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6 Matt64, Sep 7, 2015

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Episode 15: I Will Find You

3 jimmy1661, Jul 25, 2013

Episode 15: I Will Find You features a back story for Scott Wilson Carlisle and Sean Wilson Spinner554
(real time) Scott and Walter are running through the forest, keeping undercover, Walter questions where they are suppose to look, Scott tells him they have to be close, as they hide a zombie comes up behind them and bits Walter on the shoulder, Scott kills the zombie and realizes his plan was stupid.
(flashback) Scott is talking with his brother Sean, Sean tells him that it was his fault that they got bitten so he should be the one to put them down, Scott hold the gun up to the 16 year old boy but can’t pull the trigger, Sean does it for him and tells him that he is weak.
(real time) Eli tells Oscar that two of the new people have gone missing, he goes to Mark and asks him where Scott and Walter went, Mark, Mini, Jill and Annie head off with Oscar to find them, Eli and Melissa decide to search in the opposite direction, Maria can see that Kimmy is upset and goes to comfort her, Kimmy tells her that she feels useless and wants to do something about it, Maria tells her if she wants to help then go help and they leave together to search for both Scott and Walter and her mother. Scott bandages up Walter who tells him he wants to try and help him find Sean, Talia and Ruby, for Misty.
(flashback) it’s been a few weeks since Sean killed that boy, he has been leading the group on the road, Scott tells him the group is wreaked and that they need a few days rest, Sean gives in and they get inside an old barn, they next morning they realize a zombie had gotten into a old couples tent and killed them, Scott and Sean argue again, Sean tells Scott he isn’t acting this way because he is a bad person, it’s because he wants to protect his little brother by making him stronger.
(real time) Maria and Kimmy hear a noise behind them and realize that Julie has followed them, they reach the bridge and start to walk down stream to find Sonja, Alberto asks Katy where her people have gone, she tells them they went in search for their missing people, he tells her he hopes their group will stay after they find their people, they could use the extra hand and man power to protect this place, she trust him, Walter is getting weaker and can’t go on much longer, Scott doesn’t want to kill him but Walter doesn’t want to be a zombie, Scott thinks about what Walter had done for Misty and what his brother had done for others in the past, Scott believes his brother is probably dead but Walter tells him that he can’t give up hope
(flashback) Scott wakes up to the sound of Misty screaming, he leaves his tent and a group of men wearing gas masks have a gun up to Misty and two girls Ruby and Talia, they tell them they are looking for somebody, a girl and if they can find her they can have their friends back, Walter pleas with them to let Misty go, Sean offers himself as a replacement for Misty, he tells his brother to..


Episode 14: Whatever Doesn't Kill You

3 jimmy1661, Jul 24, 2013

this episode features Taylor's story ( KarmaArrived)
Episode 14: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You (Taylor’s story)
(real time) Taylor, Zakhai and Greg meet Daniel at the front gate, they go inside and meet Anthony and Lee, two brothers and Thomas and Michelle who are dating (Thomas is the Army Captain in Alec’s back-story) Greg tells them there is a tent at the back that is free and they can stay their, Zakhai asks when they are gonna go back for their friends, Greg tells them to get some rest, they are no use to their friends dead. Taylor and Zakhai sit in the tent, he wants to talk about her, how she is very closed off.
(flashback) Taylor and Zane are sitting in a camp, Mini and Alec are on lookout and Jake is sitting by the fire, Taylor is 9 months pregnant, Zane promises to protect her, Mini calls out to the group to get up and run, a horde of 200 zombies are coming
(real time) Taylor decides not to answer the question, they both go to sleep, in the morning Taylor is greeted by Greg who gives her some breakfast, she thank him for bringing her here, she wants to know what happened to the army, Greg tells her that Thomas, Anthony and Lee are the only ones left, a horde came and got most of them, he was driving past when it happened and saved them, they met Michelle shortly after, when they got back to the base, they slowly cleared it out and reinforced it.
(flashback) Taylor, Zane, Alec, Mini and Jake escaped in a car but it broke down, Mini and Jake tell Alec and Zane to get Taylor to safety no-matter what, they stay behind to kill as many zombies as they can, Taylor, Zane and Alec get to a blocked off part of town with only two ways to go, Alec shoots his gun in the air and gets them to follow him, Taylor and Zane hide in a building, she goes into labor.
(real time) Zakhai asks Thomas about these hostile people, he tells them he was part of an army group, but after they were forced to kill innocent people one of his army cadets shot him in the leg, he realize what they did was wrong and left back to the main base, at the main base our orders were revealed that they had to find something located in this area, and they believe that the hostiles have it.
(flashback) Taylor gives birth but it is a stillborn, Zane holds onto Taylor and tells her he will always protect her, she thanks him for saving her, for taking care of her even though it wasn’t his child, they kiss for the first time, they leave the building where Mini, Jake and Alec are, they ask what happened but Taylor just starts to cry, the group drives away.
(real time) Greg tells Anthony and Lee to search for the rest of Taylor and Zakhai’s group, he wants to make sure they get here first and can be safe, a lot safer than the “safe haven”. Zakhai and Taylor go back to they tent, he asks what she found out about these people, he tells her only 3 have military training but most can probably handle a gun, Zakhai tells her that they are trying to..


cast of volume 3

20 jimmy1661, Jul 14, 2013

for my zombie survival blog, also 12 new characters to choose so get in quick before they all go
current cast:
Mark Rossi Lamia
Katy Rossi BettyRubbble
Oscar Mills Sweet_susan
Maria Mitchell saraj10
Zakhai Silva Cromatique
Jill Anderson foxox
Steven Hardgrove Robinhood99
Julie Gillespie Cornelia
Kimmy Gillespie Purplie
Doug Johnson TBIbetch
Annie Clarke Sapphirebh
Christian Hunter Jimmy1661
Mini (Real name unknown) Minidude13
Taylor Bartlett KarmaArrived
Alec Wheeler Black0ut247
Jake Acres Warthhogs
Scott Wilson Carlisle
Walter Bourke WitZ
Thomas Balter Booyahhayoob
Greg Flint Woeisme
Alberto Gonzalez JakeB
Stacy Peters dsrh68
Cassie White Jaylen23
Eli Jarreu ShazamMcAmazing
Melissa Hall hopefulWonder5
Daniel Mills whoyopapa2
Anthony Chapel Smooth 
Lee Chapel  #kittykatz553
Michelle Nickles #Actor
Sean Wilson Spinner554
Talia May JeanTheBean
Ruby West bowling4fun 
character bios for new characters ill comment below

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