Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Brad13535

*Highest Rank: 175th

Currently Highest Ranked Green Level

My Ultimate Goal:

To save my Ts and get enough karma to go from Green Level to TV Star Level all in 1 go!

I would like to do this because nobody else has ever tried it before and its different =)

The Best Game in History: Last Duels EVER(illegal tbh)

Some good things said about me so far:

Brad13535 - Ya know, I've never really spoken to you one on one before... before our recent Frookies, all I really would think about when I saw your username was that you were a bit nooby, yet not nooby at all! Your low color level and somewhat "empty" avatar provide great illusions to the true gameplayer you can be in a game, and that's something that I just love. I loved the Frookies that we played together. I felt so bad in that game because I had to do some backstabbing to one of my good friends there for the good of my alliance, but it's all in the name of the game, I guess! We ended up making finals where I won by one vote only, ouch - so close! But truly, it was an honor playing a game with you - and I have hopes that we play again sometime, you're a fun guy all in all! On a final note, god bless, and keep doing you!


Brad: You're a doll :) I love talking to you, I'm so glad i joined this game and your frat. You are a sweetheart. I love the teasing back and forth, it's fun :P You are definitely rocking the natural cuteness and you have become a great friend <3 though you do have a tendency to put your foot in your mouth :P


brad13535, we have been through many wars together. you are one of the finest players i know, and in my opinion you are the SINGLE greatest green level in the history of tengaged.


brad: AWESOME PLAYER... you have a great social game and your are a good strategic player. Your very loyal and i enjoyed playing with you :) im glad you stayed by our side and it sucks you didnt make finals because you would have won honestly


Some Interesting things said about me:

there we go! thats how we do it tribe we got this shit! cause brad is gonna rape some shit here! o hell ya!!!


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