Fraternity ashley artichoke sheep

i love you all a lot <3

stars seat rules: we'll do a vote on who to send in if we ever get it

i'll play anyone's comps at anytime (even if u rnt in the frat feel free to message me to play ur comp)

this description will improve overtime just let me think

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  1. TotsTrashyam i skinny aj
  2. NotNicky333bah
  3. jflora18ashley and andrew are skinny legends tbh
  4. Nichole98im a sheep

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I don’t condone any multi usage and I

5 moretimer, Mar 22, 2018

Don’t Think that it’s fair that he took it upon himself to go and do that without asking me what I thought about it. All I wanted was a fair game. And now he’s making me look bad because of it


i would have paid

2 Nichole98, Mar 22, 2018

31 dollas for someone to keep _Adidas_ in stars


Koolness the hypocrite

7 iTy990, Mar 22, 2018

I didnt offer anyone anything. It was offered to me and i didnt have to pay if she didnt stay. And it was only against _adidas_ because he was wrongfully slandering her and i didnt have any way to defend her.
Sorry not sorry
I cant even be mad at you for exposing me but atleast..


omfg ily

1 Nichole98, Mar 22, 2018

thank u so much for the gift <3 jenzie !


my fave latinx artists

1 Nichole98, Mar 23, 2018

1. britney spears
2. kylie minogue

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