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Hello, my name is Lick It Good

I <3 tengaged :))) █ ♥ █ Canadian

<3 Parv, Kylie, Carrie, Lexi, Jojo, Elvi and Krissy :)))


ParvatiS - ♡ GUIGI ♡ ILY and no matter what happens on here you will always have that #1 spot on my friend list!!!!!!!

ILY EVEN MORE Parvatis ❣❣❣ No one is taking that #1 spot away from you ! :') ღ ❤ ❧


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#Guigi ~ GuigiBitch ;) OKAY WHERE DO I EVEN START????? First impression: during my noobie days in around the end of 2013, joins survivor group game and checks to see whos on my tribe. Hey! This GUIGI looks JUST LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! We both have the same mint green dress, blonde pigtail braids, same mouth, and eyes? Mine are blue and hers are green ... OH WELL! Should I go talk to her? hmmm ..... okay! and maybe we can be in the same alliance? :D okay I sent her a message saying hi and asking to work together! yay! she replied! yay! and plus we look alike! about a month or two later .... WE MADE IT TO F3 TOGETHER YAYAYAYAYAY lets see who wins .... ooohhh I just won survivor next to Guigi :) hehe! then we grow up together and then start blogging about each other and then play frooks together and laugh and tease LITTLEBROTHER123 together AND TREND EACH OTHER and now look how famous #Guivati is :) Like I have no words to describe how close we have been since the moment we actually met was with that group game. I can't image tengaged without you honestly and the moment you left and went to Cuba and was gone for more than a week I SWEAR I WAS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then you came back and I'M LIKE OMG WHERE HAVE U BEEN you have made my life 9999999999 times better like I can't even explain ugh I luv u sooo much and I ALSO LOVE STARBUCKS HEHE and I LUV BLOGGING WITH YOU and PLAYING FROOKIES WITH YOU and GIFTING EACH OTHER lol how long is this opinion gonna be? I swear if we didn't meet my tengaged experience would've been a whole lot different and I probably would've quit the site early on. But I stayed here because I didn't wanna leave such amazing people behind SUCH AS YOU!!!!!!!! I luv it when we gift each other (prepare for your next gift soon lol) especially when we were in that casting and we gifted each other the same Disney background cuz we saw it in the shops with 2 stocks left? haha there were so many other amazing moments I can't list them all! OH AND BTW you should teach me some French I'd love to learn French and even better with YOU!!!!!!! youre like the most amazing person on this site and I wanna thank you for everything and I can still see us together on tengaged as TV LEVELS 10 years later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, dude when you left for 7 days I thought you weren't coming back :( I was like noooooooo so I'm never gonna talk to Guigi again? And Guigi won't even be at my 200th charity? Or when I buy tv level Guigi won't be here :( Or when I become ranked. Or when I end up in the HoF Guigi will never be there :( BUT YOU CAME BACK YAAAAAAAAAY and the time when I barely came on omg I honestly wished I came on more often like I promise to never ever leave you ever :( this is getting so long aha I need to do other opinions too! but yeah I luv u too much #Guivati is the most adorable thing ever :) I can't wait to get more karma so we can both be gold level together lol and then we will get up to tv star together! Funny how we meet as noobs and grow up together lololol and we will become old together :) like honestly you're like my other half and idk what I would do on tg without you! nothing can EVER replace you EVER you are just soooo amazing and funny and just LIFE!!!! What else do I have to say about you? oh yeah and our tengaged bdays are both in July LOL I just luv blogging with you and just the best person to ever be created! I don't ever wanna leave you as I said I can't imagine Tengaged without you and if we never met idk where I would even be at this point. but yeah you're just PLAIN AWESOME and thx for everyone and in fact one of the best friends EVER in real life and from the internet lol (like seriously) idk if I been closer to anyone! ily toooooooooooooooooooo much lolol you're my little #FrenchHoe ;) this is super long lololol but yeah ILY WAAAAAAAAAAY TOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH and remember: #GUIVATI is LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started playing the 22 Jul 2013 :)))
Yellow : 1 Aug 2013
Orange : 9 Aug 2013
Light Green : 21 Aug 2013
Dark Green : 9 Sep 2013
Blue : 25 Sep 2013
Purple : 30 Sep 2013
Red : 2 Dec 2013
Brown : 11 Feb 2014
Black : 12 Feb 2014
Silver : 9 Nov 2014
Gold : 24 Dec 2014
Sky : 13 May 2015 On Sky Day :3
Blood : 20 Aug 2015

Ranked : 24 Dec 2014

Tengaged BDay : 22 July 2013

Most Mentionned : 19 March 2015

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People That Owe Me Gifts:
PurpleCows x2
SomebodyAwesome x1

@Guigi ~ Honestly you're one of the bitchiest people I've ever met. Nobody on this site actually likes you because you're a bitch!


***[ WINNER ]***
•Great Big Adventure (59% Of The Vote)
•Spatt’s Survivor All-Stars
Congratulations to Guigi, the winner of Survivor: All-Stars!
•Blat’s 74th Annual Hunger Games (As Phoebe)
•Blat’s 75th Annual Hunger Games And Third Quarter Quell (As Phoebe) (Survivor)
•Sim's Survivor India : 4/7 Votes To Win
•MariahAnn’s R.A.G.E Head Of Household: 50,6% Of The Votes and 4 Jury Member’s Votes
•MariahAnn’s R.A.G.E Music Mayhem : 50,0% Of The Votes
•WannaBeeFriends’ Fast Star Season 6 *Clique War* 50,0% Of The Votes (AGAIN LOL)
•Tadd’s 1st Annual Hunger Games (1 Kill) (As Marina)
•Stun’s 24th Annual Hunger Games (3 Kills) (As Sydney)
•MariahAnn’s R.A.G.E Blood Vs. Water
•BigBen’s Survivor Palau
Sole Survivor: Sydney D./Guigi [#Koror/#Peleliu] (Received 4 votes to win)
•M&N's Survivor Hong Kong
*Congratulations to Sydney D. (Guigi) on winning Survivor: Hong Kong!

***[ RUNNER-UP ]***
•Queen Bitch Kendra’s Quick Survivor Game
•DDjot Quick Survivor (Player of The Season)
•BHD’s Survivor China (Where I Met The Amazing ParvatiS)
•Stun’s 29th Annual Hunger Games (6 Kills) (Totally Robbed) (As Fany)

[ 3rd ] ~ Fast Star 4 (18%)
[ 4th ] ~ Bingo’s Survivor Dominica Loved Ones
[ 4th ] ~ BigBen's Survivor Blood Vs. Water (Totally Robbed) (Villain Of The Season)
[ 4th ] ~ Stun's 33rd Annual Hunger Games (4 Kills) (Robbed AGAIN) (As Melina)
[ 4th ]- Melina, D7F ( Guigi) Cleaved in the vagina.
[ 4th ] ~ NJ's Survivor: Sri Lanka (Player Of The Season)
[ 5th ]- Suitman's Survivor Unfinished Business (Robbed By Myself, Idoled Myself Out)
[ 6th ] ~ Total Drama World Tour (As Lindsay)
[ 6th ] ~ Gaiaphagee’s Survivor Sumbawa
[ 7th ] ~ LoganWorm’s Survivor Costa Rica (Won First 3 Individual Immunity Challenges)
[ 9th ] ~ Leli’s Survivor Unfinished Business Kyushu
[ 10th ] ~ NJ's Survivor Jordan
[ 10th ] ~ Platinium Big Brother
[ 13th ] ~ Survivor : Bingo’s Battalion Vs. Suitman’s Soldiers
[ 14th ] ~ BENLINUS' Survivor - Melanesia - FvF

Me being a dumbass :

Glitch :

~~~~~ The Hunger Games ~~~~~
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7th -
14th -
11th -
10th -

craycrayaye was shot dead by Guigi
Halloween was shot dead by Guigi
Tadd was killed in a fight with Guigi
spartagow was shot dead by Guigi
iamremedy was killed in a fight with Guigi
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