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3 Nikk1Grahame, May 20, 2020

Eviction Order-
12th- #Thumper91
13th- #camell22
14th- #Skimmilk4
15th- #unkown
16th- #Sith
By a vote of 2-0, Thumper91 you have been evicted!
HoH- Escapethenight13
Pre Noms- shellbelle & MaiTai
POV- WeetMaster
Used?- On MaiTai
Final Noms- shellbelle & TheLogic
Vote to Evict!
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14 Amnesia_, Oct 22, 2019

PYN and I’ll let you know who my fav is on your friends list
kindred7 - jameslu ❀️
pinkiepie512 - thumper91 ps happy birthday gorgeous πŸ’•
malachite05 - marieeve πŸ₯°
jonster - honeybunch1 😊
#Thumper91 - C_Shizz96 πŸ’™
#Marieeve - icarus_mark 🧑
systrix - goodkaren πŸ’›
cheeseman2468 - top20fan33 πŸ’œ
yonaka - danyyboy67 πŸ’š
tester - firex πŸ”₯
guigi - bengalboy πŸ–€
adamgrant - saskiarae ❣️


PYN for an opinion

50 DaddyDev, Jun 4, 2019

im ready to hurt peoples feelings
#Thumper91 - my little angel i would never say anything bad about you. you're the most loyal and genuine person i've ever met, you're just dramatic af sometimes but i still love you dearly bitch.
#astone929 - idk what your real issue w me is, i genuinely think you are jealous that these girls like me more than you (so you jump to them friendzoning me and shit when i never tried to get w them????) like you know im a social king. you know my mind is powerful and you know i slay games. you do respect me tho so i appreciate that but all in all i dont rly have a problem w you. its usually you having a problem w me when i dont work w you in games but tbh dont ever call me unloyal cause we aint cool like that and never have rly been so i dont need to have your back like that.
#Amnesia_ - idrk who tf you are but you dont like me ???? people claim you are a sweetheart which may be the case but bitches came @ me cause Nicholas NotNicky333 saved me in a frooks? bitch i've been friends w him for many years, of course he was gonna save me so yuh you can continue being a hater or you can hmu & we can talk idrc
#countrysavage - i kinda think you are fake cause idr you being all sweet and shit and all of a sudden you love everyone??? did you have a chat w god or something cause its just weird but tbh i dont have an issue w you but again, you are someone like the bitch above you who just hates to hate cause idk what i did to you unless i like slayed you in frooks or something and im p sure you posted a fb pic w your ass hanging out or some shit like you good?
#JustMe - i dont rly have much to say to you, we've always been cool i think???/ you gifted me on my first ever account cause you blogged asking why your daughter was being all nice to you or some shit and we were suppose to guess so i guessed she wanted to go to her friends and ig i was right so you gifted me but NOW THAT I THINK OF IT IDK IF YOU EVER RLY DID BITCH but either way idrc you are cool
#Latisha0987 - we love supporters. you literally made a t-vivor trib vid for me cause i was so iconic (obviously) and in skype games we usually slay but i aint played w you in forever and you keep a spreadsheet of who has backstabbed you and shit. i just dont have time for that but do you and i cant wait to win your brantsteele tournament bitch
#mbarnish1 - i think you do love playing the victim card sometimes cause you are sweet and everyone likes you so its easy for you to play innocent and have people feel bad for you and i also think you are a follower. again i dont rly have an issue w you but you def dont think for yourself and its kinda gross cause i hate a bitch that dont use the brain the good lord gives them. we are cool tho so dont get all sour puss over this PYN and snatch a top blog outta me matthew.
#PureEssence - stupid BITCH, no jk. we just dont see eye to eye a lot cause you're like a rly good person and im rly NOT LMFAO..



47 Vlad21, Dec 5, 2018

I'll do one of these aswell.
1. Hate you
2. Dislike you
3. Who are you?
4. Heard of you, don't know you personally
5. Mixed feelings about you
6. Know you, no real opinion
7. Good terms with you
8. Like you but lost in contact.
9. Like you
10. Really like you
11. Love you
#thumper91 - 7
#maturo - 7
#pinkiepie512 - 9
#birks4444 - 9
#bengalboy - 7
#tiffanox3 - 10
#burgerman2929292 - 7
#jordanlloydfan - 7
#darbe - 11
#mbarnish1 7
#12375i - 7
yasgaga - 7
jasoi - 6
carriexoxo24xo - 9
cfff - 6
lexeyjane - 6
tennisplayer963 - 7
blitszims - 8
willie_ 11
paige54 - 7
j2999 - 10/11
nikw98 - 4
icarus_mark - 8
emmam - 7
itsalexia - 5
brittbritt - 11
agusII - 8
joshie1 - 8
barbrastreisand - 7/8
ethan000 - 10
zorbo678 - 4
1001games - 8
m_davis1998 - 8
danyyboy67 - 8
nicolef - 9
natepresnell - 8
arris - 8
daddydev - 5
ravenwhitefeather - 7
solinne64 - 1
amnesia_ - 7



28 Passionfruit, Nov 22, 2018


PYN πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

47 MarieEve, Sep 14, 2018

And I'll tell you who secretly love you
#thumper91 ❀❀❀ #juliann
#absol ❀❀❀ #minniemax
#thirteen ❀❀❀ #maddog16
#firewolf ❀❀❀ #Aaliyah_
#redfabfoxy ❀❀❀ #Adeleadele
#Carriexoxo24xo ❀❀❀ #tyler93
#m7md26 ❀❀❀ xshift
#guigi ❀❀❀ jenzie
#minniemax ❀❀❀ jacadeux
#tyler93 ❀❀❀ #goodkaren
#adee7 ❀❀❀ #masqui
#jonmcgillis ❀❀❀ #fetish
#katherinee_  ❀❀❀ KatarinaDuCouteau
#Tarag ❀❀❀ #nijoco
#Parvatis ❀❀❀ #felipes
#music ❀❀❀ k4r4k
#M_Davis1998 ❀❀❀ #paul028
#matte ❀❀❀ #wpwsers196
#amnesia_  ❀❀❀ #sameed27
malachite05 ❀❀❀ oliviaxoxo
jessloveee ❀❀❀ axkxaxbatman
maddog16 ❀❀❀ birks4444
goodkaren ❀❀❀ steefano
sharonMaItems ❀❀❀ smoothstalker12
burgerman2929292  ❀❀❀ blitszims
tryphena ❀❀❀ anas
jwbrine ❀❀❀ amnesia_
bengalboy ❀❀❀ MarieEve
BigBrotherSuperToMe ❀❀❀ thumper91
xMountain22x ❀❀❀ iceey



54 ghrocky100, Jul 25, 2018

and I'll tell you what animated TV character you are (I'll try not to repeat shows or pick shows I don't watch)
#thumper91 Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)
#bengalboy Mr. Peanutbutter (Bojack Horseman)
#jonmcgillis Gruncle Stan (Gravity Falls)
#cfff Brian (Family Guy)
#goodkaren Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
#malachite05 Coach Daniel Stopframe (Moral Orel)
#paige54 Lola Bunny (The Looney Tunes Show)
#bambino Panda (We Bare Bears)
#bluelagoon506 Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
#marieeve Wendy Testaburger (South Park)
#bluestar1367 Blue (Blue's Clues)
#brayden_ Herbert The Pervert (Family Guy)
#justin_hicks Justin (Total Drama Island/Action)
#queendoe Marceline The Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)
#ashlynarehart Bubbie (The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack)
#oreo270 Isabella (Phineas And Ferb)
#anthousai Mordecai (Regular Show)
#bix123 Fox (Animals Of Farthing Wood)
#tr1364 Numbah 1 (Codename Kids Next Door)
#icemakerampart Roger (American Dad)
#yarn Dot (Animaniacs)
#rabbaj Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
#koolcoop Kion (The Lion Guard)
mudndawilderness Phil (Rugrats)
alanb1 DeeDee (Dexter's Laboratory)
gigi10 Baljeet (Phineas And Ferb)
jaybirdnifty Cleveland Brown (Family Guy/The Cleveland Show)
xxlovewakizaxx Wanda (Fairly OddParents)
davidm7 Grandpa Phil Shortman (Hey Arnold)
amnesia_ SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)
twinfacethe2nd Junior (Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race)
laughingoutloud Todd Chavez (Bojack Horseman)
dwipeouts Laugh-a-Lot Bear (Care Bears: Welcome To Care-A-Lot)
j2999 Mole (Animals Of Farthing Wood)
absol Backpack (Dora The Explorer)
firex Bob (Bob The Builder)
russell11 Buford (Phineas And Ferb)
ashszoke Panini (Chowder)
adamloveseverything Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)
survivingreality Adam (My Gym Partner's A Monkey)
clumsyconnor Johnny (Ed Edd N Eddy)
thebestlerhoh Lemongrab (Adventure Time)
m7md26 Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)
coppertribe Beaker (Muppet Babies)
jwbrine Mandy (The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy)
survivor8 Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants)
maxi1234 Eustace (Courage The Cowardly Dog)
rellizuraddixion Stegmutt (Darkwing Duck)
pinkiepie512 Rainbow Dash (already used Pinkie lol) (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
jonmcgillis 2.0 Cow (Cow And Chicken)
philip13 Dan (Dan Vs)
m_davis1998 Milo (Fish Hooks)
lhooper902976 Grover (Legends Of Chamberlin Heights)


ok PYN and I'll ask you a question ..

63 Renny10, Aug 16, 2017

that I've always wanted to ask you!!!
[edited some questions]
maturo - when r u gonna realize that you've done everything u can on this
crayadian - can u loan me your dogs? just wanna try something out ..
spicoli - can u pls come out of stars retirment? u need the crown
ashszoke - when r we getting married???
peace123 - where do i remember you from? LOL
dakotacoons - why do u take the same selfie everyday?
haileyyy - dead idk u but whats the beef between you and spam mails lool
insanity17 - what inspired you to by that lemon tits design?
shellbelle - didnt we have like a huge argument one time?
sammysosatv - men dont have periods but u get moody alot, do you? :/
roshy - u sent me that random message the other day lmfao, why???
tcold312 - oop idrk, why arent u higher level? i feel like ive seen u around for a while
swadles - WHEN THE FUCK is ur flamboyant pizza boy ass hopping out of deeannas?
goodkaren - why do u always post that cat gif everywhere lmao
fishingguy22 - why did u leave tg a while ago? i never got the story
nebula - fuck idk u but i feel like ur someone's multi, r u?
ghrocky100 - how tf did u come up with that spinning memory challenge ??
ytrewq111 - what were u thinking when u were deciding on what username to use?
nasidious - how could u choke that poor dog like that? :(
pokepat - how do i know u? was it from that one survivor group chat? lol
eliortiz1234 - when i grow older on tg i wanna be just like you, why do i feel this way? why?
TDATrentsgroup - with all honesty, do u know who flipped when i was evicted in Libanz's BB : All Stars ?? LMFAO
obstreperous - do u remember that pic u claimed was "you" ? was it rlly you lmaoo
mickiejames22 - are u as interested in wwe as i am? loool
1001games - lets go back to F5 in the vmr days, if i SOMEHOW made F2 who would i have to be sitting next too, to earn your vote? lmao
titoburitto - what were you thinking when u took that "i came in like a wreeeecking ball" pic LMFAO
temeky - loool um why havent we ever chatted tbh ????
steven999 - how do u look like irl? lmfao
iigalaxyii - did u rlly cry irl after neda was evicted ? if so for how long LOL
rahrah - can i see carters birth certificate ?
#thumper91 - are u really a nurse? i saw u wearing some nurse outfit on tviv thats why i ask lmao
#hints - where did the name tisha come from? is it like ur actual name or what LOL
#bigbrotherlover7 - whats your skype cuz i know you from somewhere i just dont know where..


PYN for a 1-10 ranking

45 LeXXXy, Aug 23, 2015

from myself, RobertGuajardo, saraj10 and darbe (average score will be calculated)
#Thumper91 - 7.5
#DanielleDonato - 7.5
#bowkane - 4.75
#Eoin - 6.25
#rileycotter - 5.25
#fighterman - 7.5
#temponeptune - 7.25
#brandonpinzu - 6
ghrocky100 - 5.5
Arris - 6.25
queenmichelle - 4.25
don_draper - 6.75
carsonl - 7.25
mradamman12 - 4.5
pikachu142 - 4.75
Galaxies - 3.75
wildboy12 - 3
Thirteen - 5.25
shonaynay - 8.5
captainzacsparrow - 6.25
hipposunite - 7
willie_ - 5.5
Halloween - 8
KingGeek - 5.5
Jenii_Valenta - 5.5
Heath - 5.25
padfoot - 9
Haliford - 4.5
Simpizzle - 7.25
electracakes - 5
andrewweltner - 4.5
ak73 - 7.5
fantasypntm - 4.5
dumbginger - 3
zuelke - 5.5


PYN short opinion!:)

84 Oliviaxoxo, May 13, 2015

ive been wanting to do one for aaaaaaaaaaaaages! ill update in study breaks so sorry theyll be slow but i will finish! if it expires i will mail the remainder x
#Thumper91 even though we rarely talk and have only had a few encounters, i really like you and i feel like there is a sorta mutual friendship there :) i hope over the summer we have more opportunities to talk because you seem so down to earth and my type of person!
#thejoe LOL i remember first ever like encounter with you was when #dancefloorparty proposed to me in mails!! i literally laughed at all your blogs on that account! i really like talking to you Joe!
#Johneh omg fellow Welshy!! im so glad to have met you and finally have found someone else from the same country :3 i think youre really great and i hope we can talk more in the summer! i really dont understand why you get so much crap for being games person thingy because i think youre doing a cracking job and its made the site so much more fun!! ps Cardiff Revs Tuesday next week for a cheeky cocktail?!!? ;)
#Jordan009 i have a feeling i should know you or that i've played a game with you when i was noob and  i think when i remember i will kick myself for it being so obvious! sorry :( but youre watching bbuk so yey! :D
#Zakisaboss ive defo seen you around because i get your username confused with #Zachbbs :P i dont think we've ever properly talked before but hopefully that changes this summer!:)
#Dayum dylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! i really enjoyed getting to know you more in the frat :) youre really fun to be around and have good banter! sorry i couldnt help spam the other night >.< love you!!
#Temponeptune aaah another person ive seen around but never properly spoken to before :( i see youre in Chrsitina yang's minions though meaning you watch greys?! i literally LOVE greys so  hopefully that's something in common :)
#Boots22 Darcy i literally think youre one of the biggest sweethearts on this site! you are so lovely and kind and fun to be around! i love when you do your survivor stories thingy because theyre always funny to read and you have a really good talent of like picking up people's personalities really well for when you write them! im so glad i had the opportunity to meet you on here and its nice to have a friend so positive and chilled like you!
#Sosyomomma  i think we've known each other for a while now but dont really talk much! honestly im not too sure if you like me or not but i think youre a pretty funny guy tbh! :)
#Pureessence aww Ess i literally adore you!! i see you as a lil sister and think you are one of the sweetest girls on this site and so fun to have in group chats! youre so pretty and have a really cute voice and i cant wait to be more active this summer because i think we could grow really close friends :) love you!
#Lexibear im guessing your name is Lexi LOL?! i always knew you were a girl so i was surprised to see people were shocked by your (pretty!!)..



7 MoooHades, Apr 29, 2015

I didn't do a PYN for my silver blog like I was going to
so, PYN and I'll comment my favorite and least favorite on you FL first page gl x If you're my LF it's more likely that I don't really know you x
KyleDile - #Thumper91/#Foxox
Dayum - #Christossss/#Nevermind
Carlab1 - #SmoothStalker12/#Aesop
Christossss - #DiamondsArentForever/#ohheydudeski
Mikey_Elite - #CutieAmy/#Iraheto
Meduncan - #ShyanneMystik/#Oreo270



48 Arris, Apr 14, 2015

for a short thought
#Thumper91 - I think you're shady!
#EliotWhi - Hmm we don't really know each other, but you seem easy to get along.
#Tetsuya - I don't know you, but I think you blog a lot.
#JamieAndre - I really like, think you're cool and easy to talk to, you're a good friend.
#Jassos4 - I think you're a big sweetheart, I like your positive attitude.
#JGoodies - Seeing your profile, I think you must be a really good player.
#TheJoe - I think you're really shady
#LewisC - I think you're an amazing friend. Love talking to you.
#KingGeek - I don't really know you but you seem cool!
#OMGitsGARRET - I think that today is your lucky day, you've been trending grats xx
#FairyBoss - Your my fellow Polish mate, I think that you're fun to talk with ^
#Pegasus1234 - I think that you're a sweetheart. I really love your attitude!
#JasonXtreme - I think that you're really cool bro, love talking and having sparings with you ^
#PureEssence - You're really fun and positive, especially on calls. So much fun, love ya ^
#Oliviaxoxo - I think you're the biggest sweetheart I've meet here ; D Luv u.
#KyleDile - I don't really know you but you seem like a fun guy!
#BigBrotherDonny - Didn't talk to you but you seem like a decent person ;d
SexyBanana - You have a nice avi and seem cool ;)
useamint - I've seen you around before, but we don't know each other but I feel that you are fun ^
deshonBANNEDISBACK - I think that you must have been banned lmao I like your avi.
nikw98 - I love Love Me Like You Do js
Music - I think that you are a very random person, but super funny and good to talk with ^
EternalBlossom - I think that you are very funny, I've been laughing at a lot of comments made by you ;)
PotatoSalad - I think that I don't really know you all that much, but I think you are a funny guy ^
DanielleDonato - I don't really know what I think of you. I thought we were friends, and you didn't even support me in Stars and evicted me (u) Heartbroken lmao
Guigi - I've seen you around, especially on blogs lately, hope we'll get to know each other one day, cos you seem really cool.
koolcoop - You are good, your karma rocks for 11 games, no shit I'm amazed!
Copenhagen - I like your nick, js seems funny :)
zach3051 - I think that you're on your way haha ^
Styxxe - I love talking to you Carlito, and you're such an amazing and supportive friend < 3
GoodKaren - I don't know you, but I like you ;)
likevines20 - I love playing games with you, and talking to you. We've became really close lately and I'm happy we did :*
Dash - I like your avi ! Never talked to you :x
ZebraPrinceX_69 - I think you're a future tg star, you#re doing so well in castings ^
Carlisle - I'm glad your back..


I Am Bored (PYN)

75 turney1805, Nov 3, 2014

PYN if you want me to give you a backhanded compliment :)
*EDIT* This blog is meant to be a joke, please dont take me seriously LOL
#Thumper91 Lauren, you are such a nice person with how you treat everyone on here. I mean, I know I would rather have someone be fake and nice to me than a complete shit. Its just so wonderful of you < 3
#jadennator1 Ughhh Anna Maria, you are so sweet and reserved. Its nice to have a friend as humble as you even though its sometimes near impossible to hear you on call, the sound of your voice is just sooo soothing. < 3
#LoopyCoco1 Noah, its been a real pleasure having you in my group game and getting to know you. I think every group game should have a friendly ghost. You know? That person who just shows up every once in a while to be remembered and is sooo sweet < 3
#DiamondsArentForever OMG Annie Fanny, you are such a sweetheart. I love being on call with you and talking to you, I mean you make everything so much easier to hear, especially when you interrupt people in the middle of their stories and tell them to shut up so you can talk. Such a doll :)
#FrozenShadow09 I love your creativity to come up with a username like that, I mean even though shadows cant be frozen, you really put forward so much effort with a cool name like that. Nice job dude!
#Ashleybabyx3 Finally another female on Tengaged, what does that bring us to, like 10? 15? I mean even though you may secretly have a penis, its refreshing to have more girls on this site, right? :)
#hobnobgpro Good showing in Stars, mate. I mean making finals, even for someone as irrelevant as you is something to truly be proud of! Cherish it!
#EyooMarcus A man with confidence in himself, get it! You know that you are the ONE AND THE ONLY, and you don't EVER let others forget. Although your ass may not be anywhere near royalty or the top dog, you still flaunt it. That is some pride right there!
#Shonaynay Congrats on your upcoming 700th game, I hope you have a nice game full of friends and good memories. I mean, you all must have SO much to look back in your year and half time to play those 692 games, right? Get it Tom!
#DanielKennedy111 Now to those of you who don't know, let me tell you about this bitch. He is Daniel Fucking Kennedy. The dude is a BEAST in Stars, with his stellar gameplay, it just sucks the public doesnt care to save him. I mean, how could they not?! He makes it so obvious when he is joining by being extremely nice to everyone two weeks in advance, you think they would respect that?! What a travesty!
#VoLcOmVaNs So as you all know, Kevin is my bro, and has been for a long time now. This dude is straight up the real deal, take no BS. I mean, when we are in Survivor together he constantly reminds me how much I suck at challenges, which makes me want to try harder. But we shouldnt forget about how he single handedly lost us a challenge because he was out buying a car for 12 HOURS...but I mean, I am sure we all would get rides in..


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