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Back from Banland.

11 iScotty, Sep 10, 2018

EDIT: They're approved again now SO BUY!!
After being randomly banned for eyes that I've made myself. Tragic.
Ever since the mods came back, I've mailed them 60 times to let me post the eyes, because they were by me, and the eyebrows by Gemma, and they said no, which I understood.
Then I saw that I could post them if I sent proof that I drew the eyebrows myself, which I did. I got a reply from mod saying "That's what I needed to see, thank you!". Anyone would think you're allowed to post the eyes now. I went on to post, just to be blindsided and BANNED. Now all my money's gone.
For the record. The eyes are still mine. I made them my own. I was the one who uploaded them first. I only credited Gemma because of her eyebrows.
https://tengaged.com/design/id-254980/blue-gemma-eyes THESE are Gemma's eyes.
https://tengaged.com/design/id-258617/hazel-lashblast-eyes These are mine.
You'll clearly see the difference if you look. I'm not sure why the administration of tengaged decided to act coy with this. Telling me that they only approved the eyebrows? Who posts eyebrows alone? Perhaps they have friends that are competing, maybe not. Oh well.
Not much else I can do now. I posted all my stock for the competing prices, since I still need some money after blowing it all on the shop. Buy if you want, or not..


Which design would you like in shops?

6 LoveLife, Sep 7, 2018

---- I am gonna tally what you want and base what I post from this blog ----
Hannah_Banks2250 Designs:
https://imgur.com/JOF49OQ Met Gala Outfit
https://imgur.com/Dh1fA2e Met Gala 2
https://imgur.com/PaLaBTs Adam Rippon xx
https://imgur.com/a/aYQY0Dv Trixie Mattel
https://imgur.com/shsLrd7 Aquaria x
https://imgur.com/DbsPJTR Tiffany Haddish
Tryphena - Angie Rockstar Weave https://tengaged.com/design/id-263200/angie-rockstar-weave
- Also have Kaitlyn Herman's Third Eye
RobertGuajardo Designs:
Blonde Couture - https://tengaged.com/design/id-211125/blonde-couture
Gagaluv Designs:
- Power Bottom Design
- Hayleigh BB20 BG
- Black Smoke - https://tengaged.com/design/id-174219/black-smoke


Riverdale Background

2 LoveLife, Aug 31, 2018

I could post this in time for Riverdale coming back, who would buy?


_______MADE IN CHELSEA OPEN________

5 LoveLife, Aug 29, 2018

I am re-opening Made in Chelsea on Friday!


Dumb Tengaged Ideas #3: Full Avatar Designs

7 Yoshitomi, Aug 24, 2018

You know how a shop sells stock of 1 design each?
What if you want, let's say, a dress with a matching choker (such a random example!).
That's 2 designs.
Why not have the option in shops to sell a matching set of designs (maybe upto 3 in a set)?
Choker: 300T$
Dress: 400T$
Matching set: 700T$
So instead of getting lucky and hoping you can buy both matching items in shop, allow shops to offer bundles.
Maybe with a max worth of 1000T$.
So if you match 2 500T$ worth designs, you can't add a 3rd design to the bundle.
I dunno, stuff like:
Snowman skin, button eyes, carrot nose
Yoshi head, Yoshi clothes
Elsa hair, Elsa dress, Elsa tiara
Those types of things could be a bundle. With the option to buy separately or buy the bundle.
Does that sound dumb?



3 Luna_tic, Aug 24, 2018

How much are shops going for these days?
Why is everything so god damn expensive?!
Why can I not afford eyes that don’t make me look like a serial killer??


Its my birthday

0 ticofernandez, Aug 12, 2018

Gift me


Note to Self

0 Icarus_Mark, Aug 10, 2018

Now I see just how much work designers put into designs.  I either really suck at this or there's a step I'm missing.


Gaga Designs

12 gagaluv, Aug 7, 2018

I am not nearly finished will update at random but here are some designs if you would like to use something just shoot me a mail!
Give Haleigh BG a plus please ty!


Shops Question

5 Yoshitomi, Jul 26, 2018

I remember people said the algorithm used to favour older shops.
I bought a shop a long time ago but never had the T$ to open it (still don't).
I remember people offered to buy T$ for me because they wanted to use my shop.
Question is did the algo change or is that still a thing? #shops


So now that there’s mods

2 pizzawithcookirs, Jul 13, 2018

Can we have the minimum ship price be 1 ts again?
I can’t afford to spend 50 ts every time I help someone gift.


When you get outbid at the final second

0 Icarus_Mark, Jul 12, 2018

Get the Captcha images, and still win the Auction.  I don't know HOW I pulled that one off, but now all I need to complete my female avi is some skin  ^_^


how much they pay to open shops?

3 WorkBitch, Jul 10, 2018

someone know?


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