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Hello, my name is Swadles

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Group Games:
Vegasboy's Big Brother Season 1: 3rd/16 Second Chance Award
Vegasboy's Big Brother All Stars: 2nd/10 Player of the Season, Most Robbed
Vegasboy's Fast Survivor Season 1: 1st/12
Vegasboy's Fast Survivor Season 3: 2nd/11
Vegasboy's Fast Survivor Season 8: 2nd/10
Vegasboy's Fast Survivor Season 11: 2nd/9
Vegasboy's Fast Survivor Season 12: 2nd/15
Blat's Big Brother Season 9: 4th/15
Witz Survivor Egypt: 5th/18
Saftron's Survivor Sri Lanka: 9th/25
Gaia's Survivor Bangladesh: 6th/16
Noah's Survivor Friends Over Wins: 2nd/18
Noah's Survivor Heroes Vs Villains: 2nd/20
Noah's Survivor San Juan Del Sur: 3rd/22 Player of the season
Vegasboy's Immunity Game Season 2: 4th/15 Hero of the Season
Vegasboy's Immunity Game All-Stars: 14th/20 Untapped Potential
Vegasboy's Immunity Game Season 6: 3rd/18 Hero of the Season, Fan Favorite
Vegasboy's Immunity Game Season 7: 2nd/26 Villain of the season, Player of the season, Host's Favorite
Kolby's Survivor Estonia: 6th/15 ROCKED OUT WITH IDOL IN MY POCKET, Player of the Season, Hero of the Season
Kolby's Survivor AllStars: 18th/20th :(
Michael's Speed Stars Season 1: 2nd/12 Host's choice for all-stars
VMR4: 7th/14th
Renny's Big Brother 7: 4th/17th Hero of the Season
Renny's Big Brother All Stars: 16th/18 Floater of the Season
The Power Struggle Friend Vs. Foe: 3rd/16 Hero of the Season, Player of the Season
JD's Big Brother Erotica: 5th/16
Big Brother Icon: 2nd/15 Player of the Season, Confessional King
YouTube Survivor: 7th/18

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