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Hello, my name is purrie is my multi <3

hello, my name is jeddie not jade

I only plus spam when you don't spam me :)

I am a real boy

ur literally so psychotic i dont know what ur problem is but you will NEVER be a real bad girl... pretending to be black and 'ghetto' won't get you naymore ~~~~~ MATHBOY9

I named myself iamremedy cause there was a song that I was obsessed with called remedy nothing more than that.

alicebee 1 min ago
remedy you're making me feel like my brain has smashed into a pole

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I just add this in

how come this has happened purrie? LOVE COMES AND GOES BUT PURDIE IS FORVER

ParvatiS 0 min ago
I love private messages but only when it's with jeddie


reason number 1 why we love minnie

[20/12/17, 8:11:31 AM] minnie max: I was asking if one has idk 1:50 or whatever SEEE idk lmao does 1:50 go on the comp clock cause it seemed to me like it didn't
[20/12/17, 8:33:11 AM] 馃惐 jeddie 馃惐 the carrot: that is 110 seconds and means you are 3rd highest checks
[20/12/17, 8:33:36 AM] 馃惐 jeddie 馃惐 the carrot: idk how come you鈥檙e nommed over the other guy he must have better comp scores it keys
[20/12/17, 8:34:46 AM] minnie max: I didn't have 150 I was just asking lmao
[20/12/17, 8:34:56 AM] minnie max: How is 150 110
[20/12/17, 9:23:01 AM] 馃惐 jeddie 馃惐 the carrot: 1 minute 50 is 110 seconds cause there is only 60 seconds in a minute
[20/12/17, 9:24:06 AM] minnie max: What no lmao
150 is 1 minute 50 seconds
[20/12/17, 9:30:31 AM] 馃惐 jeddie 馃惐 the carrot: no that is 110 seconds

[22/01/18, 5:34:36 PM] Adam (mathboy9): ya the jibster is the FUTURE of music

btw i hope anyone who reads this realised that the mathboy9 quote above is clearly sarcasm

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