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8 dannyjr0587, May 8, 2016

for a compliment.
icebeast I love your background!
mtman I would fu*k you so hard
robinhood99 I saved you both times you were up in your last stars :)
ashleybabyx3 I find you to be super sweet and genuinely nice!
abrogate see #mtman, but harder
koolcoop well I want to thank you for commenting on my blog, you are very nice!
phenomanimal my facebook friend, I loved playing stars 201 with you, although I should've won, but youre ok.
daniel123456 I love your name!


mtman's a loser

2 Phenomanimal, Jun 8, 2012

ain't even trendin with us



43 vh1luvr15, May 24, 2012

And Ill tell you if you look like anyone ik irl and I'll say who they are and what my relationship with that person in my real life is
Note: This Will ONLY work if ik what you look like irl so If idk what you look like im going to put idk :P sorry
BOBROCKS333 ~ You look like Nobody ik irl but I think you look a little like Eli from degrassi :P
Trust ~ You look like this guy I saw at a coffee shop in my town idk his name but I thought he looked oddly similar to you
Danielkennedy111 ~ You look like This kid joe in my lunch period who tbqh Is very annoying but I dont think you are you just resemble him a bit
Yankees14456 ~ You remind me of My ex...just as a brunette o.O
TonyM101101 ~ You remind me a bit of this kid Joe That I know who likes to pop in and visit my science class when he can
Montyburns ~ you dont resemble anyone I know in my real life :P
Prince_Charming ~ You Dont resemble anyone ik irl either :P
Torimarie ~ For Some reason You remind me of this Kid I had a thing with Named RJ and he was really cool but kinda awkward at the same time except youre not awkward :P
Popeye ~ I think you kind of look only just a little bit like this kid Bailey in my school who is in the like the jock clique but hes actually nice
Mooocoww ~I think you look alot like my sister and cousin Amanda :)
Jouix ~ I think you look alot like this kid I made friends with at a coffee shop
Doodleshugh ~ Idk what you look like tbh :O
Dmann ~ You look like this Kid Austin In my science class but hes a stupid ass :X
anthony2011class ~ You remind me of This Kid James in my school whom Im not too fond of because he isnt very fond of me....but then again he doesnt like many people to begin with
Moup94 ~ I think you look like one of my friends from Middle school :P His name was Matt
Cgyflames01 ~ You look like one of my old friends Riley
o_elle_o ~ Idk what you look like :O
rockstar15 ~ Idk what you look like :P
Imthtawesom ~ You look like someone I had a big crush on and is currently one of my better friends irl Robert :)
idgaf ~ You Look like this kid Ik from my gym class But Idk his name all ik is that he speaks mainly spanish so yup :P
Maxi1234 ~ You look like this kid john from my gym period last year and he was cool haha :P
Schlong ~ you look like this kid patrick I know irl and hes cool haha
BB5lover ~ You look most like my older friend richie I think
Thegoodman ~ You look a little bit like this kid in my chorus class named kevin tbh :P
Mattygeee ~ You look like this guy I handed my numbder out to at one point in time back when I..

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