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alphabear snap group roster!

3 Delete2544, Jul 18, 2019

Holllyy1230 Garrievans97 Fetish Jenzie LovelyKiss Colter Sameed27 Eilish Macda27 EmzThorne Insanity #Delete2544  and a big brother contestant + an iconic girl who was on dr phil lmao



19 ItsAlexia, Jun 1, 2019

After competing in the shopping game, I have chosen to end my streak at 18 weeks. Note that this is a CHOICE. I am able to post for 800 T$ and buy myself out, but I think I had a very good run and all good things have to come to an end, and I have tons of T$ to return to the game in the future, when moderation is present.
I have sold nearly 600 designs. I have earned nearly 20,000 T$. My shop opened on January 25th 2019 and has made it 18 WEEKS moving on. There has been 190,000 T$ spent on my shop, and I have been in the game for over 3 months.
Having a shop was definitely a very fun experience, and I am glad I tried it out, and was as successful as I was. I proved a lot of people wrong and I got so many gifts for my friends and I. Lately it has been stressful, as I have been so busy IRL and not really having a lot of time to be on my laptop to upload designs.
I would like to thank the following people for purchasing design(s) at very high prices, which helped me move on during very hard weeks: Delete2544 Maturo Blitszims BrittBritt & Squigs sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.
Anybody who made deals with me during hard weeks: #Delete2544 Analiese
lexeyjane BBMeganNicole rulz tommyboy614 SaskiaRae G1ng4  ColinDress96
sam_hamwich Etienne sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.
Anybody who helped me design or allowed me to use exclusive designs for my shop: #Delete2544 SeongWoo Moxii iScotty Brandt69 PureEssence #M_Davis1998
And any fellow shop-owners who competed with me, it was fun. #iScotty Chic #Maturo Gagaluv Krisstea M_Davis1998 Ashleybabyx3 LittleMix Eilish
Wonderland is retired now, I will return to the game one day. Thanks for all the support and making me rich, I hope the public enjoyed the sales this week!
January 25th 2019 - May 31st 2019



46 BrunoMiguel, Apr 17, 2019

and I'll rank u from 1 to 10 :P
(btw the ratings are basead in the way I see u, ur beauty and also gameplay)
#Delete2544 8 ~ you already know that I like you a lot, I just wish we could talk a little bit more, I find u interesting :)
#David2560 6 ~ I wish we could speak more and play together more often.
#GrrrImABear 5 ~ we never had a chat so idk how I feel about u but let's change that xoxox
#hujain 5 ~ I've nothing against u as a person but based on the people who u are friends with I really don't know if I should try to know you :/
#lexeyjane 4 ~ u are such a beautiful girl, I bet u are a great person but the people that u hang around make you look bad, it seems like you're just a follower sometimes..
#bigbrotherlover7 5 ~ I've never had a convo with u so I can't rate u good or bad but text me lmao
#gabrieltrezza 9 ~ I really feel bad for things that have happened before.. I'm so glad to see how much you have grown! I've nothing else but love and respect for you :)
#Guigi 5 ~ gawl I feel like this is the 2nd time that u comment in my pyn's but I still don't have anything to say 'cause we never talked.. but ur avatar's always look flawless :)
#bblover567 9 ~ you are a really nice and loyal person, I feel like we should play together more 'cause we would be a power couple :P
#JustMe 5 ~ u were really anxious for me to update this but I actually don't know what I can say about u since we never had a talk :(
#Rosemount 6 ~ I should give u a 5 as well 'cause I never had a chance to talk with u but something about you brings me good vibes, u seem to be a nice person and I'm rooting for you in Stars!
#RedFabFoxy 9 ~ I'm really mad about the fact that after that casting we barely speak when I asked you to join so we could spend more together tbh.. still love ya tho <3
SaskiaRae 8 ~ I wish we could talk more and not only when we enter in the same games 'cause you seem to be really interesting and I'd like to know you better Brad :)
koolness234 7 ~ we never had a real convo before but I loved what u said about me in your pyn 'cause what u said really made me feel better, thank you for being kind!
Danger 8 ~ u are my ideal type of man, u are literally my BLACK PANTHER! I feel like if I knew u irl we would for sure be a couple 'cause I'd make u mine RJ :P
CalebDaBoss 6 ~ I think that I've seen u before on my blogs so I think that ur a nice person but we should probably talk more.
BarbraStreisand 6 ~ we should play together soon, I feel like we could be a good team!
DracoMalfoy 8 ~ my old frat leader awwwn, u showed that u were a sweet person when I was in your Frat and I'm really thankful for that :)
scooby0000 5 ~ I feel like we never talked to each other so I can't rate u :x
Amnesia_ 5 ~ never had the chance to get to know you but I..



38 BrunoMiguel, Apr 2, 2019

for a honest opinion.. i've been here for some weeks now and I already have some opinions about some people xox
#Delete2544, I've played with u twice and I've got mixed feelings from you tbh.. u were cool the 1st time but not as much the 2nd time around.
I found u to be really good looking, we should talk more xox
#andalarew_2231, I know that u have added me on skype but we only had a convo like once lmao
u seem like a cool person and I'd love to know u better
#DaddyDev, I feel like you are a great player for all I could see until now.. u are probably mad at me 'cause of the frooks from the other day but I never wanted to put u up! I can promise u that if u didn't ruined the 13 posts I'd never put u up so soon!
pls don't be mad at me and let's play again :)
#Matte, eu sei que tu deves odiar-me desde que o TG BR terminou mas mt sinceramente eu acho um pouco chato guardar rancor de coisas que aconteceram há imenso tempo já e para além do mais creio que eu mesmo tenha mudado bastante..
tentei conversar contigo estas últimas semanas, cheguei msm a enviar msg no skype mas nem obtive resposta haha
#jhelsdon2478, I don't remember if we ever talked but I like your avi!
Arris, I never seen u here on blogs and we never spoke so I don't really have a opinion about u..
Acceptthis, really never speaked or played with u so idk :[
Guigi, I've never had the chance to talk with u before so I don't have a lot to say besides your avi looks really cute lmao
nijoco, u are one of the first people to ever talk to me here.. u are such an amazing friend always showing support and kindness! I consider u as a friend 'cause we talk and play together! I just hope u start to see you in a better way 'cause u are truly an amazing person to meet :)
Blitszims, the first times I played with you I never thought we would become as friends as we are now lmao
I really enjoy the fact that u always have my back and u are such a sweet person! playing with you is so much fun but getting to know u better on skype is even better! thank you for being one of my most important friends <3
iiCreazyGX, I've played an amazing fasting with you and also a frooks that didn't went so well for us right? haha
u seem to be very loyal and fun, I felt safe playing with u.. you give me good vibes! we have to play again soon bud
iYBF, we only spoke once 'cause u weres asking people to add u and I did, never had an actual conversation with you before but I'd like to 'cause u seem like a nice dude!
Cheeseman2468, u are one of the people that I'd really like to be friends with.. I remember playing with u before when u were still a noob and u seem to be a very loyal person and that's something that I really care about! played with u some frooks lately and u are such a nice person! pls let's be friends lmao
milkrat69, sorry..


Pyn for opinion

47 Thumper91, Feb 24, 2019

#delete2544 youre a pretty good guy youre very nice glad that we have gotten closer lately :)
#Cheeseman2468 youre always super sweet to me and one of the sane ones on this site. you deserve the world ilysm.
#goodkaren youre such a cutie i love your cat gifs youre a very sweet girl very geniune :)
#melindamrskk callum!!! i remember talking to you a few times and weve had good talks nothing bad to ever say about you. youve always been super nice to me and i always appreciate it :)
#lexeyjane dev loves you to pieces which says something since he hates literally everyone and anyone a friend of dev is a friend of mine :)
classicaz5 ilyyy even thoughhh you keep moving me down on your friendslist sooo annoying b/c im like always loyal to you idk what ive everrrr done to you
Caleb9211 youre such a good person im glad that i have gotten to know you youre so very much so funny :)
zachbbs no matter what i will always adore you. i love you and always will regardless if were as close as we use to be or not. i know that youre there for me and vise versa i miss our old days though youre an amazing friend <3
TheACF12 i remember you from years ago and i remember you being a nice guy we should talk sometime and catch up its been sooo long
Burgerman2929292 you are so funny in games :') i remember first meeting you and you were talking about burgers and i like laughed so hard its good to have a sense of humor :)
bearface omg i didnt know you were potatosalad i remember you in the midnight crew so long ago and we talked a few times i dont have anything against you but hope life has been good for you :)
itsalexia tylerrr ily youre nice to me :P ill always have your back. youre pretty funny on calls and such but like just keep being you
justme you are like my mother youre such a sweet honorable women i hope to be like you one day youre so great :)
j2999 you are one of the nicest person ive met on this site i love when we share pms you usually make my day :)
boicam77 i adore you so much wish we were closer friends b/c you seem so great and very sane and i need more sane people in my life :D
princevans i remember our old talks and we always get along regardless if we talk every day or once every year whenever we talk its as if we never stopped <3 youre an iconic king
daddydev you know i fucking love you!!!! you are my best friend on this site and one of the only ones i trust with my life on here. i love our talks and i know that you are very loyal to me and have my back 100% i am so glad we got to meet and become close i couldnt have a better best friend <3
2388 marwannn you are such a cutie in chats youre like the son i wish mine will one day be. i appreciate your blogs about me that you have made youre so sweet :)



34 andalarew_2231, Jan 10, 2019

Its been a long time since i have done one.
#Delete2544 - I Like you, its been a while since we have crossed paths, but i only think we had pleasant encounters.
#Imon - I Dont know too much about you, but i like seeing a new designer so That makes me like you :)
malachite05 - I Remember seeing you around alot back in the day. i dont think we have ever talked.
ItsAlexia - I am glad we have reconnected recently. Your a sweet guy and i think people think its fun to hate on you.
underwzc - I remember you from back in the day, we had great times but never really talked. Just always worked together in games so i like you :) 
thirteen - Weird, Wild, Wacky Thirteen, You are a great guy :) I love how much u love horror and things like that.
mbarnish1 - Only recently just met you, but you seem cool.
dash - We've never really talked besides here and there, but i dont Think i have ever Disliked you.
lexeyjane - What a Sweet Heart, we havent really talked before but i just feel like your someone that is very kind.
Arris - Never really talked to you, but i have seen u around, Like Dash i haven't ever had any issues with you and hope to meet u soon.
@Streamxx - I dont know you, and havent seen you around much. So can't give a true opinion.
chillum - Not too sure who you are. :( I know you your an older user, but i dont know :(  Thanks for joining my chairty even if it was by accident.
RightToCensor - LMAO i hope you have matured since the last ive spoken to you.
lemonface - Becca < 3 Ugh i love you. You are a sweet heart with a Funny bone of steel. You were always one of my favorite people to just see around, we never really talked before but i cant help but love you.
macken - UGH king, I love you, you know that, You are sweet and funny, I wish I was able to convince people to move to discord so i can talk on calls.
Thumper91 - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xD, I love you Lauren, You are one of the few people on the site that stay out of the drama and are always willing to lend a helping hand.
Cheeseman2468 - I dont know you :( Hope to meet you soon.
mikec51 - one of the most iconic people on this site, i will never forget the cum and puke blog, And Stacy plant. I dont think we've ever really talked tho.
maxi1234 - We used to not like eachother, And now i think we just co-exist. I have nothing against you, But im not sure how u feel about me. It was weird to see what you looked like the other day @_@
Bengalboy - Bnglby is my fave way to sign blogs too :O You just kill it on here, you literally dont have to do anything, but just blog hi, and it will be a top blog because your so well liked. You are one of the people that if a..


Bored, so pyn

49 Brookie0126, Jan 14, 2018

for an opinion. If I don't know you (which is most of you) I'll try to find something from your profile.
I'll try to keep up with :p
Edit: Anymore updates will happen this evening after work. Have a great day, Tengaged!
#Delete2544 I remember you from back in the day before I took my hiatus. We never got to know each other well, but you were such a sweetheart :) I hope you've been well!< 3
#scooby0000 I don't know you, but I snooped on your profile a bit, and you started the site the week that I had my son xD You seem super cool from your blogs that I have seen! Also, I agree that bullying is wrong. Everyone please, stand together and put an end to bullying! xx
#Wade03 I barely know you, but I really like you! =] You called me an icon on a random blog of mine the other day, so you have extra brownie points in my book! Feel free to message me anytime!
#Question I don't know you, but you said your name was Seth, so hey Seth nice to meet ya! :) Ps, I fucking love your avatar! < 3 Is that Jessica's eviction dress? I'm so jealous :( Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat!
#Brxan I don't know you super well, but I have a big opinion of you so far! lol, I have seen a lot of people talking shit about you since I've came back, but I usually don't listen to haters. Fuck em lol, but you have been such a doll to me! So kind with your comments and I just adore you lol! Feel free to message me anytime! xo
#Sloth_Roman I haven't had any encounters with you on the site yet, but I have to say, yes I was thinking that you are better than mein every way. Like your avatar is beautiful and I'm just so jelly. :p
#CalebDaBoss heyyyy, I don't know you, but I snooped a little and a) your avatar is hella great, definite 10/10 and b) I got advice for you mr 14 year old, please don't let this site steal away your childhood. I was 15 when I joined and I spent too much time on here and not enough time living my teenage years.
#Arris AREKKKKK!! We were so close during my pregnancy and unfortunately during my hiatus we grew apart =[ I still fucking adore you, and I hope to get to catch up sometime! < 3
#jojo7784 My little Joey < 3 I remember being in Toxic with you and just bonding. You're sassy, you're lovely and you're just a bundled of love. Your avatar is gorgeous and I hope to get to really catch up sometime xoxo
#Cornelia JAKEYYYY! You are hands down one of my all time favorite people from this site. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know whenever I need someone to chat with I can message you and discuss anything under the sun. Your guy best know how lucky he is to have you because I may become a man just to steal you away xD < 3
#dwipeouts We were in a casting the other day. I'm pretty sure you're the one who kept negging me because you randomly negged and commented on my top blog the other day? lol, like sorry if it offended you in any way, but you negging my blog isn't going to change anything? Feel free..



4 Delete2544, Sep 4, 2017

#Delete2544 Jenzie Icing BrandonPinzu are all online so feel free to claim this exclusive opportunity!!!!!!!


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