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Bored as heck what should I do

3 CopperTribe, Sep 19, 2018

A: Copy #Juliann and make a Ultimate Big Brother Canada
B: Make a PYN
C: Spam the blog page with "Join my survivor"
D: Go spend the rest of the day with my family



22 Rperduex11, Jun 13, 2017

and I will tell you what I really think of you.
Keep in mind I don't plan on coming back for a long time, if not ever, so I have ZERO filter right now.
SmoothStalker12 - Back in the day I think you used to spam wayyyyyy too much, and really I wondered how anyone had as many extra hours as you. I haven't seen your name in like a year though.
Pizzawithcookirs - More like pizza with the drama queen. One of the most bitchy people ever. You seriously had to make a big blog about how I accused you of cheating in a frookies to get you evicted, and a big attention seeking blog about how you were quitting, because of me, but look who is still sitting on 0min.
GoodKaren - Honestly one of the ONLY people on the site who is not constantly begging for designs, but rather helping other people out. (I don't really like that cat but I still like you <3) Don't change a thing about yourself for anyone. I think you'll go really far irl.
Thumper91 - I do not know why you're in the "most loved" section of HoF. I cannot personally recall a positive encounter I've had with you.
Mathboy9 - nine times out of ten, you drive me insane, but I honestly only put up with it because I used to be friends with the dumpster, Bitch0412.
Calebdaboss - Who are you again?
melindamrskk - I don't know you even slightly, but I hope you don't smell as bad as the dumpster, Bitch0412.
m7md26 - I like you a lot because you're friends with #Juliann and tbh I think he's one of the coolest people ever so, you have to be too.
nicknack - I never liked you... or #FlamingJojo or #alyssaB and all those friends you had. I've never seen a person like you, that joins every game with a sense of entitlement. Now that you're back from your BAN FOR CHEATING, and your big break (I think you took a break bc I haven't seen your name in forever) I hope you've changed, but I highly doubt it. In the words of Hayley Williams, "Second chances, they don't ever matter, people never change"
Bowkane - Keep sending your penis to 13 year olds, fat ass.
iamremedy - you seem pretty cool, sorry you don't get one of those big paragraph ones, I just don't have any mean comments about you!
xxlovewakizaxx - Queen asf. Let the haters keep hating you, I know you're awesome dw.
Thirteen - You've made various vlogs about me, and I still don't have one slight regret about nominating you 3x in that frookies. If I had it my way I would've gotten 5 Hohs and nom'd you every time. You're disgusting.
Ribs - I don't know you very well, but I assume you're extremely fake towards most people because of that one hunger games where you decided to attack me, -30 me, then add me to a chat begging for an alliance.
ak73 I don't have much to say. I don't..

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