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BBCAN6 Spoons Round 11 (NOTE)

14 Birks4444, Mar 12, 2018

ATTENTION: This round is VERY different. Since we are now down to the Final 6, a houseguest must receive THREE votes to save from THREE different people. For example, once there are 3 comments with the name of the same person, that person will be saved.
Also: YOU MUST SAVE TWO HOUSEGUESTS!!!! Vote to SAVE TWO people. Message me if you are confused, or need confirmation. Basically, you vote to save two people and once a houseguest receives three votes to save, they are saved.
This is how it works: Each round, there will be a specific number of BBCAN6 house guests (6 this round) (Number decreases by 1 each round) . You must save your TWO  favorite houseguests by typing and pasting they're names in the comments section below. The last houseguest to be saved three times will be eliminated.
16th Place: Johnny
15th Place: William
14th Place: Kaela
13th Place: Merron
12th Place: Andrew
11th Place: Alejandra
10th Place: Maddy
9th Place: Rozina
8th Place: Hamza
7th Place: Jesse
Round 11:
Olivia (ll)
Ryan (l)
Veronica (l)
1st Saved: Paras by #Brayden_, #Silver09 and #Loopspeare
2nd Saved: Erica by #Brayden_, #Loopspeare and #TaraG
3rd Saved: Derek by #TaraG, #wuau and #KateN7766
4th Right Now: Veronica by #wuau, #Jameslu and #Latisha0987
5th Right Now: Ryan by #Silver09, #KateN7766 and #Latisha0987
Jameslu spinfur MJFJUNE s73100 wwemrpeeps TaraG Silver09 adeleadele  NicoleF Emotion melindaMrskk BritishRomeo17 allyxox rawr121 Ashlynarehart loopspeare Mickiejames22 mrcool thepug FelipeS Harry1210 Latisha0987 iiGalaxyii KateN7766 Dmpwb45 HaydenNicole Jameslu iichaoskimmy Paul028 sk9ergal
PYN to be tagged also.


Icebeast 馃挄

41 Oliviaxoxo, Jan 19, 2018


PYN for

56 Kaseyhope101, Aug 7, 2017

What I thought about you in my first impression of you compared to now
Directly plagiarizing #Brayden_ cuz I really liked his idea
#vansreborn - Well I used to think you were a troll and trolls are never fun, and now I still think you troll a lot, but it's typically entertaining at least?
#darbe - I actually used to really really really really really really like you cuz I thought that your opinions are good and you seemed really nice... I still like you and to my observations you honestly seem like one of the nicer people on this site, but we just have never really talked like at all, so I could be completely wrong about you
#thebestlerhoh - honestly my first impression on you is still basically being decided cuz idk you at all personally but your comments on blogs and behavior on this site is just completely totally iconic and you seem pretty hysterical, so.. you keep doing you, girl, you do you.
#brayden_ - I mean my initial first impression of you was relatively positive but then I started despising you and thought you were the worst human being on the face of this God's Green Earth... now you're one of my favorite people on this website, so all I can say is it's all in God's plan. You're special, you got 2 God references.
#NotAfraid - so I used to always see you on blogs for like as long as I can remember, like I feel like you've been on tengaged a while and if you haven't maybe I'm just like going cray, but I never really like paid much attention to you, sorry if that sounds mean, but when your intro video came out for TBB2 I was shook like I really was missing out on a really cool person, I was SHOOK, so now you're an icon... thank goodness i woke up and realized that you've been a true queen all this time!
#foxox - I mean tonight was the first night I really knew you were a person but you really spilled tea on my Olenna blog, so... you go, Glenn CoCo
#HelenCoops - my first impression has been fairly mixed, but overall you seem enjoyable!
#thumper91 - I mean when you were on Tvivor I didn't think much of you, like you were never my favorite never my least favorite, but outside of that all your blogs seem super sweet and you seem like SUCH a nice person, like we've never talked, so I don't know if that's like true or not, but you seem it at least.
#iigalaxyii - i mean my first impression was you're a disgusting fucking snake ass rat ass fucking bitch... but then you became seriously iconic and like really one of my faves on this site, idrk what changed, I guess your personality isn't the same thing as your snakey gameplay in groups, I guess!
#garrett_auckland - honestly we were in a few group games together around the time area we met I don't exactly remember which one was first, but I know in none of them we talked TOO much so it was sorta like a meh first impression - I guess since then we've had a few arguments, but overall you're an alright person and fairly enjoyable presence usually. Yeah, you're..


Pyn for an opinion!

54 AlaskanFiredragon, Jun 29, 2017

Ive never done one of these b4 and I just posted porn so ya know there will be know holding back lol
#Brayden_ I see you on the blogs page a bit but I stopped looking at your blogs when you said something about Kristen stewart being extremely hot
#scooby0000 idk you seem really young though
#Marwane All I know about is when I was in stars with #christossss you said you were gonna like kill urself or something if he didn't win lol
#wakiza I feel really bad that both times I played stars with u I wasn't that loyal you seem cool id smoke you out irl to make up for it
#fighterman ive never talked to you b4 but you seem like a homie
#thirteen I hope to god you are a troll for the sake of society
#galaxies you are pretty funny and seem like a cool dude
#blahblahblahblah I love listening to your stories. Best wishes for you and your family in the future!
#brandt69 Notnickys vlog about you is hilarious. you seem like a cool dude
#anoreoz897 my old school ally what's up!!
#mexus you prolly think I'm a gay piece of crap but I think ur a cool dude
#dakotacoons I love my snap chat homie Dakota
#totaldramalover1234 you are a nice guy and I feel like we'd be fri nds. Chicks are going to be all over you when you get to college
#lafiercebrittany2 I don't know you But if you have a vagina  feel free to add my snap!
#robozoe you are one of the few and I mean super few tengagers that I find funny
#Goodkaren stop being nice to every one on tengaged. These homosexual satan worshippers don't deserve your love
#bengalboy your ground game may be better but my cross fit training coupled with my strong kick boxing experience leaves you at no match for me
#nick33 i remember nomming u for 4th in stars just so some joke in my finals vlog would make sense. Anyway.. you are a pretty cool and good lucking dude my pomegranate pussy slaying homie
#ak73 you seem like a genuine and very likable guy. id be down to let you play my comps lol. Oh yeah I forgot to mention you helped me learn how to get better at comps when i was a noob and that was super cool. I don't think i would have ever won the hunger games as a silver level without your help
arris i think i might have been snapchat friends with u at one point and u posted some selfies and then i didn't reply back cuz I'm shy and not gay but you seem like a nice guy and other than possibly that i have no idea what to say
emmett4 I wish you got further in trinity. I definitely could have used your help in that game. I know you smoke but I'm interested to see if you could match me in bowls lol
koolness234 one of the few people on here that I'm like 99% sure wed be friends irl. Also I watched almost all of your vlogs you are super entertaining!
youndandreckless you are a cool dude but I feel like I personally don't know much about you :(
notafraid You emanate positivity, energy, and hotness on this site! I have to be honest I was a..


PYN for an honest opinion

56 Temeky, Jan 12, 2016

Also I removed some people from my filter list that I think were deemed worthy of a second chance or that I can't remember what they did lmao
And I'm sorry if I don't remember you or something but my memory is so awful x.x
#Brayden_: I only see you blogging about LIGHTS LOL but i think we know eachother or talked in the past?? my memory is failing me
#magge555550101: YOU SHOULD BE AN INSPIRATION FOR ALL TENGAGERS TO ASPIRE TO BECOME i mean holy shit you are so nice and so kind to everyone!? but we need to talk more cause its been too long
#Thirteen: You are such a hilarious dude. I really value our friendship, people hate you because they think you're weird or whatever but I'm weird too so we go together like peanut butter and jelly basically lmao, but we still need to talk more
#vansreborn: I dont know if you're Vans or not but if you are, you're a fucking legend and I love how you keep coming back and trying to get an explanation to why #Vans was banned, cause honestly I'm curious too
Tengaged wouldnt be the same without you
#KyleDile: Have we met or talked before or have I just seen you around? I don't really have an opinion of you..
#Danny12: Okay I'm pretty sure we've talked before but I'm still not sure, so I don't have an opinion of you either..
#Kaylabby: We used to talk in the past right? Like 2 years ago or so? I'm pretty sure I liked you back then but we've drifted apart since then :/
#yoshicoolman: Last time we talked I think was back in November lol AND YOU PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!! WHY HAVENT WE PLAYED TOGETHER (oh wait right im on euw and my account on na is really shitty and high ping but i should come on more) WE NEED TO TALK MORE
#Tetsuya: It's been a long time since we talked or played a game, but I do remember you, still, despite my awful memory! You're a funny guy ^_^
#captainzacsparrow: Good job on losing that 1陆 stone! I don't really know you though but good job nonetheless!
#christossss: WHAT HAPPENED? We never talk anymore! I feel like we both just forgot about eachother :(
#Dogon: Never heard of you...
#Owen3939: Can't say I've heard of you either.
#con66: Pretty sure I've seen you comment on some of my blogs every now and then, but other than that I don't really know you o:
#PureEssence: I don't think we've ever had a conversation, but I do know that I've seen you around.
#Arris: Same goes for you, I don't think we've ever had a conversation, but I've seen you around.
#Paul41: Your avatar is creepy LOL. I'm pretty sure I've seen your name somewhere?? No real opinion tho
#Matt64: I think you're annoying because you kept inviting me into massive Skype groupchats for no apparent reason and just leaving after thaT? Like why?
#neathery: Seen you every now and then, but no real opinion of you.
#Lissylion15: Also seen you around, but no real opinion here either..
#Johneh: If you asked me a few months ago, I would've said I liked you alot, but I've lost nearly..



35 neathery, Dec 25, 2015

And I'll guess what your favorite Christmas present was
benp428 makeup
goodkaren yogurt
jetsrock12 used jacket
kaylabby cold soup
jessijuliet pocket pussy
mrorange890 bag of ass
koolcoop hot wheels
nerdbird44 $.30 dollar store gift card
guigi half a cracker
alyssab crack pipe
kingofclubs808 baby wipes
bearcat $1
hawaiianbruh spam
blueagle 2 pack of crayons
bb123 blow up doll
swell used condom
vergi1 dog turd
joaquint561 dead rat
koolness234 half a note card
theblackdog the white dog
chibideidara getting nommed in stars
seapoose 10 oz mustard
joey65409 vibrator
memphis_grizzlies Legos
Typhlosion37 toilet seat
gezyg33 $.50 off a bus ticket
bearcat dull knife
amandabynes Diet Coke
arris rotten fish
jguill bent penny
#brayden_ Kristen Stewart pics
#paul41 watermelon seeds


BrantSteele Results!

9 AlyssaAF, Oct 10, 2015

Placements: 16th: Ian Terry - garygbs2nd
15th: Julia Nolan - GentlemanG
14th: Aaryn Gries - tannerandkaleb
13th: Hayden Moss - Girllover101
12th: Nathan Marlow - josiahsurvivor
11th: Hayden Voss - kimmal8
10th: James Rhine - Rennac
9th: M潭a潭t潭t潭 潭H潭o潭f潭f潭m潭a潭n潭 (returned), Jackie Ibarra - Dsradine
8th: Dan Gheesling - DumbGinger
7th: Matt Hoffman - mrcool
6th: Audrey Middleton - RyanAndrews
5th: Michael Donnellan - #Brayden_
4th: Victoria Rafaeli - MrOrange890
3rd: Laura Crosby - Sosyomomma
2nd: Will Kirby - Colin1357
1st: Da'Vonne Rogers - HaydenNicole
Week 1:
HoH's : Ian Terry, and Da'Vonne Rogers
Noms: Da'Vonne nominates Dan Gheesling and Matt Hoffman.
Ian nominates Aaryn Gries, and Hayden Moss
BOB: Aaryn and Hayden have won the battle of the block and dethroned Ian. Da'vonne will remain HoH.
POV: Da'Vonne, Dan, Matt, James, Jackie and Victoria will compete for the POV.
POV: Matt Hoffman Wins the POV! Matt uses the power of veto on himself, and Da'vonne names Ian Terry the replacement nom.
America's player: Dr Will is voted the first member of Team America.
Final Nominees are Dan Gheesling and Ian Terry.
Ian Terry is evicted by a vote of 12-1
Week 2
HoH's: Matt Hoffman and Hayden Voss
Noms: Hayden has nominated James Rhine, and Dan Gheesling. Matt Nominates Aaryn Gries and Audrey Middleton
BOB: James and Dan win the BOB and Dethrone Hayden, Matt will remain HoH
POV: Matt, Aaryn, Audrey, Hayden Voss,  Da'vonne and Laura will compete for the POV
POV: Aaryn Gries wins the POV and uses it on herself. Matt names Julia Nolan the replacement nom.
America's favorite player: Audrey Middleton  and Hayden Moss are voted the final members of Team America
Julia Nolan is evicted by a vote of 9-3
Week 3
HoH's: Hayden Moss, and Nathan Marlow
Noms: Nathan has nominated James Rhine and Dan Gheesling, Hayden has nominated Matt Hoffman and Aaryn Gries
BOB: James and Dan win the BOB and dethrone Nathan, Hayden will remain HoH
POV: Hayden, Matt, Aaryn, Da'vonne, Nathan, and Audrey will compete for the POV
POV: Matt has won the POV and uses it on himself. Hayden names Da'vonne Rogers the replacement nom.
Final nominees are Aaryn Gries and Da'vonne Rogers
Aaryn Gries is evicted by a vote of 10-1
Week 4
HoH's: Hayden Voss, and Michael Donnelson
Noms: Michael has nominated Dan Gheesling and Hayden Moss, Hayden has nominated Da'vonne Rogers and Matt Hoffman
BOB: Da'vonne and Matt have won the BOB and dethroned Hayden, Michael will remain HoH.
POV: Michael, Dan, Hayden, Audrey, Hayden Voss, and Will Kirby will compete for the POV
POV: Audrey has won the POV and has decided not to use it!
Final Nominees are Hayden Moss and Dan Gheesling
Hayden is evicted by a vote of..


BrantSteele Big Brother

16 AlyssaAF, Oct 10, 2015

i'm so bored pick a big brother player & i'll gift the winner sometime when i can :P
Audrey Middleton  - RyanAndrews
Dan Gheesling - DumbGinger
Will Kirby - Colin1357
Aaryn Gries - tannerandkaleb
Nathan Marlow - josiahsurvivor
Da'vonne Rogers - HaydenNicole
Julia Nolan - GentlemanG
Victoria Rafaeli - MrOrange890
Hayden Moss - Girllover101
Matt Hoffman - mrcool
Ian Terry - garygbs2nd
Laura Crosby - Sosyomomma
Hayden Voss - kimmal8
James Rhine - Rennac
Michael Donnel - #Brayden_
Jackie Ibarra - Dsradine


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