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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

i mean this is stupid

Feb 26, 2021 by Kelly0412
imagewhy was somebody who exposed porn to minors unpermed with zero punishment but #Halloween who did nothing wrong remain permed.

i am sick and tired of the double stand on this website, users like me lemjam6 mmabatlokoamolefe, sam_hamwich gagaluv etc no matter what we do we are the villains in anything, we never get the benefit of the doubt, and we are always treated like we are in the wrong, when we are in the right.

i know that if i posted porn i would never see this account again, and im sure that every other user mentioned up there would be the same.

i think peoples perceptions need to be changed.



jealousy is a disease
Sent by sosyomomma,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by Akeria,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by etaco75,Feb 26, 2021
You're a hero now
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 26, 2021
I agree but we do not have the power to overturn the ween ban as it is too far along in the system we literally can鈥檛 kelly0412 I can of course see if Carlos can
Sent by koolness234,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by BrittBritt,Feb 26, 2021
okay thats fair! i didnt know that koolness234 thanks for clarifying!
Sent by Kelly0412,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by gagaluv,Feb 26, 2021
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Feb 26, 2021

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