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It’s funny that

4 neathery, Oct 25, 2018

#fighterman #itsalexia #fetish and others are banned for posting a gif. I guess admin missed the memo that u can post any uncopyrighted pic on the Internet!


I think that it's interesting

12 IceBeast, Oct 25, 2018

That #Fighterman and a few selected people were banned for posting candy on someone's first blog even though other users (not gonna say names) have done the same. When those users were reported, nothing happened and the comment was deleted (received a warning?). But once they did it, they were banned. This was a harmless joke as it embraces the spirit of Halloween, which is what Admin is trying to celebrate. A harmless trick to go along with his treat! Admin never said it was not allowed to embrace Halloween. I believe warnings should be given to those who were banned if others received warnings for doing the same thing.


pyn and ill shuffle u a song on my playlist

44 Violets, Nov 6, 2017

called BOPPETHS the twist is that you have to listen to ur song once I have given you it
#Fighterman - 17 (MK)
#Vansreborn - Team (Lorde)
#Streamxx - Dreams (Dua Lipa)
#Arris - My Prerogative (Britney Spears)
#Kidcool404 - New Rules (Dua Lipa)
#Question - Can't Hold Us Down (Christina Aguilera)
#Broncman789 - Sua Cara (Major Lazer)
#Geazybeast21 - Phases (ALMA, French Montana)
#AllieBoBallie - Crying in the Club (Canola Cabeli)
#Hints - Spun (Angie)
#KatarinaDuCouteau - Friends (Justin Bieber, Bloodpop)
#Tofutime - Take me (Aly & AJ)
#Scooby0000 - All Stars (ALMA)
#Admir - Silence (Khalid, Marshmello)
#Paige5459 - Make You Mad (Fifth Harmony)
HaliFord - Dye My Hair (ALMA)
_Adidas_ - Blue (Marina and the Diamonds)
Batya - Tension (Fergie)
JoelW55 - Criminal (Britney Spears)
Gigi10 - Be The One (Dua Lipa)
Brayden_ - Applause (Lady Gaga)
MickieJames22 - ...Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)
LukasSouzaaa - Bad Liar (Selena Gomez)
Petro - Hands To Myself (Selena Gomez)
Kelly0412 - Bad At Love (Halsey)
_Aria - Malibu (Miley Cyrus)
Mexus - Say Love (Jojo)
xShift - Thinking 'Bout You (Dua Lipa)
Versace - Need Ur Luv (Charli XCX)
EM002 - You - Ha Ha Ha (Charli XCX)
Mybash_ - Birthday (Katy Perry)
Zuelke - Roc Me Out (Rihanna)
Yarn - Slow Down (Selena Gomez)
RoboZoe - Te Amo (Rihanna)
Rellizuraddixion - My Dilemma 2.0 (Selena Gomez)
Admir - Video Games (Lana Del Rey)
Cromatique - (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Britney Spears)
Irelia - After The Afterparty (Charli XCX)
Stary - Bedroom (Mabel)


<3 Raonic <3

29 cswaggerr, Oct 24, 2016

ItAnd I will tell you which Pokemon you remind me of.
(The Original 150 Pokemon)
#Fighterman - Machoke
#Tigger - Seadra
#sam_hamwich - Zapdos
#eliortiz1234 - Pikachu
#blujay112 - Weedle
#deshonBANNEDISBACK - Wigglytuff
#Benp428 - Poliwag
#youndandreckless - Squirtle
#m2thamax - Oddish
Arcaninemaster - Arcanine (That one's obvious lmfao)
Christossss - Golduck
Vh1luvr15 - Articuno
koolness234 - Jynx
yasgaga - Clefairy
padfoot - Venomoth
iamremedy - Chansey
Utsumi - Mr.Mime
Roshy - Geodude
Wileycoyote - Magnemite
Hannah_Banks2250 - Flareon
PMMguy - Omanyte
LuckyLefty - Bulbasaur
2388 - Meowth
Oswald19 - Voltorb
RobertGuajardo - Vaporeon
Haliford - Spearow
Skyler1822 - Ninetales
crayadian - Charizard


Wrecking balls inside my brain

42 IceBeast, Jun 1, 2016

From #Fighterman and I - WILL BE ANON SO DON'T ASK. The lovely #sihz will join us later
Matt64 - 0,7; 3.5
vh1luvr15 - 5,5; 5
Lemjam6 - 8,9; 8.5
Ashleybabyx3 - 8,9; 8.5
KayleighWinz - 5,5; 5
jenzie - 8,9.5; 8.75
AlyssaB - 7,8; 7.5
Mexus - 7,8.5; 7.75
Pieguy555 - 7,7.5; 7.25
jadennator1 - 6,8; 7
Michaelf1114 - 7,8.5; 7.75
GrrrImABear -  5,8; 6.5
NotNicky333 - 8,9 ; 8.5


TV Star #555

23 Pieguy555, Apr 3, 2016

LOL I have 3.8 T
After 5 Years on this site and being Gold for almost 3-4 years, and being able to buy TV Star for over a year, I finally bought it from Gold and got to skip ugly Sky and Blood !:)
S/O To Some Special People I met Along The Way, Even Though I don't talk to most of you anymore :p



2 Matt64, Jan 29, 2016

Thank you for all my gifts
@Mysteriousgifter (I think Diva1 maybe maybe not)
And we couldn't have done it without safe deliveries from


stay in school

2 hobnobgpro, Dec 22, 2015

or this happens
[19:33:14] fighterman : wtf is
[19:33:20] #fighterman: “the cucumberland gap”


Rock Guitar and 10 Shots of Whiskey

28 NotAfraid, Dec 19, 2015

So it's that time of year again.  Post your name and somebody else's and I'll tell you who I would gift and who I would let sit on my lap. =]
#Fighterman gets a gift / #sihz gets to sit on my lap
#XoAmanda gets a gift / #immaxyman gets to sit on my lap
#Arris gets a gift / #ohheydudeski gets to sit on my lap
#Owen3939 gets a gift / #JohnnyCampanella gets to sit on my lap
#sihz gets a gift / #Willie_ gets to sit on my lap
#Willie_ gets a gift / #Guigi gets to sit on my lap
#Jetsrock12 gets a gift / #Jetsrock12 gets to sit on my lap (you clever bitch)
#lexibear gets a gift / #XxLoveWakizaxX gets to sit on my lap
#justin_hicks gets a gift / #Brandt69 gets to sit on my lap
LoopyCoco1 gets a gift / Macda27 gets to sit on my lap
Cbowlay gets a gift / cswaggerr gets to sit on my lap
Vanili gets a gift / acyuta gets to sit on my lap
daviewilly gets a gift / Steel gets to sit on my lap
Guigi gets a gift / sihz gets to sit on my lap
QueenRosalina gets a gift / TotalDramaLover1234 gets to sit on my lap
Halloween gets a gift / FlamingJojo gets to sit on my lap
AliciaNever gets a gift / Guillomouve gets to sit on my lap
TrickDaddy6 gets a gift / philip13 gets to sit on my lap
bigbrotherlover7 gets a gift / cfff gets to sit on my lap
skyler1822 gets a gift / dandoe gets to sit on my lap
turkeylover gets a gift / RyanAndrews gets to sit on my lap
BenjaminS gets a gift / Jetsrock12 gets to sit on my lap
joaquint561 gets a gift / spinfur gets to sit on my lap
FlamingJojo gets a gift / C_Shizz96 gets to sit on my lap



8 Matt64, Nov 16, 2015

I'll tell you if you have ever made me upset
Stolen from Fighterman
DoubleSS - when u told everyone one those Multis were me when they weren't
Willie_  - when u took my spot as #Fighterman's fav pet noob
Lamia - when u nearly evicted me in stars claiming I didn't thank you for helping my charity when I did
Noah_Kondon - when u blocked filtered and u friended me for a stupid reason


528th TV Star! PYN!

38 tyboy618, Oct 28, 2015

Sorry, haven't had the time to do the PYN blog.
So yes, after 5 years of Tengaged, Tyler has FINALLY hit TV! Woo!
So, PYN and I will give my sincere and honest opinion of you. :)
brandonpinzu - Bitch I love you. LMAO. We have been on and off, but I love talking to you SOOO much. You're so chill and fun to talk to. Love you Brandon < 3
Brandt69 - Not too familiar with you, but I know you're quite popular. From what I've seen, you're quite nice to everyone which makes me happy.
DumbGinger - I feel like I've talked with you once or twice, but you seem chill and fun which is what I like.
Rocker917 - I've seen you around, and I believe you're a vet like me :) Stay classy!
Willie_ - I don't know much about you, but I see you on the blogs page often with #Fighterman. I feel like you have had a past account but I would love to get to know you sometime!
pleaseletmestay - Don't know you too well, but I've seen you blog once or twice and I plussed and commented because it was super cute. Keep doing you!
FighterMan - See #Willie_ lol...plus I love Sergio so I probably love you
Galaxies - Hay hun. I feel like you have a multi too, lol. But I've seen you around and like some of your blog material. You vs Pega makes me sad =[ but you seem determined and strong
hugatree343 - MY ROBLOX WIFEY. Hi. We share so many interests, especially J'Tia and Total Drama obsession, you're the sweetest and I wish we talked more Huga boo!
Petro - I think you did something that was NOT COOL when you said pyn for a gift and no one was gifted!!!!1111 jk you're pretty new to me so I dunno too much about you but you seem to have a good circle of friends and you don't give a fuck which is a quality I admire
wumblebee - WUMBZ < 3 I think you're super smart and witty in your blogging and we should totally play League sometime =[
Orlando652 - You've been around for quite a while, although we haven't talked much to my knowledge. I always see you in your blog pic and find you super attractive though, lol! Get to know me if you like lol
Vibe - YES regina bitch slay me LOL. We have multiple mutual friends (Hali/Zirc) and I'd love to know more about u! :)
joey65409 - I don't think I've seen you around before, but you seem to have a good grasp on TG and some of your blogs are comical =]
Kiara_xoxo - Grats on winning Ultimate Stars 5! You must have worked super hard and shit, and you're an up and coming TGer! I'd love to get to know you!
JosephinaAlexis - JOSE MAN. We would slay the Roblox scene back in the day, and I enjoyed your Survivor series. Love ya forever < 3
SomebodyAwesome - SIM U BITCH UR NOT AWESOME. STOP LYING TO TG. jk ilysm Sim, you're such a cutie with a heart of gold that always makes me laugh. TALK TO..



56 JustMe, Sep 27, 2015

For a rate 1-10 (I may give a reason too)
#Fighterman: 10-since you are gonna give me my HG win 1 day ;)
#Tabloid: 5 IDK you, but your blogs can be humorous.
#Willie_: 7, you are always really nice to me :)
#Boots22: 9 cus I never talk to you anymore ;(
#Arcaninemaster: 10 Cus ILY
#Ashleybabyx3: 7 cus you like to skype me with mod stuff and it's annoying -_-
#ghrocky100: 7 cus you attack everyone. all the time.  and it's annoying.
#useamint: 8, we don't really talk much but you're nice :)
#zachbbs: ok changing to 10 cus you are amazing < 3
#PureEssence: 10 cus you're a sweetheart and very pretty :)
#alanb1: 10 after that message this morning ;)
#Arris: 8 we never talk -_-
#MTman: 10 hey :)
#CutieAmy: 10 cus you are perfect in every way :*
#MJFJUNE: uh 7 cus idk you :(
#Jenna2010: 12 cus you're the most amazing sister ever!
#amf7410: 9 cus we don't talk much and IMY :(
Padfoot: 8 cus we don't talk much.
BlueStar1367: 7 I dont really know you well
Johneh: 10 cus you might cry if I say anything less JK 10 cus ILYSM
#Delete2544: 9 cus you're a sweetheart and I wish we talked more :(
#samnala: 7 IDK you very well but you're really nice :)
Pieguy555: 10 You are hilarious! < 3
BBDamian: 1 cus you suck at being in a premade. JK I give you a 9 cus you hate me IRL
Tengaged_Moderation: 10
Kelly0412: 9 cus you are hilarious but we rarely talk :(
JesseM: 10 but we never talk anymore :(
pleaseletmestay: 7 cus we rarely talk
pikachu142: 6 cus i dont really know you
koolcoop: 7 cus you're kool
Xmasfan22: 4 idk u
Zuelke: 7 cus you're cool even tho I barely know you
anthonyy: 8 cus idk you very well :(
lexibear: 9 cus ILY but we never talk :(
baza76: 8 cus you're really sweet but we don't talk much :(
Butcher: 7 cus I really dont know you very well :(
QueenMichelle: 8 Cus IDK you well but you seem very nice :)
KyleDile: 12 ILY, one of my best friends < 3
bigbrotherlover7: 7 idk you well :(
LoopyCoco1: 7 You seem pretty cool but idrk you well.
Brandt69: 7 same ^
KingGeek: 7 see loopycoco1
superman11: 9 You are always fun to play games with :) and a pleasure to chat with!
rellizuraddixion: 9 IDK you but Johneh says you're cool so you get a 9
Matedog1209: 8 You're really sweet but we don't chat anymore :(
oreo270: 10 You are probably the sweetest most innocent girl on this site, ILY
kimmal8: 10 cus you're PERFECT < 3


Post your name

22 sihz, Jul 28, 2015

and someone else's and I will tell you who I'd save
ps. if you're up against Ahmed, im spamming you out probably.
1 save pikachu142
2 i'd ask to be evicted
3 save Devv13
4 save tpidude73
5 save uhhh idk lol eh bowkane i guess?
6 save fighterman sorry danid :(
7 save #fighterman sorry jenna :( blame him
8 save #fighterman sorry will ahmed threatened me in pms :(
9 save BradySpaulding16 sorry mradamman12
10 gladly save thumper91
11 save coolranch
12 save #fighterman sorry notafraid :[ ahmed had a knife on my dog if i didnt save him
13 save eliortiz1234 sorry thejoe
14 save willie_ :]
15 save ManniBoi sorry Lauren :[ tough one
16 save kittykatz553
17 save noah_kondon bye guigi



4 Guigi, Jun 8, 2015

Day9 HOH FighterMan has nominated ParvatiS and Guigi
Day7 HOH #FighterMan has selected final nominees Rperduex11 and Kelly0412


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