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Hello, my name is Corey <3's Heather

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TV STAR #317 BOUGHT ON APRIL 19th, 2014 @ 4:35PM EST


Supergoten: I've been waiting a long time to say I VOTED FOR COREY TO WIN STARS <3. And now, I have a message to the haters. Please don't vote for someone to win because they sent you a message asking for a vote, or because you hate Corey over a frookies you played two years ago. Please vote for the person who made it to the end UN-NOMINATED. I haven't played Stars in a very long time but I can say for certain, that getting to the end unnommed is EXTREMELY difficult. Please reward good gameplay, not who is the most popular. Ily corey <3

Stars Games:
Stars 274: 13th Place: (Evicted against Bigbrotherlover7 - 66.3/33.7 on February 11th, 2014)
Stars 286: 12th Place:(Evicted against Danio 60.8/39.2 on May 6th, 2014)
Stars 294: 7th Place: (Evicted against Panda13 59.6/40.4 on July 4th, 2014)
Stars 300: 4th Place: (Evicted against Tyler93 57.4/42.6 on August 16th, 2014)
Stars 313: 14th Place (Evicted against KrisStory 58.3/41.7 on November 10th, 2014)
Stars 322: 1st Place (Won with 40.8% of the vote against DanielleDonato 35.7% and Seemlyrough 23.4% on January 18th 2015; unnominated)

Anarchy Winner's Board:
S1: Tanya
S2: Tanya
S3: Eddie
S4: Sandy
S5: Eddie
S6: Bryan
S7: Marwan
S8: Heather
S9: Adam
S10 (All Stars): Andrew
S11: Bryan
S12: Latisha
S13: Keaton
S14: Holder
S15: Lance
S16: Tanya
S17: Aaron
S18: Holder
S19: Tanya
S19.5: Ellis
S20: Jayden
S21: Essence
S22: Eli
S23: Brian
S24: Holder
S25: Glen
S26: Lilly
S27: Lilly
S28: Lee
S29: Logan
S30: Heather
S31: Marcus
S32: Lilly
S33: Lance
S34: Omen
S35: Lance
S36: Marcus

Pink Box
S1: Heather
S2: Alex
S3: Mason
S4: Holder
S5: Lilly
S6: Dev
S7: Logan
S8: Logan
S9: Dev
S10: Halloween
S11: Marcus
S12: Austin
S13: Lilly
S14: Edgar
S15: Logan
S16: Jayden
S17: Kyle
S18: Nino
S19: Rozlyn
S20: Eddie
S20.5: Cameron
S21: Batya
S22: Ben
S23: Dev
S24: Cam
S25: Jenna
S26: Cameron
S27: Dev
S28: Jenna
S29: Hunter
S30: Heather
S31: Marwan
S32: Ida
S33: Jason
S34: Fufu
S35: Dev
S36: Jenna
S37: Lexey
S38: Dev
S39: Rob
S40: Lexey
S41: Donny
S42: Bryce A
S43: Ethan S
S44: Joey
S45: Jake
S46: Dev
S47: Dev
S48: Tris
S49: Birks
S50: Birks
S51(COVID-19 edition): Fufu
S52: Billy
S53: Rob
S54: Birks
S55: Jason
S56: Bryan
S57: Nyah
S58: Silver

Anarchy Box
S1: Latisha
S2: Jenna
S3: Eddie
S4: Lilly
S5: Kiiaran
S6: Heather
S7: Rob
S8: Lilly
S9: AJ
S10: Rozlyn/Latisha (co-winners)
S11: Latisha
S12: Eddie
S13: Tris
S14: Marcus
S15: Marwan
S16: Ida
S17: CJ
S18: Fufu
S19: Marcus
S20: Ninjohn

Survivor Greenland: JL
Survivor Victoria: Silver
Survivor Chiang Mai: Jacob (6-3)
Survivor Newfoundland: Marcus (6-4)
Survivor Maine: Lance (5-4)

Corey's Big Brother 1 (7-3) Devon
Corey's Big Brother 2 (6-2) Devon
Corey's Big Brother 3 (4-3) Andrew Levonini

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