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Hello, my name is GUILLERMO Heredia. Mr. Heredia is my father.


spam is welcomed unless you’re weird

I get the feeling in this town I'll never live till I live down the one mistake that seems to follow me around. But they'll forget about the sky when they all realize this guy's about to try to learn to fly or hit the ground

They said it couldn’t be done, but we done did it.

❤ Brandt69 2/12/18 - Forever ❤

alanb1 1 hour 49 min ago
Eat my hunt and I'll contact your parents

this ur mutli?
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I am disgusted I am revolted. I dedicate my entire life to the lord and savior Jesus Christ and this is the thanks I get?
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No one will respond and if they did say yes they are lying I would never flirt with anyone ;p
Girls go to pms now if you want to talk to sexy Jakey ;)
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the only thing long distant about me is my 12" cock BAYBAY
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tengagers I have met:
- iYBF
- rory17
- yoshicoolman
- EliOrtiz1234
- Babeeeidah

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  19. I stuck my penis in the fireplace
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