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94 lemonface, Jul 7, 2020

for a short opinion
i know you're all interested in my thoughts so please form an ordely queue
#delete2544 - know who you are, but basically nothing about you LOL i like a lot of your front page friends though so we'd probably get along swimmingly....
#loopspeare - literally only know that you ADAMANTLY defend (non-offending) pedophiles...... which itself is a LOOK that i can't quite understand myself.... but i hope that it is out of good intentions in some twisted way!
#anthousai - QUEEN... one of the only tru friends in that horrid THG game... even though u got NERVOUS at the end and chickened out like a lil b*tch......i won't hold that against you because i do thoroughly enjoy you as a person!
#kindred7 - one of the only reasons i'm still on this stupid website.... if it weren't for you dragging my irrelevant ass out of the depths when i was barely active i probably never would be on as much as i am now LOL so fuck you for that.... but besides that i think you're one of the most genuine people here and a great friend and deserve all of the positive attention you get and any1 who says otherwise is a bitter, insecure little rodent! hehe
#kiara_xoxo - i don't think we've ever spoken, but i've seen you around a lot and you seem cool! i really hope you can pull yourself out of the funk you've been in (from your blog) and finish out the year strong! you got this...
#turkeylover - i miss you babe.... another one of the people that accepted my washed-up ass when i first came back!!! for your young age i think you are super funny and underrated... and i think we should play another casting together soon where you don't get 20th place
#music - wow music is great so i'm sure you are as well... someone i've seen around a lot but i don't think we've ever ran in the same circle or even played a game together LOL i like the game of thrones gifs on your profile though
#robozoe - even though we've never been super close you're always someone i've liked a lot and i just find you so adorable and funny and wanna just pinch your cheeks (both sets) and i always wish you the best and hope ur doing well <3
#florina - nickgick99 LMFAO probably one of the people i've known the longest on the site even if we haven't kept in contact i always like seeing you around and have fond memories of our early days! i think i also have you on insta and love seeing you thriving in your life! keep up the good work!
#darktyphoon23 - JAN. icon. i think  you are a severely underrated comedy queen, and i wish we were closer back in the day when we were both super active, cuz i feel like we click quite well and have always been like connected by mutual friends, but u are awesome!!!!
#matte - sorry i don't really know enough about you to have an opinion, but just looking at your profile you seem very nice, and i think it's awesome you are learning new languages!!
#tennisplayer963 - i don't..


9 melindaMrskk, Nov 14, 2019

I made the HoF page into a HoF page for the most gifted. I was bored so :P
It doesn't have the members of the HoF who are inactive, because they won't see this so pointless me adding them into it! So was just the active users who was in the Top 20 out of the 50. Thanks to SmoothStalker12, SharonMaItems & Delete2544.


alphabear snap group roster!

3 Delete2544, Jul 18, 2019

Holllyy1230 Garrievans97 Fetish Jenzie LovelyKiss Colter Sameed27 Eilish Macda27 EmzThorne Insanity #Delete2544  and a big brother contestant + an iconic girl who was on dr phil lmao



19 ItsAlexia, Jun 1, 2019

After competing in the shopping game, I have chosen to end my streak at 18 weeks. Note that this is a CHOICE. I am able to post for 800 T$ and buy myself out, but I think I had a very good run and all good things have to come to an end, and I have tons of T$ to return to the game in the future, when moderation is present.
I have sold nearly 600 designs. I have earned nearly 20,000 T$. My shop opened on January 25th 2019 and has made it 18 WEEKS moving on. There has been 190,000 T$ spent on my shop, and I have been in the game for over 3 months.
Having a shop was definitely a very fun experience, and I am glad I tried it out, and was as successful as I was. I proved a lot of people wrong and I got so many gifts for my friends and I. Lately it has been stressful, as I have been so busy IRL and not really having a lot of time to be on my laptop to upload designs.
I would like to thank the following people for purchasing design(s) at very high prices, which helped me move on during very hard weeks: Delete2544 Maturo Blitszims BrittBritt & @Squigs sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.
Anybody who made deals with me during hard weeks: #Delete2544 Analiese
lexeyjane BBMeganNicole rulz tommyboy614 SaskiaRae G1ng4  ColinDress96
sam_hamwich Etienne sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.
Anybody who helped me design or allowed me to use exclusive designs for my shop: #Delete2544 SeongWoo Moxii iScotty Brandt69 PureEssence #M_Davis1998
And any fellow shop-owners who competed with me, it was fun. #iScotty Chic #Maturo Gagaluv Krisstea M_Davis1998 Ashleybabyx3 LittleMix Eilish
Wonderland is retired now, I will return to the game one day. Thanks for all the support and making me rich, I hope the public enjoyed the sales this week!
January 25th 2019 - May 31st 2019



46 BrunoMiguel, Apr 17, 2019

and I'll rank u from 1 to 10 :P
(btw the ratings are basead in the way I see u, ur beauty and also gameplay)
#Delete2544 8 ~ you already know that I like you a lot, I just wish we could talk a little bit more, I find u interesting :)
#David2560 6 ~ I wish we could speak more and play together more often.
#GrrrImABear 5 ~ we never had a chat so idk how I feel about u but let's change that xoxox
#hujain 5 ~ I've nothing against u as a person but based on the people who u are friends with I really don't know if I should try to know you :/
#lexeyjane 4 ~ u are such a beautiful girl, I bet u are a great person but the people that u hang around make you look bad, it seems like you're just a follower sometimes..
#bigbrotherlover7 5 ~ I've never had a convo with u so I can't rate u good or bad but text me lmao
#gabrieltrezza 9 ~ I really feel bad for things that have happened before.. I'm so glad to see how much you have grown! I've nothing else but love and respect for you :)
#Guigi 5 ~ gawl I feel like this is the 2nd time that u comment in my pyn's but I still don't have anything to say 'cause we never talked.. but ur avatar's always look flawless :)
#bblover567 9 ~ you are a really nice and loyal person, I feel like we should play together more 'cause we would be a power couple :P
#JustMe 5 ~ u were really anxious for me to update this but I actually don't know what I can say about u since we never had a talk :(
#Rosemount 6 ~ I should give u a 5 as well 'cause I never had a chance to talk with u but something about you brings me good vibes, u seem to be a nice person and I'm rooting for you in Stars!
#RedFabFoxy 9 ~ I'm really mad about the fact that after that casting we barely speak when I asked you to join so we could spend more together tbh.. still love ya tho <3
SaskiaRae 8 ~ I wish we could talk more and not only when we enter in the same games 'cause you seem to be really interesting and I'd like to know you better Brad :)
koolness234 7 ~ we never had a real convo before but I loved what u said about me in your pyn 'cause what u said really made me feel better, thank you for being kind!
Danger 8 ~ u are my ideal type of man, u are literally my BLACK PANTHER! I feel like if I knew u irl we would for sure be a couple 'cause I'd make u mine RJ :P
CalebDaBoss 6 ~ I think that I've seen u before on my blogs so I think that ur a nice person but we should probably talk more.
BarbraStreisand 6 ~ we should play together soon, I feel like we could be a good team!
DracoMalfoy 8 ~ my old frat leader awwwn, u showed that u were a sweet person when I was in your Frat and I'm really thankful for that :)
scooby0000 5 ~ I feel like we never talked to each other so I can't rate u :x
Amnesia_ 5 ~ never had the chance to get to know you but I..



38 BrunoMiguel, Apr 2, 2019

for a honest opinion.. i've been here for some weeks now and I already have some opinions about some people xox
#Delete2544, I've played with u twice and I've got mixed feelings from you tbh.. u were cool the 1st time but not as much the 2nd time around.
I found u to be really good looking, we should talk more xox
#andalarew_2231, I know that u have added me on skype but we only had a convo like once lmao
u seem like a cool person and I'd love to know u better
#DaddyDev, I feel like you are a great player for all I could see until now.. u are probably mad at me 'cause of the frooks from the other day but I never wanted to put u up! I can promise u that if u didn't ruined the 13 posts I'd never put u up so soon!
pls don't be mad at me and let's play again :)
#Matte, eu sei que tu deves odiar-me desde que o TG BR terminou mas mt sinceramente eu acho um pouco chato guardar rancor de coisas que aconteceram há imenso tempo já e para além do mais creio que eu mesmo tenha mudado bastante..
tentei conversar contigo estas últimas semanas, cheguei msm a enviar msg no skype mas nem obtive resposta haha
#jhelsdon2478, I don't remember if we ever talked but I like your avi!
Arris, I never seen u here on blogs and we never spoke so I don't really have a opinion about u..
Acceptthis, really never speaked or played with u so idk :[
Guigi, I've never had the chance to talk with u before so I don't have a lot to say besides your avi looks really cute lmao
nijoco, u are one of the first people to ever talk to me here.. u are such an amazing friend always showing support and kindness! I consider u as a friend 'cause we talk and play together! I just hope u start to see you in a better way 'cause u are truly an amazing person to meet :)
Blitszims, the first times I played with you I never thought we would become as friends as we are now lmao
I really enjoy the fact that u always have my back and u are such a sweet person! playing with you is so much fun but getting to know u better on skype is even better! thank you for being one of my most important friends <3
iiCreazyGX, I've played an amazing fasting with you and also a frooks that didn't went so well for us right? haha
u seem to be very loyal and fun, I felt safe playing with u.. you give me good vibes! we have to play again soon bud
iYBF, we only spoke once 'cause u weres asking people to add u and I did, never had an actual conversation with you before but I'd like to 'cause u seem like a nice dude!
Cheeseman2468, u are one of the people that I'd really like to be friends with.. I remember playing with u before when u were still a noob and u seem to be a very loyal person and that's something that I really care about! played with u some frooks lately and u are such a nice person! pls let's be friends lmao
milkrat69, sorry..


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