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Hello and welcome to Kolby's (ThePug's) Survivor series' Viewers Lounge!

For the past 2.5 years Kolby's Survivor has hosted over 160+ players, 13 seasons, and branching 45 tribes throughout the series. However there's never been tribes quite like these, where what you did and who you are, is how you're divided.

Power is the school which governs all of Survivor. Associated with power is control - Over the past thirteen seasons, there have been many which have held a strong grip on the game. These are the Rulers. Along with every king comes a commoner. And along with every commoner comes the ideals and courage to stand up and fight the established power. These are the Revolutionaries.

Located in the northern corner of South America lays The Orinoco River, reaching 1,330 miles, known for a variety of wildlife, from the crocodiles that rule the waters and currents to the jaguars that stealthily hunt alongside the rivers edge. There is always conflict, and everyday here is a battle of survival. Do you have what it takes to once again overthrow your oppressor or keep a hold on the game with an iron grasp?

So, the question, then, is this:

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

This is a tale of monarchs. This is a tale of rebels. This is a tale of courage and control.

This is Kolby's Survivor: Rulers vs. Revolutionaries. 39 days, 16 people, 1 Survivor!

Sole Survivors:
• Matt (survivornerd) [Japan]
• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Bennett (Coolnarwhal88) [Belize]
• Renny (Renny10) [Kuwait]
• Brad (Nostalgic) [Estonia]
• Demi (Demikol) [Greece - All Stars]
• Fred (ferdinandz) [Haiti]
• Mike "Iz" [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Dono (donosaurus_rex) [Thailand]
• Will (hellomynameis347) [The Congo]
• John (Jxhn) [Norway]
• Newz (OldNewz) [Malaysia]

Player of the Season:
• Luis  (_Adidias_) [Japan]
• Matt (Mattarous) [Kenya]
• Josh  (JoshBB17) [Belize]
• Jay (JMez2612) [Kuwait]
• Zach (Swadles) [Estonia]
• Jay (Jmez2612) [Greece - All Stars]
• Akshay (galore) [Haiti]
• Brady (CoachWade) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Ryan (Born2Pizza) [Thailand]
• Demi (demikol) [The Congo]
• Nick (BluJay112) [Norway]
• Cai (abeledaa) [Malaysia]

Hero of the Season:
• Demi  (Demikol) [Japan]
• Aiden (Gamerden13) [Kenya]
• Corinne  (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Devin (DevinB1) [Kuwait]
• Zach (Swadles) [Estonia]
• Aiden (Gamerden13) [Greece - All Stars]
• Max (Novamax243) [Haiti]
• Pika (Pikaplayer) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Dono (donosaurus_rex) [Thailand]
• Demi (demikol) [The Congo]
• Kasey (KaseyHope101) [Norway]
• Garrett (Garrett5) [Malaysia]

Villain of the Season:
• Matt (Survivornerd) [Japan]
• Eve (Falconbait26) [Kenya]
• Josh (JoshBB17) [Belize]
• Renny (Renny10) [Kuwait]
• Zac (Vegasboy94) [Estonia]
• Demi (Demikol) [Greece - All Stars]
• Fred (ferdinandz) [Haiti]
• Robby (RobbyJak) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Andrew (DallasAndrew) [Thailand]
• Josh (JoshBB17) [The Congo]
• Noah (noah_kondon) [Norway]
• Jacob (kekgeek) [Malaysia]
• JP (TwentyOnePilots) [Australia]
• JP (TwentyOnePilots) [Venezuela]

Most Entertaining Player of The Season:
• Joshua (Lionnudes) [Japan]
• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Hufus (Hufus) [Kuwait]
• Will (WANJ) [Estonia]
• Jay (Jmez2612) [Greece - All Stars]
• Dan (dwipeouts) [Haiti]
• Luke (IceBear) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Brian (FireX) [Thailand]
• Robby (RobbyJak) [The Congo]
• Kasey (KaseyHope101) [Norway]
• Dana (TotsTrashy) [Malaysia]

Best Episode:
• 'I Don't Know Whether To Shit Or Go Blind' [Japan]
• 'Raccoon In The Pantry' [Kenya]
• 'Enjoy Ponderosa' [Belize]
• 'Like A Tiger I Will Pounce' [Kuwait]
• 'Pitstop At Ponderosa' [Estonia]
• 'Mother of Exiles' [Greece - All Stars]
• 'The Mouse Just Got Trapped' [Haiti]
• 'Dead-Man Walking' [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• 'Weasel Among Mice' [Thailand]
• 'Casual Day Dealing With Idiots' [The Congo]
• 'I Survived' [Norway]
• 'Worthy of the Title' [Malaysia]

Untapped Potential:
• Drew (Bulldozer24) [Japan]
• Clair (Haycsclair) [Kenya]
• Bubba (Duffybutt11) [Belize]
• Alan (AlanB1) [Kuwait]
• Deeanna (deeannamorgan) [Estonia]
• Luis (_Adidas_) [Greece - All Stars]
• Tico (ticofernandez) [Haiti]
• Marto (Cole225) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Azri (subfriend) [Thailand]
• Sam (SammySosaTV) [The Congo]
• Sergio (Sihz) [Norway]
• Riley (rahrah) [Malaysia]

• Demi (Demikol) [Kenya]
• Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460) [Belize]
• Hufus (Hufus) & Jay (JMez2612) [Kuwait]
• Brad (Nostalgic) & Deeanna (deeannamorgan) [Estonia]
• Joshua (Lionnudes) [Greece - All Stars]
• Dan (dwipeouts) & Chandler (Chandlerp1996)
• Luke (IceBear) & Robby (RobbyJak) [Mexico - Fans vs Failures]
• Erik (YoundAndReckless) [Thailand]
• Dono (donosaurus_rex) [The Congo]
• Kasey (KaseyHope101) [Norway]
• Cai (abeledaa) [Malaysia]

Kolby's Season Rankings:
1) Belize
2) Kuwait
3) Mexico - Fans vs Failures
4) Thailand
5) Australia - The Great Barrier Reef
6) Kolby vs Bennett - The Congo
7) Kenya
8) Greece - All Stars
9) Estonia
10) Haiti
11) Malaysia
12) Norway
13) Japan
14) Rulers vs Revolutionaries

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Wikia --> http://bit.ly/1XvagQC

~ Leaking Viewers Lounge inside information will entitle a ban from the VL and all future Seasons of Kolby's Survivor.

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[VL] Kolby's Survivor - Venezuela

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