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Title 33/35 :)

17 GoodKaren, Feb 21, 2018

I'd say that my first shop was successful :) I was able to gift a lot of friends/noobs and I met some new friends too
You're welcome for your gifts <3
And tysm too all of my gifters I couldn't have done it without you <3
#FelipeS (you were the most help with getting me gifters tysm <3)


ღ Allie / AllieBoBallie ღ

32 brandonpinzu, Jun 19, 2017

I'll tag someone I want to get to know better this summer! Stolen from #SmoothStalker12 <3
If you're on this list you can always mail me or add me on Skype (brandon-pinzu) xx
20 - #Patrick319
40 - #FighterMan
60 - GiGi10
80 - Marwane
100 - mathboy9
120 - Ethan000
140 - Christian_
160 - chibideidara
180 - tonyalbright
200 - BrenLa
220 - Joseline
240 - Sam_Hamwich
260 - Lights
280 - splozojames50
300 - Instagram
320 - underwzc
340 - Juliann
360 - sandym89
380 - IceBeast
400 - temponeptune
420 - deshonBANNEDISBACK
440 - Minie
460 - suzycroatia
480 - etaco75
500 - rawr25
520 - Don_Draper
540 - Oliviaxoxo
560 - Gardenia
580 - BOBROCKS333
600 - coltsfan876
620 - CrimsonEnnui
640 - Piddu


Early Merry Christmas TG!

18 Oliviaxoxo, Dec 24, 2016

Hope you have a wonderful day and a great New Year. The highlight of my year has to be travelling Europe for a month, I'd do it all over again if I could!! Looking forward to planning the next adventure and unfortunately having to meet GROSS smoothstalker12 in the new year
Special shoutout to those I still talk to or not really anymore but thinking of you and that you have  a wonderful festive time!
#smoothstalker12 hope you get that personality you really REALLY need
lewisc see u in few weeks bby
bengalboy gisajoke
skyler1822 lol idk why i thought it was 10!


48 MrOrange890, Apr 16, 2016

and i'll say if i ever hated u before or currently
#SmoothStalker12 ABSOLUTELY NOT
#levonini idk so no
#KingGeek yes when you go through those phases when you're a little bitch to me!
#XxLoveWakizaxX I feel like I was influenced to feel a certain way about you but I never hated or disliked you
#ItsAlexia yes currently
#FlaggedALot Yes and I'm not afraid to admit it
#papibadd mhm
brandt69 yes lmao oops
hugatree343 ummm... maybe idr
mikey_elite no
galaxies never hated or disliked but i was weary of you at first
bowling4fun no!
PureEssence no bb
jguill idts
AlyssaB no you're a sweetheart
Arcaninemaster no
scooby0000 yes
Kelly0412 probably when u go fucking psycho on me
Kaylabby never
Guigi no
m7md26 no
Marwane no
acyuta no
Danny12 no
Hannah_Banks2250 no
FlamingJojo no
Vlad21 i believe so
Jameslu no
Arris no
mradamman12 when we first met
skyler1822 no way < 3
LovelyKiss no
s73100 no?
EternalBlossom no!
YasGaga no
RasCity no idts


PYN for earliest memory of you

42 DaveLooney, Feb 2, 2016

I'm bored
#SmoothStalker12 - I'm assuming we were in a game together- for some reason I'm thinking a castings and you were just really chill!
#GoodKaren - You probably commented something nice on one of my blogs haha :)
#2Beastly - You ALSO probably commented something nice on one of my blogs because you're really fucking nice
#SomebodyAwesome - LOL I don't know if you remember but we really did not like each other for some reason. I can't remember a specific occurrence, but that's all I know! Mail me if you remember hating me too because I find it hilarious
#Brandt69 - I think I took a break from TG last year during school and I came back and saw you with some blog drama lmfao I can't remember what it was about, though :(
#Delete2544 - You used to be so little and innocent and now you're snatching weaves and slaughtering bitches left and right!
#PotatoSalad - I think you had an old account and we played games together, and then I don't think we got along. And now we're just strangers :[
#con66 - Hey, I saw you on the blog's page like last week!
#Galaxies - I think you were fighting with someone and we talked like very briefly through mails after that!
#BengalBoy - Your VLOG EDITION. I have no clue how you found that video but literally 3 people in the last couple days have asked me if I was actually him LOL
Icarus_Mark - Didn't we play a castings together? I think we did! You were you really very nice and actually really cool!
Maxi1234 - We played a frookies and I think I either evicted you or put you up and you flipped out and then we bitched at each other through mails hahah. I even remember what you said!!
jguill - We were in a slow rookies together and we were working together but then I got evicted :((
boogie23 - I've known of you for a while but we've never actually talked!
koolcoop - I actually just heard of you not too long ago! But you seem really nice and you've commented on a few of my blogs :P
typhlosion37 - I think we worked together in a frookies, but it was a very long time ago!
Littlebrother123 - I just remember you always joking around on the blog's page!
Scrafty - My first memory of you was on this account and I saw you on the blog's page, bopping to Sia!
Survivoring - I've known of you for a while, I feel. I'm sure we've also played a few games together also!
XxLoveWakizaxX - I know we met by a frookies a while ago way back when!
bigbrotherlover7 - I think I first had heard of you by a Stars a long time ago!
ninjohn - Lol um we've known each other for a long time but we haven't talked recently unless you count that last rookies together! Also I think you were in my old frat but don't remind new about that, ew.
MikeRORO - I've known of you for a long time as well, but I don't think we've ever spoken. But I know..


#Soho2017 Closed!

6 LewisC, Jan 18, 2016

Yay another shop completed!
Since it's been almost a year since my last shop, I had pretty much forgot everything so I need to say a huge thank you to Smoothstalker12 for being as perfect as always and re-teaching me everything and pretty much helping me in every way possible < 333
Also a thank you to my generous and speedy gifters:
+ everyone else who offered to help me :)
And finally a thank you to the people who gave me permission for designs:
S/O to music for being cute and bidding at the same time so we got our shops together :$


PYN And I'll Pick My Favorite Person

31 Guigi, May 28, 2015

From Your First Page Of Your Friend's List That I Havent Said Before :33 Copying #SmoothStalker12 cuz why not
#SmoothStalker12 - #IceBeast
#Zach3051 - None
#Kob3Sm1th - owlb0ned
#deshonbannedisback - potatosalad
#kiara_xoxo - #Kyliejay but shes perm so ticofernandez
#happy202 - Alaskanfiredragon
#icebeast - Ughhh i have to say Fighterman -_-
#djrnc33 - #Vanili
#Jourdanbabyxoxo - ItsAustin
Danielledonato - i would say #jdog but he doesnt like me so #lonelypuppie ;p
Rperduex11 - Elvira
Goodkaren - #Skootereyz
Sprtsgy1989 - #JasonXtreme
Jasonxtreme - ... Me... the others are all boring
ohhayy - Thumper91
skootereyz - alanb1
davidftw123 - k4r4k
lennon - carriexoxo24xo
Jdog - PurpleCows (see what i did there hihihi)
lonelypuppie - Negasub :3
sydneywalsh - delphii_wytch
sexyguy29 - pureessence
ghrocky100 - jourdanbabyxoxo



44 LittleBabsy, Apr 9, 2015

i'll tell you what fruit you are! :)
cfff - cranberry
sosyomomma - raspberry
Thejoe - strawberry
aes222aes - gooseberry
pegasus1234 - blackberry
temponeptune - blueberry
dane_williams - you aren't a berry, you're a lemon!
jojo7784 - tangerine
jaylen - orange
totaldramalover1234 - grapefruit
lemjam6 - melon
jenzie - watermelon
roberth - coconut
hayden9102 - avocado
Eliortiz1234 - custard apple
CharliitosDS - datil
Laura21 - I know you want to be a plum but my crystal ball says you're a mango
clueliz - papaya
daleariel - pineapple
anxoa - banana
quackattack817 - apricot
Vanili - cherry
ICantHurtYouAnymore - plum
NotNicky333 - fig
Absol - apple
EternalBlossom - peach
Cromatique - grape
baconbae - nectarine
Amnesia_ - pear
SomebodyAwesome - grapefruit
#SmoothStalker12 - khaki
#dubstar - lychee
#guigi - passion fruit
#xxlovewakizaxx - papaya
#jilbert - guava
#Ethan000 - soursop
#SurvivoroftheTocans - medlar
#koolcoop - blackcurrant
#GothicZebra - redcurrant


Tengaged's Birthday Calendar

170 Cornelia, Feb 19, 2015

PYN the date and month of your birthday to be added to the calendar so you can be acknowledged by the TG community on your b'day! If you're missing off the calendar and want to be added then mail me and I'll add you in.
3rd - #SmoothStalker12
10th - #yoshicoolman #SeaKing
13th - #LordJza
14th - #DanielleDonato
19th - #JasonXtreme
20th - #blueu22
22nd - #konohavillage1
25th - #PureEssence
29th - #hints
3rd - #SomebodyAwesome
4th - #jhelsdon2478
6th - #Slice
7th - #mikec51
8th - #Petunia
12th - #krissycx #TheRenny #carleebear
14th - #Stary
17th - #TheJoe
19th - #Cyrus #XxLoveWakizaxX
20th - #IRandomal123
26th - #SkooterEYZ
28th - #Survivorgame1 #austino15fffan
1st - #boneworks
3rd - #wumblebee #GingerPowder
4th - #C00LDUDE1000 #zxcvg2
7th - #McBenjamin
9th - #tditdatdwt1234d
14th - #ILoveLarry #QuantumLeap
17th - #ItsAustin #Mikey_Elite #DropkickMurphysfan
19th - #Funnehliner #Jenii_Valenta
20th - #hMzz
23rd - #BrendonByrne
25th - #Carrot
26th - #DiamondsArentForever
27th - #Delete2544
4th - #xFalsify
6th - #BambiBoo6
7th - #IceIceBaby
12th - #TheLogic
13th - #_Aria
14th - #bansy
15th - #_Adidas_ #Maxi1234 #ZIMY
19th - #jethro
25th - #StraightLoonie
28th - #acyuta
4th - #ForYouSelena
5th - #Jameslu
6th - #Lemjam6
7th - #smuguy2012
11th - #RaverKid
12th - #jadennator1
14th - #JourdanBabyXoXo
15th - #ForeverYoung
16th - #babebee #Pepperdude_is_back #Carlisle
19th - #Webly
22nd - #Carsonl
24th - #TotsTrashy #MrPokeguy9
26th - #Irelia
29th - #jackyboy #AlyssaB
1st - #zach3051
6th - #MrNiceGuy2001
14th - #idkinnes #EternalBlossom #Notsae
19th - #skyler1822 #mrcool
20th - #Justunreal
21st - #nikki101
22nd - #PSULucky #Glinda
25th - #RobertGuajardo
30th - #SurvivoroftheTocans
2nd - #LiteCitrus
8th - #Z3US #WannaBeeFriends
9th - #Daulton7996
12th - #TotalDramaLover1234
13th - #Gardenia
16th - #PurpleCows
17th - #jeremycudal
26th - #ClarkKentt
31st - #Dalagninja #hwest14 #lamontlamar1998
2nd - #NEXT #temponeptune
3rd - #rudge12 #baza76
4th - #GoodKaren
5th - #Gabriel24
7th - #Jouix
8th - #Padfoot
10th - #JoelW55
11th - #Jordan009
16th - #Arcaninemaster
20th - #Tommeh208 #Qwertyioup
27th - #Snails #QueenRosalina
31st - #Ohhayy
1st - #Booyahhayoob #suzycroatia
4th - #EliotWhi
5th - #Ireland
9th - #forevermissprice #Megan #JamieN8954
10th - #TheSexiestDude990
16th - #Darrel42
17th - #Rocker917 #saraj10
19th - #Absol
21st - #rawr121
24th - #MyMilkshakes
28th - #Obsessed_4405
29th - #GoodAllan #DCSooner
30th - #jojo7784
2nd - #JColeWorld #Boots22
4th - #LacrosseAllStar
7th - #Cornelia #jakehou97
13th - #AmandaBynes
20th - #ajlikes17
21st - #Timberlie
22nd -..



7 Tyler93, Jan 11, 2015

oliviaxoxo Last seen about 3 days ago.
Wanted for:
- fleeing
- treason
- abusive over-stroking of the dog smoothstalker12
- abusive over-stroking of lewisc's niall hair
- abusive over-stroking of my abs
- kidnapping and suspected murder of woeisme  Last Activity: 4 days ago
- the all exclusive sex tape from the straight guys alliance.
brenla oysterman11 #smoothstalker12 #tyler93
Good bye. and Good Luck.


Who is better?

2 SmoothStalker12, Jan 1, 2015

Music finished the challenge with 75 points 0 min
#SmoothStalker12 finished the challenge with 1000000 points 0 min
I am embarrassed for him


Hunger games Season 1 results

2 Lol4ever, Dec 28, 2014

24: DaniD (0 Kills)
23: Mastropola (0 Kills)
22: Massgustavo95 (0 Kills)
21: Jdog (0 Kills)
20: Bbsuperfan (0 Kills) (Betrayed by his own district member)
19: SmoothStalker12 (0 Kills)
18: Bix123 (0 Kills)
17: Littlebrother123 (0 kills)
16: Bblover96 (0 Kills )
15: Dash (0 Kills)
14: Oliviaxoxo (0 Kills)
13: Kaseyhope101 (1 Kill) killed #Smoothstalker12
12: Marlakk (0 Kills)
11: Music (0 Kills)
10: Mantyke (0 Kills)
9: Jordan009 (1 Kill) Killed #OliviaXoXo
8: Mexash (0 Kills)
7: LassiDoggy (1 Kill) Killed #Bblover96
6: Prongs (0 Kills)
5: Atti12 (1 Kill) Killed #Music
4: CrissCross (4 Kills) Killed #Prongs #Mexash #Bbsuperfan #Dash
3: Carlisle (0 Kills) Betrayed by on district member
2: Papibadd (3 Kills) Killed #Atti12 #CrissCross #Massgustavo96
1: Monomial (4 Kills Killed #Papibadd #Carlisle #Jordan009 #Littlebrother123



24 BigJoeFrimodt, Aug 20, 2014

For the final project in my group game, Big Joe's Apprentice, SmoothStalker12 is challenged to write a blog for me and make it a top blog.
PYN for a one sentence opinion about you from #SmoothStalker12/Calvin.
I will be updating periodically since Calvin will probably send 5 or so opinions at a time.
k4r4k - You're a great friend and I hope you get better/happier :) Thanks for all the help and support
jojo7784 - I find you very entertaining and I miss watching and supporting you fight with annoying noobs in castings.
haileySx - we were in survivor for a bit together, you seemed sweet and nice for the few days we were playing
boogie888 - You have a unique avatar and I'd support you in stars with that design
Graneceffect - You seem nice from what Kara has said and I know for a fact I always spelled your name wrong in spam, sorry :p
JasonXtreme - I really like your avatar to be honest, it's one of the types that looks better without skin :)
MoooHades - We worked together in a group game and you seemed nice and fun to talk to, we should talk more :)
rawr121 - I hope your future shop is successful and I miss our romantic picnics on the beach in survivor, maybe again soon? < 3
Carlisle - You were robbed in stars but you got my favorite number so its not as bad :^) Jealous you met Lewis and you seem really nice and funny, we should talk!
NJKoda1998- You're really nice and I'd like to talk to you more even if you did end my merge streak twice :^)
Wonderdog- you're name is familiar I feel as if we were allies in a fasting like a year ago, so thanks for that!
PotatoSalad- You seem pretty funny, it's a shame you like died in the survivor we were in together, would have liked to talk to you more
Thumper91 - You're really as sweet as everyone says you are and I always like seeing you in charities :)
bowkane - you've helped me a lot in the past and you're always fun to talk with even if you lied about being in a casting an hour ago
Scotton215 - You're extremely nice and fun to talk with although we haven't played a game together in a while, hopefully we can play again soon (that sounds odd oh well)
Dhucking_Quacks - Congrats on blood first of all :p You're really nice and I enjoyed talking with you every now and then :)


#Calvara Closed

12 k4r4k, Jun 9, 2014

my 4th shop is closed :)
thank you to everyone for plussing my nasty spam to make this possible! i owed quite a few people gifts since my last shop was public, so i'm glad i got to pay those debts :) wished i could have gifted a lot more people - you should see my list of people i want to gift in the future lol :p
minus two steals (i will gift you asap useamint & smoothstalker12), it was a nice experience! i gifted some people their first designs & got a few things i had really wanted for a long time too < 3
thanks to the designers for the use of their awesome creations:
trishytrash ( _aria & icing for permissions)
big thanks to all my gifters:
(if i forgot someone, im sorry :x)
last but not least, i have to say a big i love you to Calvin #smoothstalker12, who the shop was dedicated to, for being my very best friend. i know i'm a pain in the ass, but you're amazing! i don't tell you nearly enough, but i'm so glad i have you in my life  ^_^


HG Blog Game ~ DAY 14 ~

10 Deanooo, Jun 8, 2014

~ Only 10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators)
~ Comment ATTACK followed by the tributes username (e.g. ATTACK Deanooo)
~ First comment will do DOUBLE attack damage!
~ Day 13 Events ~
#SmoothStalker12 is DOUBLE attacked by Tracker Jackers, -42 health. killing #SmoothStalker12 for 7th.
#CheapCheep falls from a tree, -22 health
#MrPokeguy9 attacks #SmoothStalker12 dead body.
#MrPokeguy9 is attacked by a pack of wolfs, -5 health
#hints is attacked by muts, -42 health
#CheapCheep attacks #hints, -99 health. killing #hints for 6th
#MrPokeguy9 is attacked by a pack of wolfs, -46 health
#hobnobgpro is caught up in poisoned mist, -71 health
7. Imthtawesom Health - 100
10. MrPokeguy9 Health - 14
11. jbshafer Health - 136
13. CheapCheep Health - 88
16. hobnobgpro Health - 28
(A mistake was found and I moved all deaths from 17th down one position)
6th: hints killed by #CheapCheep (DAY 13)
7th: SmoothStalker12 killed by Tracker Jackers (DAY 13)
8th: disneygeek killed by muts (DAY 12)
9th: Sam_Hamwich killed by Poisoned Mist (DAY 12)
10th: Stitch_18 killed by storm (DAY 12)
11th: Runaway killed by #hobnobgpro (DAY 11)
12th: rowan22 killed by #Stitch_18 (DAY 10)
13th: Robinhood99 killed by Tracker Jackers (DAY 10)
14th: Qwertyioup killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 7)
15th: wyatt33 killed by trap (DAY 7)
16th: Survivoring killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 6)
17th: XavierR83 killed by a storm (DAY 5)
18th: Phenomanimal killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 5)
19th: IAmPaxton killed by Tracker Jackers (DAY 5)
20th: Darriusdabest killed by poison (DAY 4)
21st: EliotWhi killed by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 3)
22nd: kmaynor2 killed by #hobnobgpro (DAY 3)
23rd: unkown killed by muts. (DAY 3)
24th: rawr121 killed by lighting. (DAY 2)
When someone is attacked, I will random.org a number between 1 and 100, and that will be the damage done.
Only the first 10 comments count, and there is only 1 comment per person!


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