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Hello, my name is Joseph Daniel "JD" Martinez

I dont care if you evict me, I'll be 13th but you'll still be a shitty person and working in a shitty t-shirt shop.
Sent by Jaylen,Sep 17, 2018

Do you ever feel like this? -

I’ll get to spam when and if I can.

They said it couldn’t be done, but we done did it.

❤ Brandt69 2/12/18 - Forever ❤

Top 10 favorite MLB Players
1. J.D. Martinez
2. Eduardo Rodriguez
3. Rhys Hoskins
4. Mookie Betts
5. Carl Edwards Jr.
6. Blake Treinen
7. Trey Mancini
8. Gregory Polanco
9. Travis Shaw
10. Andrew Benintendi


why do u comment on my blogs when you delete anytime i comment on urs? get a new obsession ur stale af now
Sent by jenzie,Aug 10, 2018

ew ur breath reeks why r u commenting on my shit maturo
Sent by jenzie,Aug 9, 2018

holy shit do u ever go away???? like leave me alone
Sent by jenzie,Aug 10, 2018

*yawns* get a job
Sent by jenzie,Aug 10, 2018

u reek of horse shit
Sent by jenzie,Aug 20, 2018

peep his profile he keeps a shrine of quotes of me trying to make me look obsessed but it's just me basically telling him to leave me the fuck alone LMFAO
Sent by jenzie,Aug 22, 2018

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