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15 JayElVeeIsBack, Oct 1, 2016

And ill tell you an insult 1 of the latest stars cast members said about you
katarinaducouteau - GentlemanG said wtf is wrong with this bitches name how u expect me to tag you
RasCity - Taybear17 said u only won that stars cause I voted you on my multis
lionsden121 - #lionsden121 said u r gonna fuck this up somehow
Darbe - Pens87 said YOU STOLE MY MAN BITCH
MaturoJojo7784 said your Boston accent is Faker than you
BluJay112 - Yasgaga said you dont have a nose than gave me 5Ts to "put in your can"
Guigi - asz9191 said if he had to guess your gender he would flip a Koin
Icebeast - BB5Lover wants 2 know if you and #2beastly are related
Galaxies - Halloween said if that sucker gets another shop ill steal 30-35 of his stock
laughingoutloud - Dinosaurdan said why didnt he make his username laughoutloud I hate -ing
Arcaninemaster - sosyomomma said you were dead to me the moment you passed me on Lemjam6 's friends list

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