Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Matte

Skype if you need to talk to me: xmattenx
If you are a close friend you can ask for my facebook or chat contact by there

I'm learning French and Deutsch now if you are interested in talking in one of this two languages, just mail me and lass uns gehen. It'll help me a lot to improve on them :)

1) If you want to add me to friends, just mail me. I already added pretty much people that haven't add me back. I do that because when I log back I want to know all the users I've been missing.
2) If you need help in a charity, just ask me. If I'm your friend or if you are nice person, I'll glady help.
3) Besides that, I'll hardly join another game. I need to focus on some personal issues and tengaged takes me a lot of time bc I'm a little bit addicted to some games :p
4) I make deals in auctions. If the deal is good, I may buy something you want from there.
5) I don't have the time to talk all the day in here, so don't expect that from me. I'm not being rude if I don't, I'm just without full time to be in here.
6) If you need plusses with designs or blogs, just ask me and I'll be probably proud to help.
7) Se você é um jogador do tengaged Brasil e está retornando ao tengaged aqui, fique à vontade para pedir dicas e afins. E se tivermos nos conhecido lá, por favor me diga quem és, já que os nicks mudaram de lá pra cá e isso me deixa rotineiramente confuso.

Survivor merges in a row
26 - .com
81 - .es
62 - .br

My best friends forever Tengaged
Cris - meu bestinha bestão
Jorge - garanhão sxxs
George - Go spurs <3
Tiago - dale trem bom
Vivi - amora sempre vive
Marco - lo troste :p
Mat - miguxo
wender - parça
Diego - diegão troisk

My Games 233 games played

Day 6
17 Feb, 19
12 Feb, 19
6 Feb, 19
31 Jan, 19
28 Jan, 19
28 Jan, 19
25 Jan, 19

My Blog Check my blog!

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  3. Am I getting old
  4. +5 survivor
  5. What's the highest number of arrows in hunger?7th
  6. What's the axe xp in hunger?
  7. +4 rookies :o
  8. Will it work?
  9. Hey
  10. You're ignoring me
  11. Sometimes I become so sad
  12. King
  13. Join the frat buddies
  14. is someone from Belgium in here?
  15. Queen
  16. Cool
  17. What's the username?
  18. I'm feeling sick
  19. is someone willing to buy something?
  20. Cheap male hair

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