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pyn and i will tell you

14 Arris, Nov 12, 2018

if I think you will ever find a love of your life
Thumper91 - Yes :)
top20fan33 - You already have @ #halloween
BluJay112 - Yes and they will have as ratchet music taste as you. You will both go to Witchita concerts very often.
WinterSatan - I think so!
BB5Lover - Yes in a near future


In depth Halloween series rankings

6 NewNightmare7, Oct 21, 2018

I wont spoil the recent movie but everything else is fair. This is my favourite Horror franchise to which ive been watching since I was 5 so ill just give a reasoning as to why each movie is where.
11. Halloween: Resurrection (2002) - I can watch every Halloween movie and get a decent ammount of joy out of them for the most part...I can get through this movie however I dont really enjoy it for how much it ruined the great ending of H20. The opening was quite stupid and the rest of the movie wasnt necessary. That being said, I personally love Katee Sackhoff and shes like the only reason I would rewatch this movie. I like to skip this on rewatches.
10. Halloween 2 (2009) - Its a sequel I dont think anyone (except Dimension films) wanted. Rob Zombie didnt even want this movie he just had to direct it. Its another movie where it just felt unecessary. The ghost Sherri Moon Zombie/young Michael plot was stupid (and probably only there so Sherri could be in the movie), Laurie unfortunately wasnt a good character and took the trauma to a very different level rather than Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2018 sequel. My positive for this movie though is that I love Danielle Harris and Brad Dourif and their portrayls as the Bracketts were the best part of the movie. The rest was eh to forgettable.
9. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982) - I actually fucking love this movie. The only reason it is so low on my ranking is because it really shouldnt have Halloween in the title. It might be the movie that really resembles Halloween but its not what the franchise entails and I truly think that without the title, it would have been more sucessful back in 1982. I have alot of positives though about this movie. Its very entertaining, I loved the whackiness of the story and the deaths. The score (especially for the opening credits) is really 80's and well done, and fucking Stonehenge lol. Its a shame of how this movie is per ieved but im happy its a cult classic now and is becoming more appreciated. Oh and I read this comment that this movie was a cash grab, I dont know who the hell thought this movie was a cash grab when the people behind it tried incredibly hard to make a entertaining movie and not the same thing over and over.
8. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) - The ending of Halloween 4 was the first scene I watched from this series but this movie is the first one I actually watched and I became instantly hooked to this series and I wanted to know more. Luckily, it was AMC Fear Fest and of course, they show Halloween like 50 times in October so perfect. This movie holds a special place in my heart but I cant have it any higher because...its just not a good movie. I can watch it and enjoy it but just eh. My positives are: Danielle Harris is great as Jamie Lloyd, the opening credit scene is my favourite in the franchise, and the car chase is very well done and enthralling. I also dont mind Tina as much as other people but I understand..


Did anyone notice in Halloween

2 NewNightmare7, Oct 20, 2018

When Ray and Cameron (I think how you spell it) mentioned Gary Hogeboom's (cant remember how to spell it) name? I was like "ooh gurl I was not expecting a Survivor contestant mentioned in".


[PYN] For An Opinion/Ranking

151 BengalBoy, Aug 7, 2018

Post your name and I'll give you a short opinion and an arbitrary ranking. Don't get ups*t if you're low, we prolly just don't talk or you called me an extra from A Goofy Movie or w/e. GO!
#Halloween - Haha, I think we ALL knew you were gonna be the top spot! Whether we're comparing notes on women or exchanging workout tips, we're like two peas in a pod and brothers until the bitter end. The Dancing Queen Ween, strong and lean, only seventeen.
#JustMe - [21:22:37] Su3 ~JustMe~ *LM PL KH RT NA*: You know, I dont need your friendship, I dont need you, I thought you were a nice guy, so I talked to you, but if you are gonna treat me like shit then dont even bother, Im not a dog, im not gonna keep running back to you if you start being an asshole to me.
[21:22:58] doctor shepherd: ok bye
#jenzie - Appreciate you babygirl
#lindb - My bro since we were little ones, hope we have a triple date with our birds one day so we can grab a coffee then watch Malcolm Pipkins play the brash, yet somewhat sensitive, policeman Dwayne Douglas in Lions King on Broadway.
#Paige54 - Been buddies ever since you were Paige5544 or something and gee whiz, has it been a wild ride! Haha! Heh! Always positive, loyal, entertaining and an all around good kid 👊
sandym89 - Hope ur ready for me to come to Spain and make you my girl 😏
Anas - Hey how are you? LOL just messing. My gay ☑ Muslim ☑ little brother. Can always rely on you for a good bit of British banter and I pretty much always agree with your opinionated blogs, you handle the serious stuff and I tackle the issues with jokes 🤝 it's a good duo
Thumper91 - Sweet, genuine, and a good girl ;) always down to talk more with you baby
#EliotWhi - EliotWho? Nah you're a top mate, will always chuckle looking back on our secret F2 and our shambolic Skype game, glad you've always had my back or I'd have to come down to your posh bakery and send your wig into orbit
Arris - Top notch lad, whether we're talking about journalism or agreeing about people being n*rds on TG it's always a pleasure talking, top respect mate
#Funnehliner - Can't believe it's been abar 6 years since DK molested you for months and your sister made you date her stuffed animal LOL. Always got respect for you my German brother, hilarious guy
#PureEssence - You're adorable, top lass and I see us becoming closer now we've started chatting and fangirling out over Black Ben fanfics
TrollingPenguin - RUM N COKES BITCHEZ XD hilarious lil fella, always enjoy catching up with you and playing games
#EyooMarcus - Never understood why you got hate, you're a str8 baller who always looks out for his mates, top respect brother
#Memphis_Grizzlies -
#Pimple - A top geezer and a real crowdpleaser. Glad we caught up this year and it's just the same as when we bantered in 2010..


No title

2 Halloween, Jul 19, 2018

25 - #Halloween: I think this goes without explanation, but I'll go for it anyway. Halloween is one of not only the most disgusting people on this website, but most likely in the entire world. He has personally attacked a quadruple digits amount of people & has made so many people's lives Hell on Tengaged. He has a squad of loyal peasants behind him that do whatever he says & they're just as bad as him too. The great thing about Halloween though is that you'll always feel a little bit better about your body weight after looking at him.


post a singer

34 Kelly0412, Mar 14, 2018

and ill tell you my favorite song by them
dont comment some irrel singer like XD ALLIE X or ROFL BILLIE ELISH!
#Halloween / Camila Cabello - that nice one second between songs when i slam the skip button when he appears on my spotify
#Batya / The Veronicas - Untouched or 4Ever
#mrcool / Tove Lo - dont know her
#Marietori / Halsey - ew. but um i liked now or never i guess
#Rocker917 / Rose Mulet - only heard hopelessly but dead honestly its not half bad its actually pretty catchy
#DeeLicious / Britney Spears - ugh my fave, Probably Overprotected/Dont Let Me Be The Last To Know, but my faves switch occasionally
#mathboy9 / Ciara - BODY PARTY 2314342142312234423%
#mrcool / Selena Gomez - Fetish
#Jkjkjk15 / Hayley Kioko - Gravel to Tempo
AustinRules6969 / Kesha - Backstabber
paul028 / Meghan Trainor - Title
Rocketokid13 / Ed Sheeran - um A Team i guess, i like his cover of baby one more time too
jackyboy / Miley Cyrus - SMS Bangerz/ Permanent December
kaseyhope101 / Christina Grimmie - didnt know she came out with music before i killed her
AllieBoBallie / Mariah Carey - the art of letting go/touch my body
#mrcool / Taylor Swift - Bad Blood
ItsAustin / Fergie - Life Goes On
dandoe / Jessie J - Price Tag
WannaBeeFriends / Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat
temponeptune / Fifth Harmony - Deliver
Dibby1010 / Pentatonix - I like their christmas album and their cover of Hallelujah
C_Shizz96 / Destinys Child - Lose My Breath
cotbey / Panic! at the disco - Nearly Witches



1 xXAnnieLuvXx, Oct 29, 2017



17 NotNicky333, Sep 29, 2017

https://tengaged.com/blog/Scratte/8293595/please-dont-give-notnicky-win (he removed the blog because there were so many negs)
Basically the blog showed how I don't deserve to win because I played with my friend halloween and how he's butt hurt that he lost to both of us.
I commented, "I was lying to everyone the whole time that I had access, #halloween was locking the noms in. I just said that so people maybe wouldn't nominate him, as he was my closest ally."
He is just bitter because I spent a lot of time on a Skype call with him, and then I betrayed him and nominated him for 14th because I didn't want to rely on someone who was bipolar.. sorry bout it!
And honestly, if I lose solely because you spent your day using multis to evict me, I am perfectly fine with that. I mean on Saturday I have to bowl 6 games for my bowling leagues (which will be getting me a future.. unlike your sorry ass!), and I am going to my cousins birthday party, while you will be sitting at home doing..... nothing!
So how many accounts will you be hacking to get me to lose? =]]


Random.org TGBB26 (5)

11 disneygeek, Sep 19, 2017

Eviction Order:
18th- #Halloween
19th- #mrcool
20th- #Justin_Hicks
21st- #Rebecca_
By a vote of 8-3-1 #Halloween you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- AmandaBynes
Temptation Competition Winner- BigBrotherDonny
Temptation Competiton Loser/3rd Nominee- s73100
Pre Noms- xSvala, Lemjam6 & s73100
POV- Lemjam6
Used?- On Himself
Final Noms- xSvala, CalebDaBoss & s73100
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote).


Oh wow another Halloween movie

5 NewNightmare7, Sep 15, 2017

ive been waiting since i heard about Halloween: Returns a year or so ago but since that got cancelled, ive been upset as it is my favourite Horror franchise and the original is my favourite Horror Movie (even though its not scary but i still love it)
Anyways, John Carpenter is back to executive produce after directing the first since like forty years ago, Jamie Lee Curtis is back from 16 years ago when she was KILLED OFF! and it is co-written by the guy who wore the cowboy hat in Alien: Covenant, Danny McBride.
My only problem is how will it go along with the timeline? Will resurrection pull a resurrection and say she never did die? Will it be completely cut from the timeline? (please god YES) or will it follow the i dont even know?
Find out october 19, 2018. Forty years after the original was released


Random.org TGBB23 (3)

8 disneygeek, Jul 13, 2017

Eviction Order:
19th- #Halloween
20th- #ItsAustin
By a vote of 6-2, #Halloween you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- alanb1
Pre Noms- benp428 & Kelly0412
POV- Joobix
Used?- On benp428
Final Noms- Kelly0412 & DuncanSurferBoy
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the nominees may vote.)


Who is the better final girl?

5 XxLoveWakizaxX, May 11, 2017

A) Laurie Strode #Halloween
B) Sydney Prescott #Scream
C) Julie James #IKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer
D) Jennifer Campbell #DrGiggles


Princess Jasmine has been CROWNED ♥

13 AlyssaB, Oct 29, 2016

TYSM cswaggerr : * & of course EliOrtiz1234 for getting this to me with #Halloween on the prowl!!
Hi Kings : )
Sam_Hamwich ; )
Hey Acyuta ^ . ^


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