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David's Music Game - Week 5 RESULTS

3 David2560, Jan 25, 2021

Hello guys! Welcome to today's results
This week was a little bit disappointed because some of your songs didn't fit with theme I said. We all have bad weeks lmao! But there were some other good songs!
The results:
---- TOP ----
1- Marwane (12 points) / Bazzi - Myself / I think your song fitted perfectly this theme and that’s because you are the winner of this round! I don’t listen this kind of music but its music I like to listen, and this song was amazing! Good job buddy
2- Memphis_Grizzlies (11 points) / Marshmello ft. Khalid - Silence / Finally posting a GOOD SONG JOHN. Apart from being a good song, this song fitted the theme too, so good job this time!
3- BadBunny (10 points) / Paquita La Del Barrio - Rata De Dos Patas / Honestly this song its so good for this theme and I thought about this song. For the ones who doesnt understand spanish would say what the fuck but I really feel this song, and its a funny song too, good job!
---- SAFE ----
4- Petro (9 points) / Christina Aguilera - Fighter / I never listened to this song and I love Christina Aguilera, and I liked! However, this song fits this theme, so anything more to say!
5- Becksta20 (8 points) / Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - Bad Blood / I am not a big fan of Taylor, she has good songs and this is one of them! The song fits the theme too so good job this week becks!
6- Arris (7 points) / The Fray - You Found Me / This is the last song that fits in my opinion for this theme and its the one I liked the least!
7- christossss (6 points) / Girismata - Despoina Vandi / This song was cute and like what u said, maybe its better for lovers than for friends, but there are phrase that works for friends, but thanks with trying with a greek song, but i wantec a catchy one :P
8- Natepresnell (5 points) / Lola Indigo - Yo Ya No Quiero Ná / Mira te lo voy a escribir en español, pero de verdad escucharias esta canción despues de pelearte con un amig@ tuyo? de verdad daniel? yo me pondría algo triste y no una canción para mover el culo, pero bueno jajajaja
9- Strawberri (4 points) / Amaia - Miedo / Amo a Amaia y esta presentación pero no creo que esta canción sea acorde para este tema. Yo almenos la veo mas para un desamor que para cuando dejas de hablar con un amigo, almenos desde mi punto de vista no la escucharía para esto xD si fuese por canción y cantante te pondría el primero, pero quiero ser justo con el tema <3
---- BOTTOM ----
10- varlto (3 points) / AIKO el grupo - Amigos Para Nunca / La verdad es que estoy un poco decepcionado esta ronda contigo :/ osea para el tema va de puta madre pero álvaro que mierda es esta? JAJAJAJAJ en fin, pues eso, nada mas que decir
11- NotNicky333 (2 points) / Sabrina Carpenter - Skin / I know you are obsessed with this song but do u think..


David's Music Game - Week 4 RESULTS

2 David2560, Jan 24, 2021

Good night Europe and good afternoon America!
This round has been sooo hard for me because there were a lot of good songs that remind me of my childhood, and some other that were good
This round any submision was horrible so thank u all for this lmao <3 Im sad that some of you have been at the bottom with good songs, but... it is what it is!
---- TOP ----
1- varlto (13 points) / Nena Daconte - Tenía Tanto Que Darte / Honestly I expected a song like this from you. We live in the same country and we have similar ages, maybe we have the same, so the possibilities of a song that reminds me my childhood could be one of yours, and it was. I listened to this song with my family on the radio and its one of thats songs that reminds me of my childhood! And I love when in the discos plays this songs!!! Good job
2- Petro (12 points) / B.oB ft. Halsey - Airplanes / This is such a good song and I think my teacher played too in music class LMAO, but honestly this is a good song and I love it. It was good to listening to it again!!
3- Strawberri (11 points) / Maria Isabel - Antes Muerta Que Sencilla / The same as varlto, we are spanish and we were born in 99, so it was going to be imposible you to submit a song that didnt remind me of my childhood. I love this song, maria isabel is such a queen, now is a choni.
---- SAFE ----
4- Arris (10 points) / Linkin Park - In The End / Another song I listened to when I was younger and I love it!!! This is a good song and im not a fan of Linkin Park, but this song its so cool!!
5- Natepresnell (9 points) / Amaral - Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás / THE SAME AS VARLTO AND STRAWBERRI, you being half spanish and being one year younger than me it was going to be difficult to put a song that I couldnt know lmao. I love this song, and this song has a very especial meaning for everyone and I guess its the reason you post it!
6- hwest14 (8 points) / ¡Scooby! - Hex Girls / I wasnt a big fan of this cartoon, but this song is amazing. I didnt knew about this but I really like it! And obviously its a song that can remind you of your childhood!
7- Becksta20 (7 points) / Britney Spears - Oops!.... I Did It Again / This is a good song Becks! I really love Britney because she is a queen and this song its one of my favorites, but there were some songs that were better!
8- christossss (6 points) / Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura / I KNOW YOU ARE GONNA HATE ME, I love this song, but there were better songs on this round. This is getting so hard because you are all posting really good songs! ily baby
9- Memphis_Grizzlies (5 points) / Avril Lavigne - Complicated / This is a good song too, but there were a lot that were better and im not a big fan of Avril. However, you didnt send anything awful this time LMAO, jk, ily


David's Music Game - Week 3 RESULTS

2 David2560, Jan 23, 2021

Hello girls and gays, good night europe and good afternon america
Honestly I have to say thank you to those who were originals this round (and the lasts ones) because I love originality! This week I wanted to give more points to the ones were original and to the songs I liked it and I didnt listen before!
The results are.....
---- TOP ----
1- NotNicky333 (14 points) / I Just Had Sex feat Akon / Honestly idk why im giving you the first position but I laughed a lot with this song because I FEEL THIS LMAO. I know its a funny song but honestly I loved it. Good job nicky!
2- varlto (13 points) / Luna Ki - Septiembre / memeeeo ya conocia esta canciónnn y me hacía mucha gracia. esta vez he querido valoraros a la gente original y daros más puntos que a la gente que pone lo típico y por eso este segundo puesto, por una canción tan divertida!!!
3- Natepresnell (12 points) / Hatari - Klámstrákur / I think its the only song that made me feel horny LMAO. Honestly its a good song for this theme and I liked it. Good job again Daniel!
---- SAFE ----
4- Marwane (11 points) / SoMo - Or Nah (Rendition) / This is a good song for this theme and for thats you are 4th. However, this is not the typical song you listen to when its related to sex, at least me lmao. And I liked it, so good job!!
5- Arris (10 points)  / Rihanna - Kiss It Better / Honestly Rihanna is a queen and I knew someone would submit one of her songs. I think this is one of her best songs and she is amazing! good job this week arek
6- christossss (9 points) / Bad Bunny x Jowell & Randy x Ñengo Flow - Safaera / I think submiting a reggaeton song its an easy submit because most of the reggaeton’s song talks about sex, buuuuuuuuuuut, i cant give you a bad position because I love Bad Bunny
7- CrimsonEnnui (8 points) / Ariana Grande - 34+35 / I knew someone would submit this song and I honestly love this song. I give you this position because I think its an easy choice…
8- Strawberri (7 points) / Rihana - Love On The Brain / Ay amo a Riri y esta canción, pero es lo que te digo, creo que me hubiese gustado algo fuera de lo típico, algo que me guste y algo nuevo sobre lo que no he escuchado, quiero que me sorprendais, y espero que lo hagas en la siguiente ronda!
9- BadBunny (6 points) / Winsin Y Yandel ft. Aventura - Noche de Sexo / A ver Carlis, es una opción correcta pero creo que te has ido a lo fácil. Por lo que te conozco se que lo podrias hacer mucho mejor y espero que lo hagas <3 un besi
10- Petro (5 points) / Ariana Grande - Into You / Another Ariana’s Grande song and I love it. This is one of my favorites songs of her but I think its an easy submit but I still like it! La próxima semana sorprendeme mi amor
11- Memphis_Grizzlies (4 points) / Usher - Climax / I knew this..


73 brandonpinzu, Mar 20, 2013

I think most of you know how it works now. Don't get offended by it please, because the chances of you going against one of these people are slim xx
Bradyman7 < Sexgoddx
alexclow345 > TheSexiestDude990
alexclow345 > Vitamin (this would be rly hard like i may not even vote!!)
alexclow345 < xCelestex
xCelestex > lonelypuppie
xCelestex > Spookie
connorthomson > Foxox
connorthomson > jason_2_12
connorthomson < KingB24 (rly close)
KingB24 > aes222aes
KingB24 > Lucinda (sry love you still < 3)
KingB24 > suzycroatia
KingB24 < Natepresnell (I'm gonna just take Chase off since he'll beat a lot of people)
#Natepresnell > #Icing (never talked to Icing rly so)
#Natepresnell > #BassAbsol

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