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She gets unbanned tonight

2 Imthtawesom, Nov 18, 2013

I am soooo happy I can't wait!


Ranking All League of Legends Champions..

8 smi9127, Aug 14, 2013

Sorry for such a long break I've been meaning to do this forever and here it is. This is my personal opinion so if you don't then sorry!
80h – Karthus - I feel like karthus is countered by every single champion in the mid lane except quinn but who even goes quinn mid. Karthus has a great farming tool so he scales great into late game, but he is just too easy to kill. Karthus' ult is one of the most annoying ults in the game, but it is good, especially for aram. So Karthus would be played more if he was not countered by legit every mage in the game.
79th – Renekton - ummmm i just put him here because i rarely see him and i never played him and i rarely see one get fed. Renekton is good and gets played in the lcs but i feel like it is hard for Renekton to carry a game. Top lane he is good. He has an average win rate and i find him to be an average champion soooo i guess he is goes here.
78th – Annie - Tibbers + stun is a great ultimate and she has decent burst but i dont find that she is great in laning phase. The range of her abilities put her at a disadvantage and when she holds on to her stun and doesn't use abilities as annie you take too much poke. A good annie can dominate her lane, but since she is a 450 champion you see so many bad annies. As a mid main i am always happy to see when the other team picks annie before me because she is such an easy champion to counter. Once the other team picked ahri and i chose annie because apparently she counters ahri. I got shit on...
77th – Lulu - Recently i think lulu has fallen off compare to other supports recently. She still has arguably one of the best support ultimates but during laning phase her kit doesn't help her adc as much as other supports like sona, nami, leona, and thresh can provide. Her all in potential is not as good. She is great for team fights but during laning phase she isn't all that.
76th – Nautilus - In season 2 he was titled the better sejuani but after her rework it seems like its the opposite. he has a hook but it is definitely the worst hook in the game. His ultimate is great to cc the adc but in comparison to other junglers is ganks just aren't the best and late game all he is is a tank with some cc and no damage, while as other junglers such as hecarim and amumu can remain tanky with damage. Naut is a pretty good jungler, but in comparison he is eh.
75th – Ezreal - Not good anymore. I dont know what happened but suddenly everyone stopped playing ezreal and he started sucking. His win rate dropped to 46% and he just fell off. Blue ezreal is good to counter people like ashe. and his late game is good as blue ezreal. He is annoying as shit in laning phase with his q spam and his extra flash ability but he isn't all that anymore.
74th – Pantheon - Recently the only time i have seen panth is when he goes mid to counter me as kassadin and i still whoops his ass. The only reason he isn't low is because i've seen him carry hard when he goes top...


Hmmm Lucy.

1 Zeptis, Nov 5, 2012

You haven't talked to me in the past 30 minutes, 15 minutes ago you were telling me i caused the earthquake in China, and I do believe that the earthquake you are referring to was in Japan.


Right now...

3 Zeptis, Nov 5, 2012

two people are on a skype call, playing minecraft, and talking crap about me
The sad thing is, these are both normal activities for them.
EDIT: and they both make sure to neg every blog I make :(


I feel very victimized

0 Zeptis, Nov 5, 2012

When #Lucyx3Jean and #Kentuckyy both personally attack me for my flaws at the same time ;(



2 Zeptis, Nov 5, 2012

#Lucyx3Jean told I should die via skype ;(
and she said she hopes it's painful ;((((


LucyX3Jean Is Looking For A Boyfriend

8 Tigger, Aug 28, 2012

PYN if you are interested!

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