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PYN for a short opinion :)

63 Sameed27, Jul 31, 2018

WhateverTheF - One of the nicest people I have met on this site, and I love how you choose friends over games :)
Alvino - You are super chill, and we dont really know each other outside of games and I really do admire your loyalty. :)
DuncanSurferBoy - super cool dude, I loved playing that frooks with you, and I would love to get to know you better :)
PureEssence - You just got back and you are very kind, hopefully we will get to know each other better, oh and thanks for the pngs :) xx
SharonMaItems - Lol I love your bubbly personality and you are my favorite low level :)
I enjoy playing castings with you.
Paul028 I enjoy talking with you and playing frookies with you! Super nice and thanks for always plussing my annoying spam :D
Thirteen - At first you hated my guts but your blogs are super funny and creepy at the same time, keep on making blogs like that! :)
underwzc - You are very generous, and I loved those mini-games you hosted for the gift giveaways and tysm for gifting me the male mouth!! If you dont see me wearing it right now Im waiting to get some male eyes :)
#Koolness234 You gave me 11th in survivor I'LL PASS. Jkjk, we are friends by association and we could get to know each other better :)
Thumper91 LAUREN <3 I love your positivity,, and you are probably one of the most super chill and laid back people I have met on this site and one of the few people who dont get involved drama :)
Papibadd At first we just knew each other by friends by association, and then we were on call with a bunch of friends and played frooks/vivor together and yeah you seem sweet, I also tried gifting you from a friends shop but Ahmed/FMan stole the gift so sorry about that :(
#Russell11 I dont we have ever met, but hmu Im always looking for new friends ;)
#JonMcGillis - idrk you, but I know you dont like me lol
#CalebDaBoss I enjoy talking about ETN with you, and hopefully Rosanna survives!!
#adee7 I didnt appreciate you being fake to me and being nice to me so I dont arrow you hunger, and when I got off you arrowed me out lol, Its just a game so it doesnt matter but I just dont like fake people :P
Amnesia_ You were nice and sweet to me and I felt awful getting you in frooks after you saved me, but it was a game, and hopefully we can be friends outside of just games because friends >> games :)
#Birks4444 we dont really know each other but thanks for always plussing my spam <3
#nothingbutrouble My favorite pair of twins <3 we dont really know each other besides that chippendale chat, which is dead now but I loved playing frooks game with you the other week ;o
#Darbe IDRK know you but you stan Kaitlyn so we will just get along just fine ;)
#Coreyants we dont know each..


PYN + Friendship / Rivalry

62 Abrogate, May 9, 2017

Post your username and either Friendship or Rivalry
and I will tell you on a scale of 1/10 how strong our friendship (or rivalry) is.
Serene - Friendship - 10/10 I love you and wish your account wasn't unfairly banned and you are the best xo
Arris - Friendship - 1/10 yes I don't think we have ever talked you seem entertaining on the blogs page though :D
Rizzo - Rivalry 2/10 - I mean I am not your biggest fan cause you were fake in hunger but you were probably smart to do it so the rivalry isn't that strong
Helenag - Rivalry - 0/10 we haven't had any conflicts yet but you seem like an up and coming diva so maybe in the future we will have a big fight or become besties or both
#koolness234 - Friendship - 5/10 We have never been super close but we have always got along and made fun of each other and occasionally played some league. When we aren't throwing shade at each other we are flopping in some sort of game so I would say we are mid-range kind of friends
#rascity - Friendship - 6/10 I would say we have always been pretty friendly to each other and have had some good chats but never super close. I don't know that you take anyone on tengaged or yourself seriously enough to get to be REALLLY good friends with people from here unless their name is #vicious
steel - Rivalry - 1/10 - I think we maybe had one disagreement on a blog about something  ... i don't think either of us rly gave a fuck tbh but I'll just give our rivlary at least a little heat
Princessteepee - Friendship - 8/10 - Alicia < 33 even though we don't speak often because I am on and off of here I will always hold you to the highest regard MOSTLY because of our epic 3 merge survivor streak when we would constantly post lyrics from Down by Jay Sean in the chat and of course Stars 66 when we lost Alegeeter really early and were like K we are making finals together no matter what and we did!
delete2544 - Friendship - 1/10 I don't think we have ever spoken?! If I am wrong sorry but maybe that will change down the line now that games are back to normal and people actually join them again.
#thumper91-  Friendship - 2/10 - I think we have had someeee interaction before but not a lot. I know you are hella likable so just like my last one hopefully that will change as people start to join games and meet new peeps again ^_^
thirteen - Rivalry - 0/10 I always find your blogs entertaining and plus them so I didn't think we had a rivalry unless I'm missing something haha
tyler93 - 6/10 I am putting you this low so you put in the work to increase it to a 10/10 since you are my Canadian broski. One of the people I can actually can relate to on here solid solid solid human being.
obscurity - 2/10  - i think we have crossed paths once or twice, not a super strong friendship formed clearly..



9 SurvivorFreak13, Feb 19, 2017

I'll tell you if I like you, am indifferent about you, or dislike you (I dislike very few people here so, doubtful)
Indifferent (don't really talk to):


Pyn/Mail me and +

18 Arris, Jan 4, 2017

and I will mail you you tengager
to give an anonym opinion on
#koolness234 - A very annoying loudmouth who gets too many top blogs. I could go the rest of the year without seeing him in the top blogs again and 2017 has only just begun.
#Vanili - I love Sayra < 3 Really nice, very pretty and always helps me out with whatever she can!
#eliortiz1234 - Eli is a real nice guy. I'm sure. But the whole calling joshie1 guy out on pedophilia when he dated essence for like a year was a smidge baffling. No problems with the dude though.
#KatarinaDuCouteau - Its are literally the fakest person, they'll pretend to butter up to you when it needs something but, two mins later they turn around and talk shit. I see you bitch, you ain't foolin me
#owlb0ned - Very pretty, but idk her or much about her. I've seen a lot of her blogs and couple of her vlogs and she's pretty funny. She seems really chill and nice :)
#m7md26 - He is nice to talk to but he is so hard to get along with when he is feeling upset which is a very common feeling for him. Other than that, he tends to make several "I am bored, skype me" blogs which makes me believe he gets over talking to people quickly and always tries to find new means to reach out to new people.
#Thirteen - he used to be perceived as someone evil imo but he is really cool, although still controversial
#Crayadian - He is very annoying he is attention seeking he talks way to much in games he makes me nauseous
#ohheydudeski - He's nice to me when he comments on my blogs. I like him
#CutieAmy - Usually nice to me. Tells me to plus spam sometimes  i usually dont plus. I don't think he spams anymore Idk. I think she's pretty cool I'd love to get to know her better but oh well.
#AshleyD - Ashley is probably the most beautiful TG girl imo and I'm glad that we are starting to grow close due to tvivor. She's also a really sweet person and we share the same music taste and I hope that we become even better friends!
#fishingguy22 - Omg James!!!! We have A love/hate relationship. When we used to play frookies I was always on his side, but than he would rat us out & we would get both of us  booted out. Thank god he tamed down lol honestly James is such a great guy & I don't give a fuck who don't like him. He's deft one of a kind!! We need to play frookies soon. I love u James :*
#alanb1 - nice man, i think indian but its ok cause i would probably date
#eliserose - she seems alright never really talked to her she has her own group of friends and I have mine I guess
virgie88 - She's so nice and such a genuine person, when we first met I'm pretty sure I didn't like her because she was like 100/10 but now I love her, we're not too close but I wish we were.
Steven999 - Although Danielle skankey is the biggest piece of shit to walk this planet, Steven is pretty nice and friendly to basically everyone. Too bad Morgan won..


Stars 415 Finals "Controversy"

26 skyler1822, Oct 31, 2016

I keep getting asked about this and I rather just lay a few things out there because I am getting tired of rehashing things.
1. Were multis used? Of course they were used lol, but I wasn't even made aware of multis until like an hour before voting ended I think. I don't even remember. I was so over the game at that point tbh. Plus, it is not like anything really could have been done at that point in time anyways
2. Did I let Koolness234 go un-nominated? Hell no! LOL he knows I locked his behind in rofl
3. Am I disappointed about not winning? Of course not! I feel like I played a good game considering that it was my first ever stars game. I also think I proved to be more than just a "social" player too. And for those of you who haven't played stars, it is so tiring like omg. I was so agitated and cranky due to irregular sleep patterns. I was SO GLAD that the game was ending like good god almighty. So if I am not pressed, then neither of y'all should be
4. Am I glad that it came down between me and #Koolness234? Of course I am. I think that we both played a really good game compared to other people. Even though stars was pretty stressful, there were still great moments in there
Edit: Happy Halloween!


Random.org TGBB4 (17)

4 disneygeek, Jun 10, 2016

Eviction Order:
5th- #koolness234
6th- #Rawrimadino
7th- #MrBird
8th- #Threedevils
9th- #MrPokeguy9
10th- #alwaysvictorious
11th- #ghrocky100
12th- #Paigex
13th- #ThisIsMyGame
14th- #virgie88
15th- #GrilledCheese
16th- #perfectprizetag
17th- #Macda27
18th- #aj1111
19th- #benp428
20th- #Jameslu
21st- #Brashful
22nd- #s73100
By a vote of 3-2 #koolness234 you are evicted from the TGBB house.
HoH- LoopyCoco1
Pre Noms- dak236 & Iceicebaby
POV- LoopyCoco1
Used?- No
Final Noms- dak236 & Iceicebaby
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


Stars Assessment

2 Kelly2722, Apr 23, 2016

I'm not making a vlog, because I cant be as sassy as koolness234 and I would feel like a disappointment, so yeah.
But anyways, here we go.
TheSexiestDude990 - Julian, I love you, you slay. Saving you every time I can (unless I forget of course)
bamold1999 - Like #koolness234 said, you flop almost every time you play stars. You're in stars like every other fucking week and you always disappoint. I predict that you'll get 9th, if not you'll probably do worse.
obscurity - Who da fuck r u?
McBenjamin - Um, I don't really know you so. Yeah bye.
Ethan000 - We played together a few times and you turned out to be a shady mother fucker but irdc. good luck I guess.
tundrahenry101 - who da fuck r u?
jacksonjoseph99 - idk you, but you'll probably end up getting 15th or 2nd.
Mexash - Don't know you well enough
LittleMix - I don't care
Shonaynay - You're a good player, I see you making finals
RobertGuajardo - I'm supporting you and all, but God damn, if you keep spamming me, I'm gonna stab myself in the eye. If you spam me, I expect gifts in return okayyyy
Iggy - Nice Avi.
tomba - FLOP
benp428 - Die
QueenLuna - #NoobPower
Classic - I don't care. I'll evict you or save you depending on your speech.


PYN Disney Villain

44 Shabootyquiqui3, Apr 20, 2016

PYN and I will tell you which Disney Villain you would be if you were apart of my crew.
#koolness234 Sid Phillips
#Girllover101 Queen of Hearts
#Yoshitomi Cruella De Vil
#Sweetie101 Magic Mirror on the Wall
#scooby0000 Ed
arris Prince Hans
tcold312 Duke of Wesselton
perfectprizetag Sheriff of Nottingham
jetsrock12 Hades
c_shizz96 Anastasia
jguill Bruce (Finding Nemo)
Michaelf1114 Scar
Disneygeek Maleficent
Leahbel Shenzi
xxlovewakizaxx Jafar
AshleyD Banzai
cococolin122 Iago
icarus_mark Kaa
bengalboy Shere Khan
Brashful Jangles the Clown
boygenius2010 Mother Gothel
denisg29 King Louis
threedevils Panic
eliserose Ursula
crickets Hopper
kidcool404 Stinky Pete
Steven999 Claude Frollo
Patootie Lotso
titoburitto Stromboli
CrimsonEnnui Lady Tremaine
topazisqueen Charles Muntz
Iampaxton Darla Sherman
xxthornwyz Amos Slade
levonini Yokai
islandsurvivor Thunderclap


I just got shaded

0 ryanhawk71, Aug 1, 2015

by #koolness234 and I feel so honored XD


In other news

1 Meyaar, Apr 2, 2013

#koolness234 is safe in stars and #kingb24 has been evicted.


Hunger Games Season 1 - Episode 1

1 DJChipman, Dec 8, 2012

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12
*they rise from the plate and they look at eachother it counts down 3,2,1 GO!!!!
Everyone goes for the cornucupia and they all get a sword, a water bottle and a backpack then they all run in to the woods
The Careers formed a alliance and go after the bromance of #koolness234 and #conza1994 they see them and they attack
District 2, and 4 stay back and then began a fight
#Maxi1234 vs #koolness234 http://www.tengaged.com/group/4853/poll/s1-maxi1234-vs-koolness234-86903 and
#conza1994 vs #Lachie227 http://www.tengaged.com/group/4853/poll/s1-23rd-86904
They careers scream in the background cheering on Maxi and Lachie
At The lake #Peter007 and #Vanziti form a alliance and they become the Foxface and the Rue of the game climbing trees and hiding from opponets but #VanZiti relazed that maybe he should kill #Peter007 and #Peter007 was thinking the same thing about #VanZiti
Who should kill who first?? http://www.tengaged.com/group/4853/poll/s1-22nd-86905
Next time on The Hunger Games More battles start alliances form and 3 people get killed :O who will it be find out next time on Hunger Games

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