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5 TotsTrashy, Oct 4, 2018

• MODE PLACEMENT: 5th, 7th, 9th [2 times]
• POLLS WON (excluding F3): 4
• POLLS LOST (excluding F3): 8
• TIMES IN F3: 1
• Nominated for 7th vs. #Aquamarine - 51.7%
• Nominated for 5th vs. #Bradyman7 - 50.8%
• Nominated for 7th vs. #lamontlamar1998 - 47.0%
• Nominated for 4th vs. #Marwane - 60.7%
• Nominated for 5th vs. #Pieguy555 - 59.1%
• Nominated for 9th vs. #Girllover101 - 60.9%
• Nominated for 9th vs. #Negan_ - 68.8%
• Nominated for 7th vs. #WorkBitch - 70.0%
• Nominated for 12th vs. #austino15fffan - 47.5%
• Nominated for 9th vs. #RoboZoe - 39.4%
• Nominated for 5th vs. #Hisoka - 39.8%
• 1st #tennisplayer963 - 38.6%, 2nd #alanb1 - 36.4%, 3rd - 25.0%
• Nominated for 8th vs. #AustinRules6969 - 57.5%
Played With:
#AustinRules6969 x2
#benp428 x2
#capguy1 x2
#ClassiCaz5 x2
#Halloween x3
#hujain x2
#Mahalpin11 x2
#maturo x2
#Natepresnell x2
#NotNicky333 x2
#SuperFreak x2
#XxLoveWakizaxX x2


Ricktworick1's Top 15 Worst TSC Songs of 2015..

14 ricktworick1, Jan 5, 2016

- All songs sent in TSC between 189 to 225 are eligible
- This is based on my personal opinion. Please do not take any offense from what I think of. Strictly my own thoughts
- Contrary to some weird belief, I don't believe that my music taste is better than anyone else's. This list is for you all to have some fun and laugh at possible comments I make
- If you want more stinkers, there will be a dishonorable mentions list just for you to entertain yourself even more
6. Hannah Diamond - Pink and Blue
Sent in TSC211 by #AquaMarine, finished 27th with 0 points.
If you carefully followed my comments, you already knew that at least one of her entries would make it on this list. "Every Night" is vocally equally as terrible as this mess, but if I had to choose between both of the songs, I would much rather listen to "Every Night", as the production there is honestly superior in comparison to the random noises that can be heard here. "Pink and Blue" features the aspects of "Every Night" that are honestly shit, and whoever produced it made it half the quality of the crap that I was subjected to.
5. Scooter - Bigroom Blitz (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
Sent by #Samhuss in TSC202, finished 14th with 50 points.
Music-wise, Scooter is even more annoying than Pitbull. His annoying, rough voice is something I cannot stand at all. This song has so many features that are so terrible that at first I could not believe that people would actually listen to this on the daily basis. The generic, yet unbearable production of the backing track, with synth that completely come from the left-field, and christ, the inclusion of Wiz Khalifa. Was he even necessary? #Patrick319 was honestly so correct about this mess being featured on the worst list, but surprisingly enough, this isn't even close to the next atrocity that is...
4. Lil Debbie - Bake A Cake
Sent by #Ianfitz0012 in TSC214, finished 12th with 41 points.
Jesus. She looks like a weird mix of Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea, and she sounds exactly like the former rapper. Nevermind this nasally rapping that is honestly so granting to listen to, take a look at the lyrics and you will forgive her for sounding like that. Her style perfectly suits the message (or its lack) of this song, together with the overused backing track for hip-hop music, this is honestly so much worse than Bigroom Blitz to the point it makes Scooter's song sound like a fucking masterpiece. Plus, that cake doesn't even look..


Not only did

1 je7467, Sep 23, 2015

JordanLloydFan get #aquamarine banned. He paved the way for him to lose his job as event host. True legend. True savage. At the end of the day, you gotta admit you got played and JLF chewed you up and spit you out.


Since many of you are asking...

27 sjsoccer88, Sep 22, 2015

+++ This http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Aquamarine/6771348/pics-any-occasion
The reason #aquamarine is banned is because
in survivor yesterday on tribe disaster http://www.tengaged.com/game/142824 ...
there were 5 votes for donaam and 4 votes on jordanlloydfan with one person who was a deciding factor. Well they picked voting with the majority, so when aqua found out... He went to jlf and told him that if psulucky and him voted with aqua #donaam and pauladeen they could all vote brendonbyrne because they knew my vote was locked in on jlf since I had fallen asleep. But I woke up a few minutes before day change and the damage had been done.
The reason aqua is banned is because when he went to jlf and asked for his help, he decided to send something bannable to jlf's mail on tengaged in order to gain his trust and prove his loyalty. But like did we really expect the person most attached to an online game in the history of internet, actually do something in fairness and show trust? So jlf naturally reported aqua to tmod and thus aqua was banned :/
He got manipulated and played by jlf but as I already told him, he was naive in even attempting to make an honest deal with the person who is the definition of untrustworthy.


Conspiracy theory?

4 Mearl, Sep 22, 2015

So T Mod posts about banning multis the day after #aquamarine gets banned.
I've always had a sneaking suspicion that aqua and @gaiaphge were the same person.. Is that just me or is there something here?


Why Thank You Aquamarine!

6 A_La_Fac, Sep 7, 2015

Our very own Aquamarine set off my Relay For Life Campaign this year by making a donation to my team! What an awesome way to start my morning off than to see that!
Let me put Johnny on the list of people to continually thank for their support of my Relay For Life Team in the last 5 or so years! FYI, Last year I raised over $1,700 thanks to some of you lovely tengagers < 3 This year I am hoping to raise $2,000, so if you would like to make a donation let me know! I will be working with some shopowners and game coordinators to see if we can do some giveaways this year!
People who have donated in the last 5 or so years:
#(A tengager I do not know by name on here)


Petition to Ban

7 Aquamarine, Sep 3, 2015

anyone who posts a "horny" anything blog.
1. #Aquamarine


Lmao what

3 Rocker917, Aug 16, 2015

Karma: 137367th
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he was just about to send me his number

0 cgy_gayz, Aug 16, 2015

... for skype sexxx
Karma: 137367th
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Every Stars Player + Averages

20 Aquamarine, Jul 29, 2015

First # is average, second # is games played. Sorted by games played.
corey1         9.333333333        66
BbDamian         9.925925926        54
jm101         9.435897436        39
dorkishbarbi         9.361111111        36
RiDsTeR         8.6        30
meduncan         10.4        30
panda13         9.034482759        29
rippyroo         9.103448276        29
Sweet_susan         9.448275862        29
black0ut247         8.535714286        28
Bradyman7         9.178571429        28
jhelsdon2478         8.814814815        27
#Aquamarine         10.59259259        27
karim         8.961538462        26
Phenomanimal         5.96        25
JetsRock12         7.166666667        24
LucyX3Jean         9.541666667        24
Tigger         10.29166667        24
Quackerz         7.173913043        23
superman11         8.391304348        23
JesseM         9.173913043        23
Charming2010         9.347826087        23
#bamold1999         11.17391304        23
turney1805         6.681818182        22
austino15fffan         7.954545455        22
Kentuckyy         8.363636364        22
#lonlee         8.363636364        22
Peetah32         8.363636364        22
#BioDork         8.954545455        22
smi9127         8.142857143        21
capguy1         8.19047619        21
Fredcrugar         8.380952381        21
#BB5lover         8.952380952        21
#tennisallstar94         8.952380952        21
jason_2_12         10.57142857        21
DanielAllen         10.76190476        21
DanielKennedy111         7.9        20
JJJJ         8.05        20
wumblebee         10.7        20
MikeRORO         7.105263158        19
TheSexiestDude990         7.894736842        19
JamesM         8        19
Kooldude1991         8.052631579        19
mikec51         8.210526316        19
Jouix         9.263157895        19
schmooboy         9.315789474        19
SuperFreak         10.21052632        19
EricCartman         10.57894737        19
bradd156         7.333333333        18
BBlover96         10.55555556        18
dannyjr0587         6.823529412        17
brandonpinzu         7.117647059        17
ShayyBayy         7.117647059        17
David         8.588235294        17
JGoodies         10.76470588        17
pokemaster         11.35294118        17
Patrick7893         11.70588235        17
Maggie         4.25        16
tyleror         10.875        16
Uskyld         4.933333333        15
amf7410         7.533333333        15
Jarst         7.733333333        15
mrkkkkyle         7.933333333        15
Meyaar         8.133333333        15
RObbyROb         8.266666667        15
Lemjam6         9.333333333        15
etaco75         10.33333333        15
faygo         10.8        15
joe1110         11.06666667        15
MarekK27         11.33333333        15
SexGoddx         11.4        15
mikedistanz         7.214285714        14
Frozen         8.285714286        14
Dusty12910         8.571428571        14
MattyBB9         8.714285714        14
KrisStory         8.928571429        14
KingB24         9.214285714        14
sw33t         10        14
metslover7675         10.28571429        14
nasmay1         11.21428571        14
dudetb3         11.5        14
TheAce         11.5        14
RoboZoe         11.57142857        14
coreypanda         6.538461538        13
finklestein123         7.076923077        13
ZEEnon         8        13
Wonderland         8.076923077        13
torimarie         8.461538462        13
Lachie227         8.615384615        13
Nick24678         8.769230769        13
computer3000         9.461538462        13
Sparky9171         10.23076923        13
Monomial         10.30769231        13
Sass21         11.38461538        13
Halloween         11.53846154        13
Emmaleigh         3.416666667        12


Hello, back from my 3 day ban

9 austino15fffan, May 5, 2015

Honestly, T_Mod you can go screw yourself :D
I feel like I can't say a damn thing on here now, considering everything is so strict now.
I'd rather not spend my tengaged days walking on egg shells.
My ban was unfair, and it was no specified on your profile that an indirect statement was bannable, and #Aquamarine ban was even more unfair than mine was.
Get it together, you already have an awful reputation, and you've been a moderator for about a month or so
I was verbally assaulted, and my character was defamed for about 8 pages of comment, and not a damn thing was done
Your new rules are disgusting, and allows insane amounts of cyber bullying to take place
EDIT: Am I going to get banned for stating my opinion in this blog now? Unkown seemed to have gotten banned for saying "You", so I'm honestly scared now that I can't say anything


What is

0 Scyfin, May 4, 2015

"Defamation of character" and what exactly did #aquamarine do


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