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[3:32:02 PM] Hobbb: sox as in boston white sox?

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[6:49:59 PM] Bryce🔥Ametrine🔥: Like grow up. Do you do anything productive?
[6:51:42 PM] Bryce🔥Ametrine🔥: I actually go offline

Everybody thought I was going after Brendon and Rachel, There's a reason why I wasn't. There is someone else in this house who have a stronger relationship and it's a romantic relationship. It's Kristen and Hayden. You need help to get this relationship out. When I was in the bedroom sleeping at night, these guys would get together. Kristen would get into the bed. They would do massages and kissing and doing more. The difference is that Brendon and Rachel are out. Hayden and Kristen are not out and you have to break up 2 alliances in this house. They said bad things about people.

1) Britney, these are not about me. Britney, she (Kristen) said she doesn't like the way you talk.

2) Ragan, she (Kristen) thinks she has you in her pocket and she is gonna control you. Pushing and boosting your ego up.

3) Lane, Hayden does love you but he's just taking you to 4th or 5th

4) Enzo, I can't say anything about you because you are my friend but the things they were saying about your intelligence was wrong.

I'm here, I wanna take them out. That's the reason why you need to keep me in the house. You need the votes.

Now, yesterday, there's only 1 person after my ... speech who didn't come to me and it was Kristen. Why? Lane you're a man. You came to me and I love you for that. She's (Kristen) the tinman. She doesn't care about anybody else. Unfortunately for yourselves she will break anybody. Hayden you gotta get out of it now, I apologize, you're a great man. You really have to do it.

Watch our for Kristen guys.


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