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i love you all a lot <3

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  1. TheSexiestDude990Josh Martinez.
  2. ImTraceyim fucking joining cause Im an icon
  3. maturoI’m ready to become a sheep
  4. TotsTrashywow i was kicked out
  5. AshleyWhite
  6. TotsTrashyam i skinny aj
  7. NotNicky333bah
  8. jflora18ashley and andrew are skinny legends tbh
  9. Nichole98im a sheep

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omggg everybody irl

3 mathboy9, Feb 15, 2019

and online have been ignoring my messages the past couple days damn somebody message me before I lose my marbles


Always the bridesmaid.

3 NotNicky333, Feb 14, 2019

Never the bride. I was so close... yet so far. When will love find me? I've been waiting forever.



0 mathboy9, Feb 15, 2019

plussed the #1 blog i tried to read it but it's literally incomprehensible and from what i can understand its nothing anybody over the age of 15 would care about

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