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Happy Birthday JustMe! 😘🎂🥂🎉

34 BengalBoy, Dec 17, 2017

Well it's the 18th of December here and that can only mean one thing- IT'S JUSTME'S BIRTHDAY! Sue, I've known you ever since we were teenagers and boy, has it been a ride! From you telling me you didn't need my friendship to being my number one friend. You've always been the most genuine and loyal friend a boy could ask for but we really ramped it up this year- we finally joined a game together after you begging me for 8 years and we even won it! Hope you have a great birthday babygirl cuz you deserve it- but hey- don't take MY word for it- here's what some of your friends had to say!
My Dearest Suzie Q
I am so blessed to have you as my wonderful niece since I was 6 yrs old! We have been through good times in life and some not so good times that life have thrown at us...but through those hard times I am glad I have you to turn to for comfort and understanding. I love you so much and wish there wasn't distance between us...but no matter the distance my heart is always with my family. I hope you have an amazing Birthday and the kids/hubby spoil you with lots of love and presents! Time goes on but I will always see you as my lil Suzie Q. I Love You-Auntie Gaga
Sue, you’re such an amazing person. Quite honestly, one of the best people on Tengaged. You’re nice to everyone on here, and you barely have anything bad to say about anyone. You’ve been a motherly figure for me on here for sure, and with many other people on here. You treat people with such kindness that it’s impossible for any sane person to dislike you. Even the trolls on here are fond of you. Your positivity is contagious and it’s hard to feel sad when talking with you and Dru. You’ve made me feel welcome on Tengaged, and you’ve always went out of your way to talk to me and I’m lucky to have met you! I’m serious when I say that we need more of you on Tengaged and even in the world.Happy birthday, and I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!
is it just me or is it your birthday. I know we haven't known each other so long but you're one of the nicest people on the site. I hope you have a drama free birthday. Sue you're one of the most  genuine people on tengaged. I hope you get a birthday cake with dru picture on it.
Mama Sue - welcome to your 60s!!! Hope you have a fab birthday and don't die of old age. Thanks for teaching me how a mother should act and thanks for treating me like that gay son you always dreamed of having. Keep slaying the premade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love ya
HAPPY BURFFFDAY SUE ❤ i hope u have the most scandalous birthday to date and take multiple rounds of shots x (omg unless ur like a responsible parent or something then wait for the weekend and let gagaluv baby sit ur children and get margs w the girls) BUT i love u to death because ur so fresh and it's so lovely to have a..



11 Mickiejames22, Nov 12, 2017

For who you associate myself with & I'll do the same.
BengalBoy - #JustMe
Arris - Virgie88
XxLoveWakizaxX - WannaBeeFriends
Jackyboy - Kangaroos
GoodKaren - Matedog1209
Obstreperous - KaseyHope101
ghrocky100 - TallaRejaei
CalebDaBoss - Brainjak
@diogojgomes - Depression


It was the OC who threatened

0 Sackeshi, Oct 20, 2015

Who else would be threatening people and their family for brandonpinzu to be unbanned? That means regardless if brandonpinzu actually did it she is guilty be association.


sighs painfully

1 rollingderp, Oct 20, 2015

i love how you guys dont even care that #justme's children were threatened or anything.
If I was #justme, and my personal info was leaked and my children were threatened, yeah, I would've left. I would have reported this to the police. You guys only care about getting a good placing in a goddamn frookies, and not about someone's personal life. You are all gross and have no regard for anyone else's lives but your own. I hope you have great lives, because from what I am seeing, in about 15 years, you will be living in a cardboard box with your laptop next to a cafe with free wifi, asking for change so you can buy t$, and shooting that bitch you dont like out of hunger. Good night.
EDIT: oh and if youre too stupid to get who im referencing, its Aquamarine



0 garygbs2nd, Oct 20, 2015

Tengaged is in shambles
Johneh is going crazy over brandonpinzu being "corrupt"
#JustMe has had her kids threatened and her personal information leaked
And randomize IS DOING NOTHING


When the person is found who

2 Sackeshi, Oct 20, 2015

threatened #justme and her kids not only should they get a perm ban but they should also get reported to the police.


The mod drama tho

1 QueenRosalina, Oct 20, 2015

Whoever threatened #JustMe kids is absolutely despicable.


32 brandonpinzu, Oct 20, 2015

Good afternoon Tengaged,
I made it a point not to sit here and argue with people over my position in things over the past 24 hours, and I made very little comments about the allegations directed towards me, but I feel like it has gotten to the point where I am now required to comment.
#JustMe and Johneh permanently banned me yesterday as they believed that I was a corrupt moderator and only did things to further myself on the website. I was accused of allowing people onto my account and letting them get away with things that were extreme and obviously hacking, which is untrue. Nothing was confirmed and there is no proof behind the allegations, which was the first thing that caused my ban to seem unfair. I won’t go much into what I was accused of as most of it is untrue and unimportant at this point.
Last time, Sue unbanned me. We had a conversation over text message shortly after there were blogs made by a multi threatening her and her family, by posting her address and other personal information of hers. I can confirm that this was not me, and I am not aware as of now who that was. I can also confirm that if I find out who it was, they will receive a ban as that is going to the extreme. I do not support the attacks against Sue, and she knows that. I love Sue as a person, and though we may not see eye to eye in this case, I respect her and would never do something like that.
Johneh made a blog stating that I was a manipulative person and sneaky moderator who only did things to further the OC. Nothing could be further from the truth. I will go into details onto why these allegations come up later on in the blog. I have banned OC members in the past, and I have denied them special treatment flat out. Any of them can confirm that, but I am not looking to prove myself here.
Johneh sits here and claims he is not a moderator, and that he does not make any sort of decisions regarding moderation. I will confirm that this is untrue. Johneh enjoys being involved in decisions and enjoys having his voice heard by moderators. Which is not a horrible thing. However, he will occasionally make bans and blame them on Sue and I so it looks like we did the wrong to somebody on Tengaged. Like in the case of koolness234 where Sue and I were accused because Johneh would not admit that he was the one that banned him. Koolness was made aware of this, as I was inactive on Tengaged at the time and Johneh was caught to have banned him, and blogs/vlogs were made which resulted in the blacklist of some users.
I will not sit here and be accused of things that are untrue, and I will not sit here and allow somebody to take over this website because people disagree with them. I have always been somebody who has allowed people to disagree with me, or state their opinion about me on the blogs page. You will never see me remove a blog that is directed at me and my moderation position, as..


To all the people

1 EliotWhi, Oct 20, 2015

That felt the need to threaten #justme I hope social services take you all away xo #byebitches


"brandon did something terrible..

5 BB5lover, Oct 20, 2015

hes a corrupt and bias mod, him and his OC friends are going to run this site."
said johneh and #justme with no proof of anything.
imagine that Tengaged court scene Pinzu Vs Neh


Can I Just Say This?

5 Yoshitomi, Oct 20, 2015

The moderation team of Sue & BrandonPinzu achieved things on this site that no other Tengaged_Moderation has. For example, I have not seen porn on here for months! The bannable words are rarely seen. All because they both set up the "You can ask to be banned for as long you want" system. Most issues have been dealt with really quickly and have mostly been fair and proven so.
I have one issue with what happened to #JustMe...
If someone seriously posted her home address publicly and threatened her, why is no one going to the police?
How is that acceptable?
How the heck does an apology suffice threatening someone with their personal information?
Why is no one reporting this? Am I crazy?


Can we all imagine thanksgiving and christmas

6 bigdizzleyomama, Oct 20, 2015

with #justme and gagaluv
justme: ok darling this is your present
justme: ok i guess
justme: ok carolyn this is getting out of hand
*other family members look scared*
justme: ok fine


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