chic anonymous
I am now the 6th most gifted user on this site... coming for y'all!


Tengaged Snap Streak

6 ryanr36, Sep 28, 2019

haven't done this in awhile :)
tonyalbright - 817
m7md26 - 702
#RobertGuajardo - 669
Macda27 - 617
Xbac5 - 588
Brandt69 - 584
Arris - 250
iYBF - 124
WannaBeeFriends - 10


Was it a dream

1 iiVoloxity, Sep 1, 2019

or did #robertguajardo add me on snapchat. This is fr I cant tell because its not there anymore


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