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0 Kimmie, Jul 27, 2015

Know #tigger's kik or skype i forgot it



8 Imthtawesom, May 27, 2015

when #TIGGER called kingmac a P*** he got banned for a week
when everyone else on tengaged does it 3 days later, no one gets banned
when #TIGGER says something about 9/11 he gets banned for "implying someone is a terrorist"
when everyone calls fighterman a terrorist no one gets banned
im just trying to figure out if theres a bit of bias here, because right now it seems like it???????????????



4 Volibear, Apr 20, 2015

Will #Tigger get removed if he merges in our game, but he's still banned?


maybe people are banned

0 Volibear, Apr 20, 2015

Because they were doing things they weren't supposed to
Like cheating
Or being disgusting human being =]
Except #Tigger #JusticeForTigz


omg im crying

6 Imthtawesom, Apr 19, 2015

R.I.P #TIGGER!!!!!!!!!!
Temporary Banned: Permanent Reason:Indirectly calling another use a pedophile is still bannable. This is not your first offense. Please review the rules of Tengaged before making a new account.


what is more likely to happen first?

8 Funnehliner, Dec 22, 2014

Tigger surviving against Carlisle in Stars
#Tigger getting $1 on gofundme for his 'College Fund'



2 CheapCheep, Jul 15, 2014



support me in stars tonight

1 dmann, May 10, 2014

#Tigger 47.9%
#Dmann 52.1%


stars 283 nominations!

2 TylerK, Apr 19, 2014

16th - funnehliner / jhelsdon2478
i wasnt with you guys and neither of you talked to me so it was really easy this day
15th - michaelf1114 / unkown (michael and tigger went through)
i didnt want Vixanu up this early and #tigger leaving honestly probably helped my game more than hurt it, and my side still had power
14th - ridster / #unkown
easy day for me, didnt really talk to either of them
13th - #funnehliner / bradyman7
funneh approached me (and everyone else) to do lachie and johnny and my alliance really considered it but we decided to push it off to 12th.
12th - aquamarine / lachie227
at this point in the game, nikki101 #vixanu and i were a final 3 deal pretty much set, so we were on call and nikki heard johnny would have split on her earlier and i heard johnny considered me expendable, and he didnt tell us anything about anything he was really doing - so she and i pushed HARD for this set, marcel also pushed hard for it, but we convinced schmooboy cotbey maxiphone27 and #michaelf1114 to lock it in and absoulutely no one outside of our 8 found out :)
11th - craycrayaye / #michaelf1114
cray and i hadnt really talked at this point and i REALLY didnt want to nominate michael cause i felt really bad about taking him in then knocking him out, but it had to be done :(
10th - #bradyman7 / #ridster (#schmooboy went up)
this day turned the game for me because NIKKI decided to make a final 5 chat with herself, me, marcel, derek and brady. brady then told COTBEY and he thought it was legit so he nominated schmoo and maxi i think, causing a split (unless sth else happened too)
9th - #nikki101 / #ridster
because derek was my final 2 deal that no one knew about, i was unsure on what to do so all day i was planning to stick with what we were doing and nominate ridster and cray. But cray approached me and offered a plan to split on ridster and nikki because we were both counters. after i saw dereks eviction i decided i was gonna go to final 2 with cray and we'd try to ride that alliance out, getting info from both sides.
8th - #cotbey / #bradyman7
okay im so pissed i did this because its what screwed me over. cray told me that if i split this way then people would think maxi split and so i was like okay even though i told her i really thought they would blame it on me, but i did get it through easily.
7th - #maxiphone27 / #vixanu
today i knew i was going up, as everyone except cray and maybe brady nominated me. earlier in the game i was planting seeds with schmoo to want nikki and marcel out because they were a final 2, so i didnt have a problem going after him cause i heard he wanted to split lachie and i. i decided that id rather go up versus maxi than versus lachie so just enough people nominated..


Top 13 of '13

4 AustinRules6969, Dec 31, 2013

The thirteen people who made the biggest impact on me in 2013.
13. tyboy618
12. Halloween
11. holllyy1230
10. etaco75
9. DantezFire
8. JGoodies
7. Florina
6. #Tigger
5. RiDsTeR
4. Dusty12910
3. jacksonjoseph99 (p.s we've barely known each other for a year)
2. Stering_butter
1. #LittleMix (obviously)


The Hunger Game CHEATS

2 Jouix, Nov 23, 2013

I wish Tengaged_Moderation was able to periodically run IP checks on everyone in THG collectively in 1 go.
+ for bans for cheating to be CUMULATIVE so bitches who KEEP cheating get their bans extended each time (I thought this was a rule anyway but apparently it's only 1/2 days each time?)..
anyhow the simple answer is #DontCheat


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