Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is So Jerri, that one's for you too

I've won Stars before (when it mattered) ((I know I'm just as shocked))

I've been Top Fashionista (twice?) before which is surprising because I never spend T$ and I'm kind of a bitch.

I was a Monthly Ranker (Loser) at one point, but you can tell just how dark of a time it was by looking at my avi in the pic. Yikes!

Best Rank : 118th? (Give or take two ranks)

Villain | Brains | No Collar

I've won every game on here before so isn't that something? I should certainly hope that after 6 fucking years I can manage to key hunt and win a veto when I need to.






Stars: Stars 274 ✚

Hunger: Hunger 284 ✚

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Mastropola snake and devil

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