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Hello, my name is anas malik™ انس ꕤ

Live life like a movie, where you’re the director and star
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  1. When you wake up for work vote
  2. Does anyone else vote
  3. Okay here's the teavote
  4. OMG Stacey Francis vote
  5. Rylan: Crowd was really receptive tonight vote
  6. Is anyone else watchingvote
  7. I feel spoiled vote
  8. OMG okay vote
  9. Hey Natalie!vote
  10. Can this audience vote
  11. BBUK public vote
  12. Would you guys rootvote
  13. I swear the british publicvote
  14. The human ken dollvote
  15. Quite like Kirsty vote
  16. CBB time bitches!vote
  17. I’m just so excited vote
  18. What time does CBBUK start?vote
  19. I served the most GORGEOUS vote
  20. Don’t you just wanna vote

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  1. Chic said: ..TEA @ANAS One of the best moments, but there were SO many other good moments from that season too, especially from Tiffany...
  2. melindaMrskk said: ..@Anas everyone is liking Natalie..
  3. aria_grande said: ..@anas who’s getting the most from cbb do you know..
  4. Yoshitomi said: ..@Anas I'm's a bic pen.....
  5. adeleadele said: ..@Anas LOL, There's no iconic old hags to root for this time ;(..
  6. Mexus said: ..I'm rooting for @anas..
  7. PrincessTeePee said: ..Yes @Anas! They were the correct f2. Christ knows how Mrs Sleep-a-lot won. Nice lady but was she entertaining?...not really..
  8. MelloJello said: ..the footballer @anas..
  9. dandoe said: ..@Anas I'd just rather we saved boo's till after we see what they're actually like in the house, see case of Pauline Bennett ..
  10. CalebDaBoss said: ..@anas what did kirstie do that was controversial?..
  11. Sloth_Roman said: ..@Anas LMAO..
  12. Sloth_Roman said: ..@Anas I love him outfit. I feel well represented..
  13. melindaMrskk said: ..Solo - Demi Lovato @Anas x..
  14. Jameslu said: ..@anas solo by demi lovato and clean bandit..
  15. Jinxh said: ..@anas scary movie brenda meeks..
  16. Matthew09 said: ..Damn alright thanks I hope it works! @Anas ..
  17. Timster said: ..@anas books are disgusting. @brayden_ long time no see!!! Jeannie is messy lmao. All the girls in the video were beautif..
  18. Timster said: ..@anas You are a LEGEND..
  19. drewski011 said: ..@Anas OMG the ending tho!!! ?..
  20. Allison said: ..@anas I shot myself in the eyes a few times when I was getting jerked off. Just becareful baby. You might have to wear science g..

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