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Anyone wanna date this hottie?

21 Blackwave, Jul 6, 2016

(pic) He can give you a good time while he talks about tengaged challenges no one cares about! He's also a frookies beast! aes222aes
Tagging people who might be interested:
Not everyone at once pls!



1 JourdanBabyXoXo, Jul 4, 2016

I used to like u, but ur absolutely disgusting #CutieAmy
U dont deserve a trend


Save for 9th

31 owlb0ned, Jun 8, 2016

Posting for #cutieamy
Lazeric & JacksonWalsh are nominated.
First person to get 16 trends survives eviction.
Houseguests/white levels are not allowed to vote.


Save for 11th/10th

34 owlb0ned, Jun 7, 2016

I was asked to blog this by #cutieamy
Bomberv, Lasvegas & Petro are nominated.
First person to get 16 trends survives double eviction.
Houseguests/white levels are not allowed to vote.



57 Juliann, May 1, 2016

For a combined rating out of 10 from me and Mo ( m7md26)
Copied from like, other people.
If you get a 5, don't worry! We just don't know you ;)
#CutieAmy 8.5/10 = 9.25
#TheBlackDog 10/8.5 = 9.25
cswaggerr 10/8.5 = 9.25
#Vanili 8/10 = 9
acyuta 8/10 = 9
#Minie 8.5/9.5 = 9
#Ashleybabyx3 8/10 = 9
FighterMan 8/10 = 9
joshie1 7.5/10 = 8.75
#Icarus_Mark 9/8 = 8.5
Vlad21 9/8 = 8.5
alanb1 7/10 = 8.5
#magge555550101 9/7.5 = 8.25
Willie_ 8.5/8 = 8.25
Arris 7.5/9 = 8.25
#Lamia 7/9 = 8
Arcaninemaster 7.5/8.5 = 8
GoodAllan 7.5/8.5 = 8
ak73 10/6 = 8
WannaBeeFriends 8/8 = 8
#TotalDramaLover1234 9.5/6 = 7.75
#Steven999 6/9 = 7.5
Forest_Knight 7.5/7.5 = 7.5
hints 8/7 = 7.5
Striky 8/7 = 7.5
#FrozenShadow09 5/9 = 7
C00LDUDE1000 8/6 = 7
Maxi1234 7/7 = 7
#Pieguy555 7.5/5 = 6.75
#Darbe 5/8.5 = 6.75
Ethan000 6/7.5 = 6.75
MightyGoober 8.5/5 = 6.75
#MrPokeguy9 7.5/5.5 = 6.5
TayBear17 7/6 = 6.5
WpwSers196 5/7.5 = 6.25
Lotus 7/5.5 = 6.25
levonini 6/6 = 6
XxLoveWakizaxX 8/4 = 6
s73100 6/6 = 6
#ghrocky100 5/6 = 5.5
#Michaelf1114 5/5.5 = 5.25
rawr25 4/7.5 = 5.25
#Judi 5/5 = 5
Mario23 5/5 = 5
melindaMrskk 5/5 = 5
scooby0000 5/5 = 5
#deshonBANNEDISBACK = 5/3 = 4



1 FlamingJojo, Dec 21, 2015

So Bomberv use to say, that me and CutieAmy would speak japanese... but we both live in French places.
#CutieAmy is from France and I am from Quebec
Now #Bomberv is saying, that #CutieAmy sounds like Hitler.
Can someone help me, to understand this? XD


is stars like epicmafia?

0 Daniel123456, Nov 24, 2015

Like day 1:
cutieamy : I'm really nice so im cleared, let me lead
dak236 : NOPE. I CC
hash : cc?
dak236 :FOS ON dorkishbarbi
#cutieamy : nope, I got a hate alert on snoofle
jacco: guess we will lynch between them
orlando652 : Let tengaged hammer!!!!
#cutieamy : jm101 is lurking. SCUM ALERT.
Night 1:
#dorkishbarbi the villager has been lynched.


Realization/Taking a Break... Maybe?

23 brosky17, Oct 23, 2015

Hey y'all (mostly directed at my acquaintances :P)
So, I got booted out of stars after dealing with an unpleasant personality and figured I wasn't going to waste my time logging in to deal with people when I was busy with meeting with undergrads.
Stars made me realize a few things:
1) This site is taken so seriously at times it's disgusting. I mean, the fact that users disrespect others without being provoked is horrible and pathetic - and not something I want to associate myself with.
2) This site is also full of fantastic people that are genuine, kind, warm-hearted people that don't get the credit they deserve because we focus too much on the negative by recognizing those that are doing bad things rather than those that are doing amazing things.
3) I need a break. I was logged off for about 5 days, but I need a break. It could be a couple more days. It could be a week. It could be a month. It could be another 4 month break where I cut all ties from tengaged off. I don't like how some people treat me on tengaged, and I really don't like the way I've talked to people on here lately, even those that wronged me first. I preach about being yourself both on and off the site, yet I haven't been the happy-go-lucky, optimistic, guy that people are attracted to that I am in real life - and that's not cool in my books. I'm part of a fraternity, and as any Greek on tengaged could back me up (There are surprisingly a lot), we have values and a mission. I don't feel like I've been embodying that and it bugs me, because our values are part of the reason I joined.
Basically, I need to get my mind straight, before I can call anyone else out on their BS.
4) I need to be more realistic. People try to say this site doesn't matter. Then why are we here? We blog asking for advice. We blog about our problems. We join games to meet "friends." We simply log on. This site matters to each of us in some way or another. I've come to realize that googling 'online survivor game' brought me more than I could ever bargain for. There are people on this site that have clearly impacted me in one way or another. There are people on here that remind me off my friends in real life, but the thing is, this is real life. Relationships are really important to me ( I took a personality test and some of my top traits were making people feel included, positivity, and relating to others) and there are fantastic people on this site.
So yeah, I may be taking a break, I may not be. Chances are, I just log in at random ass times, but am able to share how I feel like I'm growing as a person.
Fuck Stars
Some people suck
Some people rock
I'm holding others to a standard I'm not always keeping myself to
This site matters to each of us in some way
K thx if you actually read this.
Tagging people I that I can think of as I type this
charliebibi - I'm glad we can go ages without talking, but get each other... too..


Duo Stars Raffle Ticket Event: FULL RESULTS

9 hobnobgpro, Oct 12, 2015

Cutieamy                1st
jadennator1                2nd
Notnicky333                3rd
Petro                        4th
Rascity                        5th
Delete2544                6th
EliOrtiz1234                7th
Zinger                        8th
oreo270                        9th
PureEssence               10th
Allyxox                       11th
Kelly0412               12th
fly5431                        13th
Sarah48                        14th
ryanr36                        15th
Lemjam6                16th
JoglruLOST                17th
Alexavontrayne        18th
Jgoodies                         19th
QueenMichelle        20th
REVEALED DUOS (In order of average position):
#Cutieamy & #NotNicky333
#fly5431 & #jadennator1
#Kelly0412 & #Rascity
#EliOrtiz1234 & #Allyxox
#Oreo270 & #PureEssence
#Delete2544 & #ryanr36
#Jgoodies & #Petro
#JoglruLOST & #Zinger
#Sarah48 & #AlexaVonTrayne
#Lemjam6 & #QueenMichelle
http://prntscr.com/8qloh4 The random.org list of when I randomized the duos.
Congrats to Cutieamy AND NotNicky333 who BOTH win a Raffle Ticket, as they were a duo and both made finals, and one of them won.


Post Your Name

31 RoseMaria, Sep 8, 2015

for a full blown, brutally honest, opinion! Inspired by #cutieamy and #lemjam6
Gagaluv - lol Carolyn! You freaking crack my shit UP. I remember all the time I used to say shit about the gagaluv monsters lmao!! ♥ I absolutely love you and you always make me laugh even when you don't mean to! You are so determined whenever it comes to designs! I wish I could get into it as much as you. We've known each other for 4 years and I don't think we've ever really disliked each other! I tend to want to curse out some of your relatives from time to time ;) You freaking crack me up bitch I'm so happy you're still on the site after all this time. If you wanna give your son my number I'm totally down too!
Funnehliner - You are so fun to play games with because you get so emotional and pissed off so easily! I miss playing skype games with you wtf? Honestly you're so annoying to watch in stars because I want to root for you, but you're always cussing someone out! You play orgs now so I don't ever see you! But you have mellowed out you used to be bat shit fucking crazy, but you're cool. I loved that fucking peel the banana song I literally fucking died it made my whole morning.
acyuta - I always spell your name acuyta and I don't even know how to pronounce it. Our paths never really cross, but I don't have anything bad to say about you at least! I think we both used to be in the green team at the same time! And I know that you're good at challenges! Besides that I don't really know enough about you to have an opinion!
temponeptune - lmao we have our on and off days! We both are shady as fuck in games and I don't think we trust each other! Some times we do and some times we don't. I love our brantsteele moments and playing roblox with you! I like playing your apprentice skype games! I consider you to be a good friend though!
Yoshitomi - I think some times you blog things that are serious but you are ALL the time cracking me the fuck up! You are always going on about something random and I fucking love it because you're always online so freaking early for me so it's different lmao! We don't ever play games together but I've always seen you around! BITCH. Hows that for brutality?!
CutieAmy - You freaking crack my ass up! I associate you so much with ElectraViv but I freaking love them too lmao! I WISH YOU WOULD START PLAYING KIM K AGAIN YOU STUPID BITCH. or they have this other game stardom hollywood you're an actor and it has more of a story line. I liked playing rooks with you! I don't ever see your ass in any games! I wish we played more games together you should have joined vivor with me skank.
Thumper91 - lmao Lauren you know I fucking love you from the bottom of my broken HEART. You're always so nice even when everyone is such a cunt all the time. I love talking to you about your boyfriend and your 4 jobs! We are both such messes lol!..


Random.org THG Day 1/Night 1

10 rawr121, Jan 18, 2015

Male: Tree - 17 AlanDuncan
Female: Susu - 17 CrissCross
Male: Kris - 16 KrisStory
Female: Essence - 15 PureEssence
Male: Nick - 16 Benner_2304
Female: Mykel - 17 CheapCheep
Male: Eric - 14 Arcaninemaster
Female: Maddalyn - 17 iAwkwardxo
Male: Daniel - 17 Danielx
Male: Gabriel - 18 Sweet_susan
Female: Jawanda - 18 sosyomomma
Male: Tanner - 14 PotatoSalad
Female: Kylie - 16 Absol
Female: Caitlin - 17 CaitlinBella
Male: Julian - 17 TheSexiestDude990
Female: Ali - 17 CutieAmy
Male: Timmy - 18 MeDuncan
Female: Maxine - 17 Maxi1234
Male: Luca - 16 jimmy1661
Female: Sharkeisha - 18 Temponeptune
24th- Chris - 17 Christossss, District 3, killed by Ingrid
23rd- Ingrid - 17 IceIceBaby, District 2, killed by Essence
22nd- Sydney - 17 SydneyWalsh, District 6, killed by Tree
21st- Luke - 14 HowLovely, District 9, killed by Caitlin & Kylie
Julian stumbles through the brush of the tree quickly and hastily. He trips over a bush and falls face flat outside of the forest. There he finds that the temperature has increased significantly and that the ground under his hands, isn't dirt, its now turned into sand. He stands up and walks back into the forest and feels it get much cooler and then he jumps back out into the desert and feels the heat on his back.
"Pretty crazy, eh?" A voice says behind Julian. Julian jumps and grabs his knife out of his pocket and turns around to swing. Sharkeisha stands behind him and she quickly dodges him. She grabs his arms and twists it to the side.
"Agh!" Julian screams.
"Hey, I'm not here to hurt you," Sharkeisha whispers into his ear, "I want to work together. I'm gonna let go now and I hope we can get past this." Sharkeisha lets go of his arm and Julian immediately bolts away through the brush of the trees and forestation. After a minute she can hear a grunt, supposedly meaning that Julian tripped over himself again. She sighs to herself and walks the opposite direction of Julian.
Daniel and Essence trudge through the forest, eventually reaching the end of it and finding a mountainous region. Daniel leads the way.
"Where are we going?" Essence asks.
"The edge of the arena, the force field. It'll give us an upper hand." Daniel says. The two continue through the area.
"May I ask something?"..


It is Katy perry

21 CutieAmy, Jan 13, 2015

not Katie perry.
From BostonRob_
sorry ur parents arent accepting bro
Jan 13, 2015 04:10:06
to #CutieAmy
but to be fair liking dick in your mouth and listening to Katie perry everyday wouldn't make me proud of my kid either,


how old is

8 Tigger, Nov 4, 2014

im assuming 12 to 15?
pls help:(


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