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Happy Birthday Jack πŸŽ‰

19thAug 17, 2018 by iamremedy
aria_grande happy birthday jack, today is your birthday, so I thought I would ask all the people on your friends list to send me a message so I could make this blog for you and this is what I got. I hope you like it :)

From Steefano
Jack jackiii happy birthday hope you have an amazing day with your friends and families don't let anyone fuck it up it's your day my friend I love you buddy and always will happy birthday ❀

From Sameed27
Happy Birthday Jack. You’re now 15. Yay.

From varlto

From Kelly2722
Happy Birthday Jack πŸŽ‰

From WannaBeeFriends
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fun one (: go out and do something fun!! Screw negative Tengaged for one night πŸ’œ

From GoodKaren
Happy birthday Aria :) We don't talk much but it's usually fun talking to you and I'm glad to help in your charity
I hope you have a great birthday <3

From Jameslu
Happy Birthday Jack!! Hope you have a great day and wish you many more! Lots of love!!!

From Tadd
Jack! What can i say? We recently got aquainted do to Brainjak's Hunger Games and im very pleased to know you. I've seen you around since your first days here on tengaged and never would've thought we'd be friends (because Ariana Grande is Trash). I look forward to getting to know you more hopefully. Sorry im never around have a GREAT birthday Buddy.

From Parvatis
Happy birthday Jack! I know we may not talk that much but from the times that we have you have always been really nice in the few games we played and when we helped in each other's charity. Feel free to message me whenevever you wanna play a game or just chat :) I hope you have an amazing birthday <3

~~ xoxo Purrie


Sent by ParvatiS,Aug 17, 2018
awww happy b day jack
Sent by 2388,Aug 17, 2018
Happy Birthday Jack <3
Sent by top20fan33,Aug 17, 2018

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