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Halloween Death [PYN]

44 Katherinee_, Oct 25, 2016

Pyn and I will tell you how you will die on the Halloween night!
MelindaMrskk - Having your costume set on fire by an errant disposed match
KatarinaDuCouteau - You saw Ivanka Trump in your back-yard so you went outside to check, but It wasn't her. It was #Ari_ , dressed as Ivanka Trump! She hit you with a shovel, burried you alive and you died .. probably > : )
2388 - Killed by a tortoise dropped by an eagle that had mistaken your bald head for a rock suitable for shattering the shell of the reptile
Brandt69 - Crushed by giant stacks of newspapers, books, and other large items that you have been hoarding
QueenMichelle - Drowned at a lifeguards' party full of hot lifeguards
skyler1822 - Sacrafised by Thirteen for his demonic ritual
Ari_ - You were happily walking from Katarina's back-yard when suddenly Crickets 's dog knocked you down and devoured you
EmilyThorne - Having a heart attack during the scene of the movie where your character is supposed to be having a heart attack
Brayden_ - Throwing yourself through a window trying to illustrate that the glass is unbreakable (In fairness, the glass didn’t break, but popped out of the window frame)
rodrigueseve - Slashed in half by the demon, summoned by Thirteen
BengalBoy - Being stabbed in the abdomen by the knife you taped to your cockfighting chicken during a match
Crissy15 - Using an overcoat as a parachute while jumping of the Eiffel Tower
Spinner554 - #Icarus_Mark shot you in the head while preparing sandwiches with mayonese
Icarus_Mark - Shooting yourself while showing the jury how your victim could have shot himself
s73100 - Late night at the park, eaiting your candies when suddenly #MrBird appeared on a horse and decapicated you with his machete
MrBird - Getting an infection due to being cut by the teeth of #s73100 's decapitated head that you hung from your horse
Dreamdoll - Being injected with soup in your sleep by #maturo
zorbo678 - Winning a bet that you could have continuous sex with two women for 12 hours straight
mrcool - Decapitated by the demon, summoned by Thirteen
cswaggerr - Poisoned, shot in the head, shot three more times, bludgeoned, castrated and then trown into a river only for the cause of death to be drowning
Vanili - Being smothered to death by the gifts of adoring fans
koolcoop - Crashing your brand new car when a bird flies into your face
Guigi - Having your long scarf get caught in the wheel of the car you are riding in, thus breaking your neck
Philip13 - Riding your segway off of a cliff
Manson - Being crushed by a cow falling through your..

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