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15thDec 31, 2020 by Eilish
Stunzer has not been friends with #RobertGuajardo ever since he kicked him from his server for the reason being he was making people uncomfortable with his presence.

I speak to Rob from time to time and do not consider him a friend but like he literally just said to me he has not had a full conversation or have been friends with stunzer for MONTHS.


I’m talking about back in the day when stunzer would défend Robert and stand by his side during the days where rob preyed on 16 year olds...
Sent by Bluejay7622,Dec 31, 2020
Bluejay7622 That was YEARS ago....he literally has detached himself from Rob and stated multiple times he did not agree with his actions. On top of that they always fought with each other within the chat.
Sent by Eilish,Dec 31, 2020
its the

“I speak to Rob from time to time” for me.
Sent by zachbbs,Dec 31, 2020
bluejay7622 ur full of shit wes. anyone in the libz can tell you i would always fight with rob because he was extremely problematic. i not once defended him for any of his actions against you or any 16 year olds pls dont make shit up :/
Sent by Stunzer,Dec 31, 2020

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