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Stars 731 Draft - 7th - 5th

7 LaCroix, Nov 20, 2022

▪ With Jessie_'s eviction for 7th: #cheritaisdelicious, #Jacadeaux and #hobo232 each lose their winner pick and gains 14 points. #David2560, #Lucas_RFS, #DBonee, #BURBERRY, #ricardogv, #BigBrotherDonny, #Cromatique, #Jewcub1024, #Harehere, #ahea7561, #MelloJello, #bbfanuk_reborn, #SennaRichards, #lhooper902976, #_Matt, #CarolinaSteele, #FromAWindow, #SlutishaOMann, #coolKat, and #Bigjon21 each lose a member of their draft and gains 7 points.
▪ With Yawnha's eviction for 6th: #Jameslu, #CallMeTheGOAT, #charrison790564, #Gohandd and #NanoNerd each lose their winner pick and gains 12 points. #David2560, #Lucas_RFS, #Tester, #Whoa, #melissakhurry, #BURBERRY, #ricardogv, #Cromatique, #cheritaisdelicious, #Delano, #lhooper902976, #sosyomomma, #CarolinaSteele and #Jacadeaux each lose a member of their draft and gains 6 points.
▪ With LaCroix's eviction for 5th: #Jameslu, #CallMeTheGOAT, #charrison790564 and #NanoNerd each successfully drafted a member of the final 5 and gains 5 points.


Stars 731 Draft - 11th - 8th

1 LaCroix, Nov 20, 2022

▪ With zachbbs's eviction for 11th: #cheritaisdelicious, #SlutishaOMann, #hobo232, #Harehere, #_Matt, #bbfanuk_reborn, #BlueBarracuda, #FromAWindow, #coolKat and #Vessas each lose a member of their draft and gains 11 points.
▪ With Girllover101's eviction for 10th: #SexyTex and #Simpizzle each loses their winner pick and gains 20 points. #ahea7561, #Spinner554, #Cromatique, #yswimmer96, #Jameslu, #Tester, #MelloJello, #Jewcub1024, #Whoa, #hobo232, #_Matt, #CarolinaSteele, #charrison790564, #Jacadeaux, #mrkkkkyle, #NanoNerd, #Delano, #coolKat, #Happy202 and #Bigjon21 each loses a member of their draft and gains 10 points.
▪ With Tbart's eviction for 9th: #BURBERRY, #ricardogv, #BigBrotherDonny, #ahea7561, #yswimmer96, #MelloJello, #bbfanuk_reborn, #Gohandd, #SexyTex, #mrkkkkyle, #BlueBarracuda and #Simpizzle each lose a member of their draft and gains 9 points.
▪ With Pekka's eviction for 8th: #SlutishaOMann loses their winner pick and gains 16 points. #DBonee, #SennaRichards, #lhooper902976, #hobo232 and #SexyTex each lose a member of their draft and gains 8 points.


With the evictions for 16th-13th

1 girlinred, Nov 4, 2022

With brosky17's eviction for 16th: #cheritaisdelicious loses her winner pick and gains 32 points.
With salmaan's eviction for 15th: #Willy729 loses his winner pick and gains 30 points. #CarolinaSteele, #danio, #David2560, #BURBERRY, #Jameslu, #lhooper902976, #Tester, #Harehere, #PoohSnap, #Cromatique, #Jewcub1024, #Tbart, #bbfanuk_reborn, #SemNome, #arkinsky78, #FromAWindow, #MrRobzilla and #cheritaisdelicious each lose a member of their draft and gain 15 points.
With Kiki4ever's eviction for 14th: #Bearcat1927, #Bowler23, #hobo232, #kindlycruel1, #Vessas, #Jewcub1024, #MrRobzilla and #PoohSnap each lose a member of their draft and gain 14 points.
With Thnksfrthmmrs's eviction for 13th: #Jacadeux loses his winner pick and gains 26 points. #countrysavage, #Delano, #sosyomomma, #Thiii, #Vessas and #FromAWindow each lose a member of their draft and gain 13 points.
12th-10th coming in a separate blog in like 5 minutes (I just ran out of tags). Rest of catch up evictions tomorrow morning.


With the first 4 evictions

6 girlinred, Oct 25, 2022

With suit's eviction for 16th: #cheritaisdelicious loses a member of her draft and gains 16 points.
With stolenseason's eviction for 15th: #BlueBarracuda, #ChaaChiing, #coolKat, #FemmeFatale and #Jewcub1024 each lose a member of their draft and gain 15 points.
With KingCharlesIII's eviction for 14th: #Harehere, #Jacadeux and #MrRobzilla each lose a member of their draft and gain 14 points.
With Wolven6974's eviction for 13th: #lhooper902976, #SennaRichards, #coolKat and #FemmeFatale each lose a member of their draft and gain 13 points.


You're so GOLDen! I bought Gold! :D

20 vansreborn, Sep 21, 2022

Woohoo second in Race to Gold baybayyyyy!!! 1797 days since I last bought a colour level (shoutout to silver on the 20th of October 2017), I have finally levelled up! ALRIGHT! I came back to Tengaged fully 56 days ago today, and set out to A) Level up B) Break 1000 karma and C) Win a second Stars, A and B are now done, but I think C will have to wait a couple months due to uni starting!
It's the joint highest colour level I have ever had (matching me on Vans), and I am hopeful I can get sky, blood, and TV Star in the future! But who knows for now? Going to be weird having a +12 after having a +11 for 5 years LMFAO.
Firstly, thank you to everyone in my charity for joining! I really appreciate it a ton and you have made this ginger bloke from England happier than I can say! Big love cheritaisdelicious, Jogon, David2560, danio, lexeyjane, Delete2544, johnny5599, iiGalaxyii, Batya, woah, DBonee, and JohnPigeon! I owe you all a bev in you are ever in my neck of the woods! :)
Secondly, shoutout to someone old friends it has been good to see around still! Kindred7, #cheritaisdelicious, DaddyDev, BlueBarracuda, Admir, Fetish, Electric, 3pi14159, AmandaBynes, Times_Places, and Maxi1234 who I can remember off the top of my head! Been great to see you all around/come back to Tengy, and I appreciate the friendship and love you have given! :D
Lastly, I just wanted to give a shoutout to some people I am glad to have met/gotten closer to in these couple months back! I think I was at like 120 days before logging back in, so I wasn't planning on sticking around, but these amazing people made it worth it!:
iiGalaxyii - I have to start with you because you're the most important person I have met during this period of time! Thank you for legitimately being the most wonderful and amazing person possible! You are so loving, caring, kind, lovely, compassionate, I could go on and on about how much you mean to me and how much I value and love you, but you already know it all! I did not think we would become as close as we are, but I could not imagine not knowing you in my life it is crazy how close I feel to you in such a short period of time. I love you so so much my bestie and I am so glad to have met you awwww =] x
lexeyjane - Lexey, what more can I say what the blogs page doesn't already know? They don't know if we are trolling 9/10 times, and I think they will never truly know how much we love each other. You are the most important person I have ever met in my life, and I don't even know who I would be if I hadn't met you. You are the most beautiful, funny, and just perfect human I have ever..



20 Alex150498, Aug 31, 2022

After all the years of this game being in this site and SEVERAL attempts I finally won my first EVER Hunger Games 🔥
Actually, it all started several hungers ago, where after joining different cycles, I found myself happy with the cycle that corresponded to the "Spanish and Brazilian cycle". Here, I managed to get some good positions:
4th ->
My first payouts, getting all the way to the end with Diva_, Vort and David2560. I remember losing a flakes to David by a few points and then a words, making me get my first 4th and my first payouts.
3rd ->
Getting here with Gominai, Diva and brightongal, my ultimate FAVS, and losing to Gominai for 3rd after winning a Sum me for 0.1 and getting nervous...
5th ->
On this hunger, Absolutely, myself, joey65409, Vort, Rodmacario and _Finesse made it to payouts and I lost against Joey (I got hella nervous otherwise I would have swept that bitch) and got 5th. AT THAT POINT Absolutely became a close ally and the "Spanish and Brazilian cycle" was coming to an end.
2nd ->
This hunger still hurts. After winning Finesse and brunotrevizani, Vort and Rod did their matchup and Rod arrowed me because he never won and decided to betray me for the win... I had a chance to win that one and I didn't know when I would be able to beat Finesse again and become a winner... but he did that so 🤷🏻‍♀️
At this point I just started thinking I was NEVER going to win a hunger. I decided to switch cycle because I felt so betrayed and sad I didn't want to play on that one anymore. I felt so welcomed on they cycle (after couple 30th and 27th) and I made it far in a couple of them...
4th ->
I loved this hunger, I fought HARD to get a spot in the top6. I went to bed thinking we will finish this next day with some matchups and I could have a shot. I felt extremely happy having played with Eilish (love you) top20fan33 (so happy we were able to play together after that MESSY ASS HUNGER WE FIRST PLAYED) and cheritaisdelicious (adore you). But when I woke up I was arrowed and got 4th for some reasons... anyways
3rd ->
On this Hunger, Bryan was an angel and let me, FarManu and wayne_train make f3. After stating that I NEVER won a Hunger, Wayne was happy to get 3rd and I remember Cherry suiciding because she was told Manu had never won either so one of us will win and it would be out first win, but Manu did win one so... again I felt some kind of way with that. Won a couple of comps but I got nervous, I felt no one would ever help me and broke down and..



9 Geryon, Jun 15, 2021

Hey, hi, hello, my musique queens. Are you ready for tonights critiques? First of all, I want to apologize about the delay to post the results, weekends are usually busy for me since I spend almost all of them drunk. But, before we get it started, please welcome our special extra guest judge cheritaisdelicious! She also wants to say something to you guys:
#cheritaisdelicious: Okay for a preface, I just want to say this is lowkey funny because I HATE the type of music the majority of the people on here listen to, and so all sent songs you think suit me, but as a heads up, I will hate most of them and complain about everything! Yay!
So, when I call your name, please step forward: Brandonator... Lukesaur... _Matt... konohavillage1... Midiaw...and ponga! You all represent the tops and the bottoms of the episode.
The rest of you are safe, you may go back to the Gerusa's Illusions Lounge and here are your critiques:
boyfriend ━━ Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats ‘’Big Titties feat. Baauer and EarthGang’’ ━━ Wow. This song is the B.O.M.B dot COM. You got me imagining it as if it was playing in a real Gerusical and cherita would be lip syncing it with the rappers being her back vocalists. The final product would definitely be something really fierce and even funny for the dynamism of the whole show. I also have to give you credits for bringing cherita’s Big Titties signature.
#cheritaisdelicious: Lmaooooo this song is honestly funny as hell and has some kind of amazing lines. “I could hit the cookie right and make your body curl up. Got the pussy purring, cat calling to me.” This song doesn’t really seem to fit anything with the theme, but I mean, you kind of captured my essence with the title, so I appreciate that, thank you for recognizing that my big titties are in fact my best personality trait.
Hunty ━━ Doja Cat ‘’Candy’’ ━━ This song is giving me some nice vibes. I had never heard it before and I really like it, it reminded me of Rihanna’s old vocals. However, your strongest aspect towards the theme is the lyrics, because I was expecting, sonically speaking, something with powerful beats and that made me think of cherita as someone walking in the workroom and saying: ‘’Hey, I didn’t come to play, I came to slay!.’’ But you’re serving me some sexy/confident vibes for sure.
#cheritaisdelicious: Okay this is someone who literally I have only even heard of because of tengaged. I can honestly tell you this is not something I would listen to on my own, like, ever, but it’s also not bad. The music is kind of good, the beat sorta has a sexy sound, and while it gets a little repetitive at times, I do like the chorus about candy and it says cherry a bunch of times. I am sweet like candy, this is true. Then you would fucking pop up and be like KNOW THAT IT AIN’T REAL CHERRY. Bitch HUNTY.
tswiftlover13 ━━ Demi..


Tim and Beck’s Music Time Machine - Episode..

11 tbrown_47, Apr 16, 2021

Welcome everyone. This is a very special round because we will be having an unexpected double elimination. First, let’s leave the present behind and find out where we are heading next!
Right on! Our destination is the 70s! Before we get to the theme, @Becksta 20 and I have a few announcements. First, bonus points are no longer up for grabs. Since we will be inside of the top ten after this round, it’s time to take off the training wheels and show us your best. We definitely still encourage any out of the box submissions, but obscurity points will be no more.
Second announcement: the elimination. As per usual, the person with the lowest score will be submitted. However, Galaxies and cheritaisdelicious, you will have some added pressure. You two will be facing off with each other and the rest of the cast. Both of you will submit a song based on the theme as normal, but whichever one of you has the song with the lowest ranking will be eliminated no matter where you end up in the overall rankings. So for example, if Cherry places 3rd and Galaxies places 4th, Galaxies will be eliminated despite ranking ahead of other contestants. So two people will be eliminated: the person with the lowest ranking and either Cherry or Galaxies. If anyone has any questions, reach out to me or Beck. Here’s the theme:
Since both Beck and I were a bit disappointed in the songs last round, we’re offering you all a chance for redemption with a similar theme. Instead of collaborations, we want you to submit your favorite song from a band or a group from the 70s. Let us know if you have any questions.
Alright everyone, let’s get ready to head out!
11th: #cheritaisdelicious/#Galaxies????
12th: #FromAWindow
13th: #woeisme
14th: #3pi14159
15th: #Yawnha

102 Big Brother Week 2

8 ColinCoco, Apr 15, 2021

manafa (Aka Mehdi Taremi)
bamold1999 (Alien)
Nominees:#AmandaBynes & #bigbrotherlover7
Extra PoV Players:#manafa, #Survivorfan37 and #Mrkk
Pov used on:#AmandaBynes
Final Nominees:#ahea7561 & #bigbrotherlover7
Votes to evict
By a vote of 6-6, we have a tie.
Anyways why are you still standing in the hallway!
The houseguests are forced into the house.
ahea7561 & bigbrotherlover7 are the first to enter the house.
Upon entering they are met with two automatic machine guns which start firing at both of them.
The machine guns stop firing after a while.
Houseguests, seemingly unphased by what just happened.
#ahea7561 miraculously survived but is not in any condition to participate.
On the other hand, #bigbrotherlover7 has sadly been gunned down.
As the Big Brother intro plays everybody's favorite Big Brother host Jeff Probst explains that for this season of Big Brother 13 Homeless people would be fighting for $1,000,000 and the Big Brother house.
As the intro ends a sad homeless Galaxies walks down the streets as he stumbles upon a flyer for Big Brother as his eyes flash with determination #Galaxies vows to make a return.
14th-#ahea7561 (Medically Evacuated)
15th-#Bigbrotherlover7 (6-6, Evicted by HoH/Gunned Down)
16th-#Galaxies (8-5/Homeless)


Chris's Music Comp S1 Round 2: RESULTS

3 ChrisParker13, Jan 10, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Im glad all fo you submitted and were able to knock it out of the park this week. Lets see how you did
This week theme was ......... LOONA
FromAWindow 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "So What"
- My fav part of this song was the rapping because they always kill it. I really like this comeback for LOONA but to me there are just better songs. It one of their most well known songs. Not a bad song by any means just not one i would go to. I like the overall theme and the song was one of there best comebacks. Other than that, i would say you did ok.
stuartlittle16 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"
- This one is always gonna be one of favorites. To me the dance break is just amazing and i can vibe and listen to it at anytime. The vocals are always perfection and to me from the songs of that time stuck out as one of the ones i listened to the most. Also we stan A Gowon rap! Great Job! (imo she should be getting more than she does but thats me ahaha)
humanwebjet1 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"
- I had never heard this song from LOONA and I love it. I can't believe I had never heard this before! I love the overall premise and beat. Its such a vibe song and the underlying swing beats make this sooo great! One thing is since I had never heard it It took me a while to get into but other than that, GREAT!
tbrown_47 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Hi High"
- YES! I love this song so much. This was their first Title Track and it always will be a solid Bop! The change of concepts from this song to their most recent songs makes me feel like they are i proving and thriving and this song was just the start. I love Chuu's high note and its great!
Jameslu 이달의 소녀/츄 (LOONA/Chuu) "Heart Attack"
- My girl Chuu, She comes out with something unexpected and great! I really love the concept and we stan the premise of the video. I really liked her vocals and its just great! Another great submission!
cheritaisdelicious 이달의 소녀/최리 (LOONA/Choerry) "Love Cherry Motion"
- Love Cherry Motion is one of my favorite solo songs of LOONA. Choerry can sing very well, but to me it was lacking in the dance department. Cheorry can dance and dance well so it was a little bit shocking when she didn't give a dance track. This was strictly her vocals which she shined. To me, I really like to vibe to it and I didn't really get to, but overall a good submission!
Enraged_com 이달의 소녀 오드아이써클 (LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE) "Sweet Crazy Love"
- ODD EYE CIRCLE is one of my favorite sub groups. This song to me was little underwhelming. I really liked the beat and the vocal are always great, but nothing to me stood out. It was just like a song I've heard before by other KPOP..



15 Becksta20, Nov 7, 2020

For this round, you’ve been put in groups. #cheritaisdelicious got to select her team members instead of having immunity as this is the group round. HowEver when she selected she had no idea what the next round was going to be!! The rest of the groups were selected by me 😊
The twist here is that you are going to come up with 2 songs by boy bands that you will submit as a group. It will be first in best dressed with this so if someone submits one of the songs then it will be back to the drawing board with your group! I will be judging not only the songs but also the music videos because who doesn’t love a well choreographed boy band dance 😂 You will receive a score out of 40!
Unfortunately, all members of the group with the lowest score will be eliminated! So mail each other, call, Skype, whatever you need to do to work together for this round!
I will allow a bit extra time for this one so you will have until about 6.30am Monday (New York time)... time zones are not my thing so that’s easiest for me to explain!
Group 1
Tearin’ Up My Heart by N*SYNC
As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys
Group 2
Bye Bye Bye by N*SYNC
A Song for Mama by Boys II Men
Group 3
I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys
Best Song Ever by One Direction
Group 4
She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer
Live While We’re Young by One Direction
Group 5
It’s Gonna Be Me by N*Sync
Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by The Backstreet Boys


Mrkk's Music Taste - Episode 1 Results

2 Mrkk, Oct 31, 2020

Here we are with the results of Episode 1 of "Mrkk's Music Taste"!!!
Now, the theme was "2010s Nostalgia" and the job was to send a song (possibly famous) from 2010 to 2015.
You guys ALL did it and I'm so happy about it, I listened to all the songs and there were songs I already known and loved and that was a big advantage while others weren't entering in my head even though I listen to them multiple times.
Now it's time to know the results, I will call your name and your song and you'll know which position you get, remember 1st place has immunity, 14th place is eliminated while other places affect nothing on the game!
I call...
Becksta20 - Nicki Minaj - Starships
SeaViper - Katy Perry - Roar
Eagles3256 - Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
mathboy9 - Becky G - Shower
You guys didn't win the episode...BUT you were 2nd to 5th best song, CONGRATULATIONS!
You're safe for the day, full leaderboard comes at the end!
Now I call
QueenM1chelle - Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No!
ShaniquaJones - Selena Gomez - Come & Get It
tswiftlover13 - Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
KayleighWinz - Ke$ha - The Harold Song
You guys didn't do amazing, but you still got positions from 6th place to 9th place and you're SAFE! GRATS!
Now let's gather all the players I haven't called yet
#cheritaisdelicious - CONGOS - Come With Me Now
#turkeylover - Far East Movement - Like a G6
#3pi14159 - George Ezra - Budapest
#Midiaw - Kendji Girac - Andalouse
#rollingderp - Loreen - Euphoria
#crazybone5000 - Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Grats rollingderp, I love Eurovision, especially this song, you were amazing this round, when I saw you uploaded this song I knew you would have won, congrats, you have immunity for Final 12!
Now, we know our bottom 5!
On 10th and 11th place we have...
crazybone5000 - Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
cheritaisdelicious - CONGOS - Come With Me Now
Congrats, you're safe for this episode!!
On 12th place we have...
turkeylover - Far East Movement - Like a G6
Close to going home but you're still here so grats! :)
We're down to 2 songs, 1st player eliminated from "Mrkk's Music Taste" is...
Midiaw - Kendji Girac - Andalouse, I'm so sorry Midiaw, you have to leave the game.
The song is nice but didn't fit into my head, the others were better BUT you still can use your KISS OF JUDAS to give a penalty to another player!!
Yes, a rejoin is gonna happen 'cause you can't know someone's music taste just by 1 song, he can try again and maybe he can..

69 TGBBV2S7 (Finale)

28 Nikk1Grahame, Jul 23, 2020

Eviction Order:
3rd- #cheritaisdelicious
4th- #s73100
5th- #LittleMix
6th- #charrison790564
7th- #hawlie307
8th- #SeaViper
9th- #Queenisha
10th- #KingB24
11th- #Ace99
12th- #Whoa
13th- #randomize
14th- #Kmartt
15th- #Mrkk
16th- #ColinCoco
17th- #Kiara_xoxo
18th- #Dsgamer124
19th- #rohanprabhu
20th- #Sebanuel11
21st- #shellbelle
22nd- #ITZ3THAN
23rd- #Shawnlolpop123
24th- #Escapethenight13
25th- #CocoVanderbilt
26th- #paul028
By a vote of 8-7, #cheritaisdelicious you are the last evicted!
Finalists- bamold1999 & Midiaw
Vote to Win!
Comment below also if you want to be tagged:


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