Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Joe and I take tengaged very seriously.

I get the feeling in this town I'll never live till I live down the one mistake that seems to follow me around. But they'll forget about the sky when they all realize this guy's about to try to learn to fly or hit the ground

♡no one♡

They said it couldn’t be done, but we done did it.

❤ Brandt69 2/12/18 - Forever ❤

Maturo is embarrassing lol.
Epitome of a fat small dick beta male who’ll be a cuck watching his girl get fucked by another dude in the future bcus she can’t cum to his pimple infested potato shaped face.
Sent by Danger,Jan 3, 2019

Maturo, the fact that you think im "Tracey" is so fucking funny dunce box...

HAHAHAh OMG like boy you are really dumb, like the dumbest...if the word dumb had a child and it gave it up for would be you.
Sent by D882,Dec 28, 2018

Maturo you are a disgusting slob that should be ashamed when you walk out in the sunlight. You could harm the public with something so foul as your being. You creep of the week....put down the fries and drink some water it will help your skin will clear up, however your stank wont.. that is forever. Have fun jerking off to your blogs weird ass mommas boy.

alanb1 1 hour 49 min ago
Eat my hunt and I'll contact your parents

this ur mutli?
Sent by EliOrtiz1234,Nov 21, 2018

No one will respond and if they did say yes they are lying I would never flirt with anyone ;p
Girls go to pms now if you want to talk to sexy Jakey ;)
Sent by MoneyShot,Dec 31, 2018

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